Biblical Meaning Of Trees In The Dream, Meaning Of Falling Trees In Dreams

Biblical and prophetic meaning meaning of trees in dreams. Let's explore the meaning of trees in dreams from a Christian perspective.
Biblical Meaning of Trees In Dreams

From my observation, not many people are seeing trees in their dreams. But for the select few who occasionally dream about trees, today we will discuss the biblical meaning of trees in dreams. 

One of the strangest dreams you may see is a dream of trees. If you're one of those who have seen this dream and wondered what it means, then this dream interpretation is for you. 

Tree dreams come to both Christians and non-Christians. If you are a non-Christian reading this, understand that this dream interpretation is given from a Biblical and Christian standpoint. 

Different people have seen diverse dreams of trees. Some have reportedly seen withered tree in dream; some see a tree falling in their dream, while others see big and towering trees. 

If you just woke up out of a dream of tree, I presume that you have many questions regarding this dream. Let's trust the Spirit of God to enable us answer your questions. 

Since tree dreams come in various forms, our dream interpretation will be based on the following:

  • Biblical meaning of fallen tree
  • Spiritual meaning of a tree falling
  • Spiritual meaning of a fallen tree 
  • Spiritual meaning of tree falling
  • Biblical meaning of falling in a dream
  • Biblical meaning of forest in a dream

What does a tree symbolize in a dream? Trees in dreams have a very deep spiritual symbolism. In most cases, tree dreams are positive. Only in very rare cases do tree dreams mean something negative. 

Biblical Meaning Of Trees In Dreams

You will agree with me that in the spirit realm, most things don't mean exactly what they mean in the physical realm. In the physical world, a tree is simply a true, but in the dream world, the meaning of a tree is quite different. 

Trees in dreams often symbolize the following:

  • Life 
  • Fertility
  • Vitality
  • Prosperity/Wealth or lack thereof (depending on the condition of the tree) 
  • A person 
  • The spiritual state of a person

That being said, the moment a person sees a tree in their dream, they should understand that such a dream is basically about a person; their progress in life, their prosperity, or attacks against the same. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Tree In A Dream

If you go through scriptures, you will discover that on several occasions, trees were used to describe a person—the life of a man, his level of productivity and his spiritual state. 

In Psalms 1:1-3, a Godly man is likened to a tree planted by the river side, which brings forth its fruits in due season, and whose leaves do not wither. 

Psalm 1:1-3 KJV
Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. [2] But his delight is in the law of the Lord ; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. [3] And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

In other words, if the tree in your dream wasn't fruitful or had withered leaves, such a dream could point to serious problems in the dreamer’s life. 

Also recall where Jesus spoke a parable about the unproductive fig tree. In His parable, the Lord was indirectly speaking about the state of an unproductive Christian. 

Luke 13:6-9 KJV
He spake also this parable; A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard; and he came and sought fruit thereon, and found none. [7] Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig tree, and find none: cut it down; why cumbereth it the ground? [8] And he answering said unto him, Lord, let it alone this year also, till I shall dig about it, and dung it: [9] And if it bear fruit, well: and if not, then after that thou shalt cut it down.

Again, recall where Jesus cursed an unproductive fig tree and it withered away instantly. This was sure done for our learning—concerning the dangers of unproductivity. 

Therefore, an unproductive or fruitless tree in a dream could be a warning dream from God, asking the dreamer to repent from being lazy and do something so as to become productive and fulfil their destiny. 

Matthew 21:19 KJV
And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away.

If you see a tree in your dream, you need to pay close attention to that dream, because God is likely revealing something about you or someone close to you. 

Oftentimes, tree dreams are revelations concerning oneself or someone close to the dreamer. Pay attention and do not treat such dreams lightly. 

Prophetic Meaning Of A Tree

In Daniel 4, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream of a great tree that sheltered the whole world, but an Angel of the Lord appeared and decreed that the tree must be cut down, and that for seven years he (the tree) will have his human mind taken away and will eat grass like an ox. 

This obviously shows us that this tree wasn't just an ordinary tree but a man. This tree was King Nebuchadnezzar himself. This is further proven through the interpretation Daniel gave the king concerning the dream:

Daniel 4:19-22 KJV
Then Daniel, whose name was Belteshazzar, was astonied for one hour, and his thoughts troubled him. The king spake, and said, Belteshazzar, let not the dream, or the interpretation thereof, trouble thee. Belteshazzar answered and said, My lord, the dream be to them that hate thee, and the interpretation thereof to thine enemies. [20] The tree that thou sawest, which grew, and was strong, whose height reached unto the heaven, and the sight thereof to all the earth; [21] Whose leaves were fair, and the fruit thereof much, and in it was meat for all; under which the beasts of the field dwelt, and upon whose branches the fowls of the heaven had their habitation: [22] It is thou, O king, that art grown and become strong: for thy greatness is grown, and reacheth unto heaven, and thy dominion to the end of the earth.

1. Tree Branch Symbolism

A tree symbolizes a person and the tree branches symbolize those who are under that person. Look at this analogy which Jesus gave concerning Himself and the Church:

John 15:1-2,4-6 KJV
I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. [2] Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away: and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. [4] Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. [5] I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. [6] If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.

Tree branches in a dream represent people who look up to the tree itself (their leader). 

2. Trees In Dreams May Symbolize A King, A Leader or Family Heads

Most times when trees appear in a dream, the revelation it comes with concerns a leader or family heads (like parents, for instance). 

Judges 9:7-10 KJV
And when they told it to Jotham, he went and stood in the top of mount Gerizim, and lifted up his voice, and cried, and said unto them, Hearken unto me, ye men of Shechem, that God may hearken unto you. [8] The trees went forth on a time to anoint a king over them; and they said unto the olive tree, Reign thou over us. [9] But the olive tree said unto them, Should I leave my fatness, wherewith by me they honour God and man, and go to be promoted over the trees? [10] And the trees said to the fig tree, Come thou, and reign over us.

Meaning of Falling Trees In Dreams

If you dream of a fallen tree, this is often a warning that something bad is about to happen to someone influential. This individual could likely be a leader or someone that has other people looking up to them. 

For instance, a neighbour to a particular family had a dream where a large tree close to their fence fell on the house of their neighbour. A week later, the wife of his neighbour had a ghastly accident that almost cost her life. 

If such dreams show up, the first thing the dreamer should do is to pray against death or any mishap the enemy might be planning against them or someone close to them. 

Dream of Planting A Tree

This dream shows that the dreamer has something great (a goal, a purpose or ambition) that they have established and are nurturing. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Palm Tree In Dreams

Palm tree dreams often portray people with great destinies; people with big dreams, plans are goals in life; prominent people, etc. These people are destined for greatness. 

Palm tree dreams also point to prosperity and wealth. Even though the palm tree may appear without fruits, there is need to be patient, as the dreamer is destined for prosperity and greatness. 

Dry Tree In Dream

Such a dream portrays unproductivity, lack of progress or that the dreamer is being unfruitful in their waking life. Something is not right somewhere. Such dreams are often a warning and calls for seriousness, self-introspection and prayers from the part of the dreamer.

Final Thoughts Biblical Meaning Of Trees In Dreams

Whenever you dream about trees, it is likely that God is showing you something concerning you or other people. The meaning of tree dreams often revolve around people.

Mark 8:24 KJV
And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.

It is needful to always notice the condition of the trees in dreams. Are the leaves fallen off? Are they lush? Are the trees dry? These will further help in deciphering the meaning of our tree dreams.

If you were blessed reading this dream interpretation on the Biblical meaning of trees in dreams, kindly share before leaving.

Remain blessed!
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