What It Means Biblically Seeing Yourself Vomiting In The Dream

If you often see yourself vomiting in the dream, then you need to read this article. Here is the spiritual meaning of vomiting in a dream.
Many of our blog readers have reached out to me with diverse questions regarding vomiting in dreams. But the common question often goes: Is vomiting is the dream good or bad? 

I'm sure that if you woke up from a dream where you saw yourself vomiting and found this article, you also have a similar question. So let's trust the Spirit of the Lord to help us go beyond answering your question, to deciphering the meaning of your dream. Read on to learn the spiritual meaning of vomiting in a dream. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Vomiting In A Dream

For most people, the moment they find themselves throwing up in a dream, the first thought that occurs to them is whether or not they have lost something important through the dream. But I can assure you that more than 90% vomiting dreams don't signify that the dreamer has lost anything valuable. See what the scripture says here:

A dog that returns to its vomit is like a fool who repeats his folly. - Proverbs 26:11

I so much love the simplicity in God's Word! The Bible makes us understand in Proverbs 26:11 that, it is not vomiting that is the real problem, but the actual problem is going back to feed on what had already been vomited. In other words, whatever was vomited wasn't good in the first place, that is why the body rejected and ejected it. 

That said, most vomiting dreams you'll see will be a good omen. A good number of such dreams will also come from God. Vomiting dreams rarely come from the enemy, and do you know why it's that way? Satan would rather prefer to feed his targets horrible stuffs in dreams, than cause them to get rid of such. 

Most of you have been opportuned to see dreams of throwing up after you woke up from eating in the dream, prayed and went back to sleep. That was God working to rid you of what the enemy fed you through that catering dream. That was God saving you from danger you had no knowledge of. There is no need to be confused when such dreams show up. All you should do is ascribe the Almighty His due praise and glory. 

Biblical Meaning Of Vomiting In A Dream

If you go through the holy scriptures, you will notice that the word "vomit" is never used to  portray something positive or a good story. Whenever the same word is used in human conversations, notice that it quickly gives us a picture of something that is rejected or unwanted. 

In our Lord Jesus Christ's comment on lukewarm believers, He said that He will “spew“ them out out His mouth. Jesus will literally evict from His kingdom, those who neither chose to burn for Him nor work for the enemy. 

So because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I  vomit you out of My mouth! Revelation 3:16

You know that feeling when you really want to get rid of something so bad, because it's so gross and irritating—it shouldn't have a place in your life? Now you get it, that's how it is. 

  1. A vomit portrays sin and filthiness (Isaiah 28:8) 
  2. A vomit is something that can bring shame and disgrace
  3. A vomit can destroy one's reputation and bring demotion
  4. Going back to one's vomit portrays setbacks in life
  5. A vomit makes one a laughingstock (Jeremiah 48:26)

I refuse to treat dreams of vomiting as mere, normal or unserious dreams. I believe that such dreams reveal a very serious spiritual warfare that is omgoing in the dreamer’s life. Vomiting dreams often have a lot to reveal about the individual who did the vomiting in the dream. 

Having said that, dreams about vomiting will often communicate the following:

1. The Presence Of Tares Sown By The Enemy

A vomiting dream that comes from God will first and foremost reveal the evil seed which the enemy had secretly sown in life of the dreamer. It's like pulling out dirt from someone's hair and showing it them, like, “hey, look what you had in your hair without knowing.” 

But Jesus answered and said, “Every plant not planted by my heavenly Father will be uprooted.” - Matthew 15:13

God never wants us to be ignorant of what the enemy is plotting and executing against us in secret. So in most cases, while He destroys the works of darkness against us—at the same time—He will reveal them to us. 

I pray for you today, that everything the Father had not planted in your life, He will uproot and burn them up, in the Name of Jesus Christ! 

2. Deliverance From Witchcraft And Demonic Deposits

Most dreams of vomiting come as a powerful deliverance from the hand of God. As I earlier mentioned, some of you have seen yourself vomiting in the dream, after you woke up from a dream of eating, prayed and went back to bed. If these dreams occurred successively, it is an indication that God delivered you from whatever harmful thing the enemy deposited in you while you slept. 

They will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all. Mark 16:18

Some of us wake up each day and go about our day eating from anyone and everyone—sometimes without even praying before eating. Then God shows up in a dream and causes you vomit the poison you ignorantly consumed during the day. We need to be very thankful for God's love and protection. He protects us even when we [ignorantly] do things that could harm us. 

3. Sanctification And Purification

When you see yourself vomiting in the dream, it is a spiritual purging and cleansing that is taking place in your life. God could be purging you from sinful habits and cleansing you of evil you dabbled into in the time of your ignorance. God wants to rid you of every form of uncleanness. 

It is common for vomiting dreams to show up if you prayed asking the Lord to purge and cleanse you, and make you a new creature. A spiritual decluttering is taking place in your life. 

God wants us to be holy and blameless before Him. It is better we pray and ask Him to purge and cleanse us, than live comfortably in our vomit. 

Whenever you find yourself vomiting in your dream, be not ignorant but understand what the good Lord is doing in your life. He is obviously setting you free from something that could hinder your overall growth and progress in life. Thank Him for His good work in your life! 

Spiritual Meaning Of Someone Vomiting In A Dream

If you happen to see someone vomiting in the dream, the meaning is not far-fetched. God is setting them free from something they may have no knowledge of. 

The Lord revealed such a dream to you for a reason. The privilege to see what is going on in another person's life isn't meant for us to make fun of or use as a bragging right. When you see such dreams, the best you can do is to pray for that individual—for God to complete His good work in their life. 

Sick Person Vomiting In The Dream

If you saw in a dream that someone you know was sick and vomiting, that could simply reveal underlying health issues in that person's life. Here also, the best you can do is to pray for them. Pray against sickness on their behalf, and ask God to destroy whatever the enemy is plotting to afflict them with. 

If you know someone who has been sick for a long time and has not been responding to treatment, then you happened to see a dream about them vomiting, this could simply mean that God has come through for them. Apparently, the source of their sickness wasn't physical but spiritual, but God has taken it upon Himself to rid them of what has been afflicting them, and heal them.  

Child Vomit Dream Meaning

If you saw your child vomiting in the dream, such a dream could be revelation from God, letting you know that the enemy is plotting and working evil against your child. But God is working to deliver them. You also need to pray ruggedly for your child and set them free from the workings of darkness, by the power of God. 

Final Thoughts On Vomiting In The Dream

Different people see diverse kinds of vomiting dreams. Some dream of vomiting blood, while some dream of vomiting white stuff, and others dream of vomiting green stuff. It is important to note that such vomiting dreams can all be classed under deliverance dreams. 

If you saw a sick person vomiting in the dream, it could simply mean that the individual will soon experience life-threatening health issues. Your response to such a dream should be praying for them. 

If you saw yourself vomiting in the dream, thank God for your deliverance. It is also important to be cautious of what you eat and who you eat from during the day. Also pray ruggedly to prevent the enemy from feeding you spiritual poison in your dreams. 

After seeing deliverance vomiting dreams, the dreamer may begin to experience swift positive changes in their waking life. Always remember to thank God for the secret battles He is fighting on your behalf.

So is vomiting in a dream bad? The answer is obviously no. Vomiting in a dream is rarely a bad omen. 

Beloved, I trust that by reading this article, you understood the spiritual meaning of vomiting in a dream, from a Christian perspective.

If you were blessed, go on and share this article with your friends and family. 

Thanks again for reading. 

Remain blessed! 
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