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Common questions

Some frequently asked questions by our readers.

How do you interpret a dream from God?

Accurate dream interpretation from God is only by the enablement of the Holy Spirit.

How do you know if God is trying to tell you something in a dream?

Dreams from God are always vivid, clear, void of confusion and filled with His Presence. God has His way of impressing in our spirit that a dream is from Him. Most dreams from God also align with His Word.

What is a Christian dream?

A Christian dream happens to be a powerful medium through which God communicates with us.

How can I find out what my dreams mean?

When you wake up from your dream, pray, and be led to seek the meaning of your dream from the right source.

Joseph Lokang
Joseph Lokang
Juba, South Sudan

After getting saved on 23rd Feb. 2011, I was in need of teachings that could transform my life. By God's doing, I encountered iBlogGospel through Bro. Edet; and it's been an amazing experience. I now have answers to the questions I had about God.

Edah Blessing
Edah Blessing
Edo, Nigeria

During one of my Google searches for a biblical dream interpretation, I was led to iBlogGospel. I discovered not only the dream interpretations were satisfactory, other teachings from the blog were really impactful. Every article on iBlogGospel is awesome!

Samuel Onyekwere
Samuel Onyekwere
Lagos, Nigeria

iBlogGospel has helped me connect more with God and develop a better relationship with the Lord. The articles are Spirit-filled, the prayer points are powerful! I must say, it's a blessing to discover such a platform where a Christian can learn and grow in Christ.

Rodrigues Rossi
Rodrigues Rossi
Guadeloupe, France

The Lord worked through the dream interpretations and prayer points on iBlogGospel to bring about my deliverance. My prayer alter has also regained its fire. God bless Bro. Edet for the work done on iBlogGospel to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Paulina Bradley
Paulina Bradley
Indiana, USA

I am really blessed by the articles on iBlogGospel. Amongst all my daily reads, this tops them all. The blog is very easy to understand and very essential for my daily living. I wouldn't know what I would do without this blog. Thank you Lord for iBlogGospel!

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