When Your Obedience Is Complete

Join us as we learn from the Lord on what He means by Our Obedience Being Complete, as seen in 2 Corinthians 10:6.
When Your Obedience Is Complete

The Lord demands that our obedience be complete. God doesn't want half obedience and half rebellion, He wants it all. He wants all of our being submitted to Him. Let us learn what happens when your obedience is complete.

The discussion in this article will be based on the following:

  • 2 corinthians 10:6 explanation
  • 2 Corinthians 10:1-6 meaning
  • Obedience is better than sacrifice
  • If you are willing and obedient

What does obedience mean? Obedience is simply compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority.

Obedience Meaning

Obedience to God is loyalty to God. Highlight the Word, "loyalty". In the above definition of obedience, also highlight the word, "compliance". Where there is loyalty there is compliance. When you are obedient to God, you will comply with Him in all that He asks you to do. 

Before we go further, take some time to ask yourself these few questions:

"Am I loyal to God?" 
"Am I completely loyal to God?" 
"Do I comply with God in all He asks me to do?"
"Am I completely submitted to God's authority?" 

If your answer to each of these questions is Yes, you do well. It can be said that your obedience is complete. But if there is any of these questions where your answer is No, then there is still work to do. 

When Your Obedience Is Fulfilled

Man was created to live in unison with God. And no one can live in unison with God without his/her obedience to God being complete. 

For a man's obedience to be said to be 'complete', he must have gotten to that place of perfect alignment with God

Salvation is the initial step towards obedience to God. It is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Saved people are not always (automatically) obedient people. Salvation kick-starts the journey towards complete obedience to God

But some of us have made it look like it is impossible to attain the level of complete obedience to God after salvation. Some Christians' obedience to God ended where they obeyed God and accepted the altar call. 

Without complete obedience, there is no alignment with God. And without that perfect alignment with God, a Christian will lack in many aspects. But remember that the Lord wants us to attain a level where we are lacking in nothing:

James 1:4 ESV
And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. 

That is the calibre of Church that Jesus is coming back for. It is unfortunate that, in today's Christianity we have made it look like attaining such a level is an impossibility:

Ephesians 4:13 NLT 
This will continue until we all come to such unity in our faith and knowledge of God’s Son that we will be mature in the Lord, measuring up to the full and complete standard of Christ.

Why God Wants Complete Obedience

I that believe we are at that juncture in eternity where Believers need to stop arguing with God and kicking against scriptures when total obedience is demanded. 

At this stage in the advancement of the end time Church, we should be in a place where we appreciate everything that is meant to bring us into the place of total alignment with God. We should already be at that level where we chase after obedience in order to reap its fruits. 

In the main scripture for today's message, we are told that we have the responsibility to punish or avenge every act of disobedience... but only when our obedience is complete. That is the condition: our obedience must be complete. 

We must all come to the place of this understanding that, we were not destined to be pathetic Christians who are struggling to obey God, or contemplating everyday on whether to live in total obedience to God or not. 

We were predestined, called and sent to be sons/daughters and ambassadors of God on earth. Heaven already expects us to by-pass the level of obedience to God being a challenge. Because without first bypassing that level, we cannot represent God effectively on earth. It will seem like we are illegitimate sons of God. 

He that sinneth is of the devil (1 John 3:8)—there are no two ways about it. If we live in sin, we automatically disown God, while trying to make Satan our father. If the Devil sins and man sins, what exactly is the difference between him and man? If the Devil rebels against God and man as well rebels against God, what is the difference between the two of them? 

Sons of God were vested with the responsibility to avenge all disobedience and rebellion against God, not to partake in it. It is a primary calling on all genuine Christians. But how can we do that if our own obedience is not complete? How can we punish disobedience and command obedience when we ourselves are disobedient to God? It is totally impossible!

How Heaven Punishes Disobedience Through The Obedient

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

When obedience is complete there is perfect alignment with God...

  • At such a level, man becomes a force on earth—God's force with which Heaven convicts the world of disobedience to God, reproves the world of rebellion against God and demands obedience to God. 
  • At such a level man becomes a deadly weapon in God's hands against the works of darkness. The works of the enemy are works of disobedience and rebellion against God. They are against the will and plans of the Almighty. Sons of God are not placed on earth to join the devil in working rebellion against God. We are placed here to punish the enemy's rebellion. And we do that through spiritual warfare, through casting out devils, through aggressive evangelism, through deliverance, etc. 
  • We are able to forcefully enforce obedience to God on earth only when our obedience is complete. 
  • Christians who still have certain parts and aspects of their life not yet in submission to God, in one way or the other, are already under the shackles of the enemy. In that state how can they punish or avenge every form of disobedience against God? How can we deliver others if we ourselves are in need of deliverance?
  • Only those whose obedience is complete can spot the works of the enemy and command it to come to an end and not proceed further. It is only these set of people who can say to the artificial storms the enemy creates, "Peace! Be still!!" and it comes to pass. 
  • When our obedience is complete, we are ready to taste the raw power of God in all its richness. Only those whose obedience is complete can fully wield the authority of God on earth and effect changes on His behalf. 

In every generation where the Church is noticed to be powerless, the major problem is often that Christians are living in rebellion against God. 

If we had more submitted and obedient Christians, we would have more powerful Christians. We would witness uncommon miracles, signs and wonders. We would see many people set on fire for God daily!

The responsibility is vested on us (individually) to attain that level where our obedience is complete. It is at that level that we can truly get on fire for God. When we become a flame, everyone who crosses paths with us will get ignited and set ablaze for God. 

The popular Azusa Street Revival was lighted by one man (William Seymour). Just one man! One man attained complete obedience to God, sat down with God and caught the fire! From that one man, the fire spread wide! Every form of disobedience against God that existed around him was punished! People came running, repenting of their sins, pledging total obedience to God and then they also caught the fire!!! 

Many sons of God are living below par in my generation. Many are not living up to fullness of who God destined them to be as Christians! It is enough slumber already. Now is the time to rise! Arise and seek the Lord! Arise and submit to Him! Arise and pursue holiness! Arise and pursue total obedience! 

Rise! Rise!! Rise and become that deadly weapon through which God punishes disobedience, commands obedience, destroy the works of darkness, set many on fire and reconcile the lost back to Himself! 


Father today I have heard your call to walk in complete obedience. I repent for living below Heaven's required standard—below Your expectation. I am ready to walk in total obedience before You, so that I might walk in the fullness of my sonship—in the fullness of all that You destined me to be. Let today's message never depart from my heart. Let it be my driving force from now henceforth. Let it drive me to that place where I become a burning and shining light! A terror to the kingdom of darkness! A weapon of war and a revival starter! A weapon of repentance and reconciliation! This I ask in Jesus Name, Amen!

Remain blessed.
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