How To Gain Deliverance From Spiritual Husband

Many are under the shackles of spiritual husband and spiritual wife, but there is deliverance. Learn how to lay hold of it in this article.
Deliverance From Spiritual Husband

A good number of Christians frequently report about being oppressed by certain spirits many refer to as spirit husband or spirit wife. Also from my observation, attacks from the purported spirit spouses are like a daily annoying routine in the lives of many. Let's trust the Lord to teach us how to overcome this sort of spiritual oppression under today's article, “deliverance from spiritual husband.”

If you're one of those who occasionally or frequently experience spiritual attacks stemming from a spirit spouse, it might be difficult sharing such experience with others. I hope this article answers your questions and also become a means of deliverance for you. May you find here a permanent solution to this problem, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 

While discussing this topic, we will touch on some of the following points:

  • Total deliverance from spiritual husband
  • Sermon on marine spirit
  • What is a marine spirit husband
  • Spiritual husband signs
  • Deliverance from marine spirits
  • Testimonies of deliverance from spirit husband

There are presently many people (including Christians) who are under the oppression of spirit spouses. Some say they have spirit spouses who do not want to leave no matter how hard they try to scrub them off. It is not uncommon to hear such stories because, like every other unclean spirit, these spirits are very stubborn.

Matthew 12:43-44 BSB
When an unclean spirit comes out of a man, it passes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ On its return, it finds the house vacant, swept clean, and put in order. 

Just the way our Lord Jesus explained the behaviour of unclean spirits, spirit spouses act the same way. Permanently disconnecting from them may be difficult but it's not impossible through the knowledge and power proceeding from the Almighty.

The Truth About Spirit Wife And Husband

The so-called spirit spouses are [in most cases] evil spirits of lust and perversion that defile people in their sleep. But make no mistake about this: it isn't just these demons that specialise in defiling people while they're sleeping. 

The kingdom of darkness understands that some only know about the possibility of the existence of a 'spirit husband and spirit wife,' but many do not know exactly where such attacks come from. For this reason, even witches and warlocks hide under the cover of a “spirit spouse” to perpetrate the same evil against their targets. There are many evil people who astral project to defile others in their sleep

So if you're one of those who talk about having a spirit spouse that doesn't want to leave no matter how many times you've gone for deliverance, sorry to disappoint, it might not be a demon but a fellow human who is secretly attacking, defiling and oppressing you spiritually. That is why it is important to first of all identity where such attacks come from before proceeding to pray, so that you don't pray amiss

Sources Of Spirit Spouse Affliction

Apart from the aforesaid, there are major doors through which the actual 'demon spirit spouses' are able to gain entrance and afflict people. 

1. Through Evil Covenants

Evil spiritual covenants that mostly stem from faulty foundations are part of the major doors through which spirit spouses gain access to oppress their victims. 

Due to certain ungodly covenants people got their family into through idol worshipping, a door is often opened for not only the spirit they worship, but also all manner of evil spirits to come into a family to possess, afflict and oppress the family members. 

African religious traditions like ancestral worship also open doors for spirit spouses to take ownership of people. 

Some spirits adamantly refuse to leave their victims because there is an underlying evil covenant in the victim's family that gives them the legal right to remain. When there are evil human priests continually servicing such family altars in secret, the demons and their attacks will persist. 

Solution: The solution is to break free from such evil covenants after getting saved. Families are bound by blood and blood is needed to validate spiritual covenants. Sometimes, some family bloodlines aren't pure—one or two persons may had tampered with it in the past. That's where the blood of Jesus Christ comes handy. 

Hebrews 9:18 NKJV
Therefore not even the first covenant was dedicated without blood.

After you get saved, you're no longer bound by your family's blood tie, but now bound to Jesus Christ and His Church through His redemption blood. You entered into a different (and superior) blood covenant. Constantly use the authority you have in Christ and the blood of Jesus to break away from every evil covenant causing dark spirits to have access to you. 


2. Through Fornication And Lust

The so-called ʼspirit spousesʼ are spirits of lust. These spirits always wait patiently for people to open the door for them through lust, so they could go in to attach and leech off on their victim. 

The Bible clearly warns us to abstain from lust because it wars against the soul. We can see that one of the ways this war is waged against a man's soul is through spirit spouse affliction. 

1 Peter 2:11 KJV
Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul.  

Whenever a person makes room by feeding on lust (through any means), these lustful spirits receive the signal as an invitation from that individual. They will always show up, and when they do, it might be difficult to make them leave. 

