What Does Flying In A Dream Mean Spiritually

There are many people having strange dreams of flying at night. Join us let's explore the meaning of flying in dreams from a Christian perspective.
Flying In A Dream Biblical Meaning

A good number of people have been seeing themselves flying in dreams and they tend to wonder what's going on. 

What Is The Biblical Meaning Of Flying In A Dream

It's funny that some immediately become scared and go for deliverance immediately they wake up from a dream where they saw theirself flying. Others have ended up concluding that flying in dreams is witchcraft. So they embark on many days dry fasting and prayers to deal with the dream. That sounds quite funny to me, knowing that not all flying dreams are evil. Join us as we decode the meaning of flying in dreams as led by the Holy Spirit. 

Flying In Dreams, Witchcraft? 

I do not deny the fact that there are both negative and positive sides to flying in dreams. Yet, it is unwise to condemn and completely write it off as witchcraft. Besides, witchcraft has less to do with flying at night. A good number of God's people have been fed lies concerning the operations of darkness, that is why many find it difficult dealing with spiritual attacks. 

Man is a spirit being. Spirits have unlimited supernatural abilities and are capable of many things. Outside of the body, the possibilities are endless. It is the human body which restricts man from accessing his full potential as a spirit being while awake. 

Jesus Christ, in His glorified body was able to walk through walls. He was able to appear and disappear or change locations at will. At the end of His ministry, He ascended into Heaven (Acts 1:9). If Christ could do all these things, what then makes it strange if a Christian experiences some of them? A Christian should be Christian-like. Philip was caught up by the Spirit and dropped in a different location completely (Azotus) where he preached to the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:39-40). 

The problem is that, many Christians today have chosen to live in fear and have abandoned supernatural abilities for agents of darkness to use against them. 

Flying In A Dream Biblical Meaning

The common notion is that only witches and warlocks can use the supernatural ability of flight in dreams. Many Christians already conclude that it is only human agents of darkness who should access and use such abilities. But that is like shying away from accessing all the abilities that God deposited in you as a Believer. 

As a Spirit-filled Christian, you are even in a better place to experience tons of supernatural phenomena—like flying in dreams

John 3:8 KJV
The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit in you makes you unstoppable; He makes you spiritual and supernatural. The supernatural should be normal (and not strange) to a child of God. 

The enemy doesn't own any supernatural ability that is resident in man. What he does is to activate (the already resident) abilities in those who submit to him, and then goes on to use those people for his evil intents. Everything belongs to God. As Christians, we cannot continue attributing everything to Satan. Many Christians are spiritually weak and helpless in their dreams due to having this mindset towards the supernatural.

For a Spirit-filled Christian, flying in dream is a sign of spiritual strength. Agility in dreams is an indication of a good spiritual state. Those who are spiritually weak cannot even run from a spiritual attack in dreams; talk less of being able to take to flight. If a Christian is filled with the Spirit and power of God, they can run with the speed of light or even fly in their dreams

Dreaming Of Flying And Being Chased

Think of an instance where you got chased by an agent of darkness in your dream. You ran and got exhausted on the way. Then instead of the pursuer becoming weak also, he was able to take to flight so as to quickly get to you. Would you be happy if an agent of darkness had such an advantage over you in the spirit realm? I'm sure your answer is definitely NO! 

If you saw yourself getting chased in your dream, that clearly shows that you are under attack. And if you were able to fly and escape from your pursuer, then you win! That is a sign of victory. There is nothing evil about it. 

Dream Of Flying Away From Danger

If you had the ability to fly away from danger in your dream and made use of it, is that not a good thing? I do believe it is! The will of God is for us to be victorious even in our dreams, and not the victim. Light is superior to darkness. 

Dreaming Of Flying With Someone

If you have recurring dreams of flying with someone, that calls for your careful consideration. To what location do you often fly with the person? What exactly do you do during the trip? These are some questions to consider. 

If the feeling in the dream is eerie, then something is not right. God do sends His sons on missions in the spirit realm, and they may find themselves flying in their dream. Such dreams often come with a meaningful goal, a purpose and a Godly assignment attached. But if you often see yourself flying with a strange person to carryout ungodly tasks, then you need to stop and pray for such dreams to end. We should be vessels for God, not vessels which they enemy uses to run errands at night. Always remember to pray effectively and commit yourself into the hands of God before going to bed. 

Dream Of Flying Away From Enemy

If you dream of flying away from an enemy, of course, that is a good thing. Your spiritual self is in a good state. With that, you become an unmatched opponent for your enemies. God's got you. Thank Him for that! 

Final Words On Flying In Dreams

As a Christian, your inability to take to flight in a dream if you found yourself in danger, isn't what makes you a good person. And having the ability to fly in dreams does not make you a witch or warlock. 

Flying in dreams is a supernatural ability anyone can access—either for evil or good purposes. It is not evil; anything can become evil depending on what man chooses to do with it. 

If you find yourself flying in dreams with an assignment to harm others or do any sort of evil, understand that it is the enemy using you. Repent and submit your vessel completely to God and such dreams should come to a halt.

Ask God for more supernatural abilities, so you can always have an edge over the enemy in your dreams.

If you were blessed reading this dream interpretation kindly share with others before leaving. 

Remain blessed!

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