Praying In The Dream

Do you often find yourself praying in dreams? There's a powerful symbolism behind such dreams. Learn more in this article.
Praying In The Dream

Praying in dreams is very common, especially among Christians. Ability to see dreams itself is a powerful gift from God. Through dreams a lot is revealed to an individual. 

Seeing oneself praying in dreams is a good omen. As a matter of fact, such dreams are usually powerful and very pleasing dreams. They can be classed under prophetic dreams

Dreams about praying rarely come to unbelievers or less-spiritual people. If you ask around, you will discover that at least eight out of every ten Christians have dreamed about or have been dreaming about praying in their dreams. There is always a powerful revelation behind such dreams that we must pay attention to!

Seeing yourself praying in a dream should not be seen as something strange. Christianity is spiritual. Welcome such dreams with open arms, because there is definitely something powerful God is revealing to you through them. 

Job 33:14-15 KJV
For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. [15] In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed. 

Without further ado, let's delve into details concerning what praying in a dream actually means. 

Seeing Yourself Praying In A Dream

Seeing oneself praying in dreams often symbolize the following:

The Need To Actually Pray

There are times that one might get tired after the day's stress and then, they doze off immediately they get home without praying. In such a scenario, a Christian might find themself praying in their dream. This is often an indication that your spirit has been starved of prayer. Your spirit needs adequate prayer—but sometimes people get to busy to even pray quality prayer. 

The human spirit finds expression better when the body sleeps. If the spirit had been prompting the individual to pray during the day but they ignored the bidding and went to bed, such dreams could manifest. When this is the case, the dreamer should simply go into prayer immediately when they wake up. 

The Holy Spirit Asking A Person To Pray

The Holy Spirit sees and knows everything. He knows when we need prayer the most. Most times, it is on those very days when a Christian goes to bed without prayer that the enemy strikes. The enemy often waits for the most vulnerable times (when a Christian is not on their guard) to launch deadly attacks. 

When the Holy Spirit sees an impending attack against a Christian who went to bed without prayer and unguarded, He might decide to notify them to wake up and pray. This often manifests in form of dreams about praying. 

It is then left for the dreamer to understand and act accordingly. Whenever you see a dream where you find yourself praying, the best thing to do is to wake up immediately and pray. You have no idea what the enemy has plotted against you that night. 

A Call To Be An Intercessor

If you consistently see yourself praying in dreams, this is clearly beyond the two interpretations given above. This is possibly a sign that a Christian is called to be an intercessor. 

Having a recurring dream about praying is a valid confirmation of the intercessory ministry. Intercessors often have such dreams. This is often one of the ways God confirms to an individual their calling and ministry. Do not hesitate to act on it. 

Praying In Tongues Dream Interpretation

Seeing yourself praying in tongues in a dream is even more powerful. For more on this, read this article on the full interpretation of praying in tongues in a dream

Dream Of Laying Hands And Praying For Someone

There are certain people who often see themselves laying hands on and praying for someone in their dream. This dream often points to the fact that there is a powerful calling upon that individual (the dreamer). The dreamer has a powerful ministry that will deliver and draw many to God. It is then their responsibility to seek God about it, discover the particular ministry they are called to and start working on it. 

Dream Of Praying For A Sick Person

Please pay attention to your dreams concerning praying for a sick person. If that individual is someone you know and lives far away from you, when you wake up, put a call through to them and find out how they are doing. They might be actually ill, and that was God's way of revealing it to you.

If you saw such a dream concerning someone you know, you need to stand in the gap for them and pray for their healing and recovery.

Secondly, recurring dreams of praying for a sick person could point to the fact that the dreamer has a healing and deliverance ministry. Do not take it lightly. Start working on it.

Final Words On Praying In Dreams

Sometimes, praying in dreams (especially praying in tongues) points to the fact that a Christian is in a great state spiritually. The individual is on fire for God and their spirit can't help it but pray even while they sleep. 

If you found this dream interpretation helpful, kindly share it with others. There are tons of other dream interpretations on our blog. Go ahead and explore them.

God bless you.

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