Solution: Total consecration is the best weapon against fornication and fleshly lust. 

2 Corinthians 7:1 BSB
Therefore, beloved, since we have these promises, let us cleanse ourselves from everything that defiles body and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

By consecrating our entire being unto God, we are then in a good place to resist every supposed spirit husband or wife and command them to leave (James 4:7), because we no longer have any affiliation with them. 


What Is A Marine Spirit Husband

The principal domain of evil spiritual spouses happens to be the marine kingdom. In most cases, how they gained entrance to oppress people can still be traced back to faulty foundations—where ancestors entered into evil covenants with these spirits in the past. 

Outside of that, marine spirits are lustful spirits. Connect the dots with all I said before and you will see the correlation. Once they form a bond with a human, they hatefully attack to prevent that individual from getting or staying married to a fellow human. 

But through Jesus Christ, your permanent deliverance from marine spirit husband is guaranteed. If you are yet to be saved, start by praying this Salvation Prayer to welcome Lord Jesus Christ into your life. 

Spiritual Husband Signs

One valid sign that someone is under the bondage of a spiritual husband or spirit spouse is constantly seeing defilement dreams. Dreams often reveal a lot concerning what is going on in a person's spiritual life. 

Besides that, the effects left by being under the bondage of a spiritual husband or spirit wife can be very devastating. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Delayed marriage: spirit spouses are not only evil but very envious. They go extra miles to prevent their victims from getting married. Even after some successfully get married, these spirits ruggedly fight the marriage to destroy it. 
  2. Bad luck: They fight the progress, blessings and breakthrough of their victims. They stand in front to prevent anything coming from God from getting to their human victims. 
  3. Unwilful disobedience to God's word: In the presence of an active covenant with a spirit spouse, the victim finds it difficult to obey God's word. Instead of abstaining from fornication, these spirits make them do even worse. Immorality becomes a lifestyle. 

But rest assured, anyone can be freed from the menace of spiritual husband and spiritual wife if they are willing. 

How To Fight Spiritual Husband

If you are one of those who have come under persistent attacks from a perceived “spirit spouse,” first of all, find out whether it is a human or an evil spirit that is responsible for this. If it is a human, then go ahead and use these Prayers Against Witchcraft Attacks

If you sense it is a marine spirit, then study and apply the solutions I gave under 'Sources Of Spirit Spouse Affliction.' If you also feel led to go for one-to-one deliverance from an Anointed minister of the gospel, go on and do so. 

Prayer Against Spirit Husband

  1. Father, I submit myself to You, asking for the forgiveness of my sins. Lord Jesus, wash and purge me from every iota of lust with Your blood. Make me clean, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  2. I confess, denounce and close every door I may had ignorantly opened for a spirit spouse to afflict me, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  3. I declare that I am married to Jesus Christ until He remarries me to my human spouse. Every other spiritual marriage is thereby broken now, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 
  4. I command every existing demonic blood tie in my life to be broken by the blood of Jesus right now, in the Name of Jesus Christ!
  5. Fire of God, locate every evil priest servicing evil altars and calling my Name to tie me to evil spirits, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  6. Fire of God, locate and destroy every Satanic ritual meant to get me into evil covenants without my consent, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 
  7. I declare that I am in a blood covenant with Jesus Christ. Every other unrecognised blood covenant is null and void, in the Name of Jesus Christ!
  8. By the power of God, I break every demonic spiritual marriage attacking my marital life, in the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  9. I renounce, reject and declare broken every demonic covenant with marine spirits, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 
  10. Every persistent defilement dream plaguing my dream life, I command you to come to a halt now, in the Name of Jesus Christ! 

Testimonies Of Deliverance From Spirit Husband

If you followed through and applied the words and prayers in this article to gain your deliverance, do not forget to testify and recommend this blog to other people. May your deliverance be permanent in the Name of Jesus Christ! 

Final Thoughts On Spiritual Husband

A one-time deliverance through a man of God may not bring a permanent solution to the problem of spirit husbands and spirit wives. The individual has to make efforts to continually resist these spirits through active consecration and constant prayers

Spirit spouses don't come when there is nothing attracting them. There is always a door opened through one way or another. Close all doors mentioned in the article and stay prayed up, because from time to time they will attempt to break in again. 

Do not underestimate the power of total obedience to God. When we stay obedient to God and His words, most of these things cannot get to us.

If you were blessed reading this article on “deliverance from spiritual husband,” do not hesitate to share with others also.

Remain blessed. 

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