Seeing Yourself Having Miscarriage In A Dream Biblical And Spiritual Meaning

People keep seeing dreams of miscarriage and wonder what they mean. We have shared here the Biblical and spiritual meaning of miscarriage in a dream.
One of the strangest dreams that is reportedly seen daily by some is a dream of miscarriage. If you got here while searching for the spiritual meaning of miscarriage in a dream, chances are, you saw or have been seeing dreams about miscarriage. Read on to understand the meaning of miscarriage in a dream. 

Biblical Meaning Of Miscarriage In A Dream

Dreams about miscarriage are relatively common, especially among women who have experienced actual miscarriages before. But of course, not all women who dream about miscarriages have experienced one in their waking life. Although rare, there are also men who dream of women having a miscarriage. 

Miscarriage dreams are among those dreams that shouldn't be treated with levity. This is because dreams of miscarriage are rarely a good omen. 

If you happen to see a miscarriage dream, whether pregnant or not, know that there's the possibility of losing something very valuable to you, if you don't pray. 

Miscarriage is defined as the spontaneous loss of pregnancy before the 20th week of gestation. In other words, it is spontaneous abortion. It is also believed that miscarriage affects about 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies. 

But the fact that miscarriage is this common doesn't make it normal. Every truly spiritual person would agree with me that, most actual miscarriages that women go through happen as a result of spiritual attacks

Psalm 139:13-16 
For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

As seen in the scripture above, every pregnancy is valuable to God. The Creator God takes His time to form a child in the mother's womb. Then He goes on to impart in the child the destiny, gifts, talents, purpose and callings that were written of them, before sending them into the world. 

A pregnancy is a full-blown life, together with all that a child was purposed to come and manifest in the world. If that pregnancy is lost due to miscarriage, it is not just the baby that is lost. The greatness, the attainments, the breakthroughs, the virtue, the impact and every good thing that the child was supposed to do on earth, is also lost. 

All of these collectively reveal to us how serious a miscarriage dream can be. 

  1. There are women who have never gotten pregnant before, but they keep seeing themselves having miscarriages in their dreams. We cannot say that's ordinary. 
  2. There are women who dream of miscarriages, even after they're done giving birth to the number of children of their choice. We cannot say such dreams mean they will have an actual miscarriage in their waking life. 
  3. There are men who keep dreaming of their wives or other women having miscarriages. This is deeply spiritual. 

On very rare occasions do miscarriage dreams symbolize an impending physical miscarriage. In most cases, dreams of miscarriage reveal serious issues affecting the dreamer’s purpose, destiny and everything God has in store for them. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Miscarriage In A Dream

There are women who constantly dream of miscarriages even though they are not pregnant, and in their waking life, it often happens that they are going through series of challenges. 

If they are single, such women may have a hard time getting married. And if they are already married, making babies may be difficult. This is obviously not the will of God, but that of the enemy. 

Some of these women are often at the verge of breakthrough, but just after one miscarriage dream shows up, that breakthrough slips out of their grip.

Miscarriage dreams rarely comes from God. If it does, it will likely come as a revelation unveiling the plot of darkness against the dreamer. 

God blesses and doesn't take back prematurely. It is the enemy who wishes we lose what God gives to us even before it comes into fruition. 

Genesis 1:28 NLT
Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground.”

The enemy operates through diverse dreams to rob people of what God gives to them. One of the dreams through which he does that is a dream of miscarriage. 

If you are already pregnant when you start dreaming of miscarriage, you should pray ruggedly against an actual miscarriage. It is likely that the enemy has an evil plot against your unborn child. Many women have lost pregnancies in unexpected ways after seeing such dreams

Apart from the above mentioned, miscarriage dreams often symbolize the following:

  • Failure at the verge of breakthrough
  • Demonic attacks meant to frustrate the dreamer’s efforts to make progress
  • Loss of virtue and glory
  • Diversion of blessings and breakthrough
  • Postponement of long-awaited breakthrough
  • Setbacks and disappointments
  • Loss of job
  • Loss in business
  • And even actual death

Most of those who see recurring dreams about miscarriage often have a hard time experiencing breakthrough and success in their life endeavors. 

Dreams of miscarriage, if not seriously prayed against, can turn out very disastrous. If you see a loved one having miscarriage in the dream, it is time you rise up and pray for them. Only effective prayer can prevent the disaster that is about to befall them. 

Biblical Meaning Of Miscarriage In A Dream

Let's take further look at what dreaming about miscarriage means as follows:

1. An Attack On The Dreamer’s Great Destiny And Purpose

Most dreams of miscarriage have a direct impact on the dreamer’s purpose and destiny. The enemy is often quick to identify people who have great destinies, then he begins to launch diverse kinds of attacks against them. 

If you consistently see yourself having miscarriages in dreams, it means that there is something great in your life which the enemy is envious of, and is fighting hard to surpress it so that it doesn't manifest. 

Jeremiah 29:11 BSB
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a future and a hope. 

Be reminded that, God has great plan for us, but the enemy doesn't want to see any of them come to pass in our lives. The enemy doesn't attack ordinary people, but he goes after greatness. 

A woman who constantly dreams of having miscarriages will have a hard time achieving their goals or becoming great in life. 

If you are one of those who wouldn't stop seeing disturbing dreams of losing pregnancies through miscarriage, you need to sit back, go on fasting and prayer, pray hard to destroy the plots the enemy against your life. 

2. Loss Of God's Endowment Due To Impatience

Sometimes, dreams of miscarriage can show up as a result of grave mistakes the dreamer is making due to impatience. 

It is true that God has great plans for us. But it is also possible for a person to ruin those plans while God is not yet done working on them. It is like plucking a fruit when they're yet to mature, due to impatience. 

Ecclesiastes 3:1 BSB
To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven. 

The Bible tells us that everything has a season. Of course, there is a time to get pregnant, a stretch of approximately 9 months to stay pregnant, and a time to give birth. All of these don't happen in one day. 

It is possible for one to ruin what God is doing in their life with their own hands, because they are impatient to wait for God to finish what He's doing in them. 

If you're constantly seeing dreams of miscarriage, make sure you are not running faster than God; make sure you're not in haste to make it and become great in life. 

A dream of miscarriage may show up as a warning dream, to tell the dreamer that they are about to destroy what God is doing in their life, should they continue with a particular course of action. 

I did say in our dream about being pregnant, that some pregnancy dreams symbolize a divine purpose or ministry which God has given to the dreamer. 

For most women whom the Lord has called into ministry, He will confirm that calling to them through pregnancy dreams. That is to show them that, there is a time of getting pregnant with God's purpose, a time of growth of that purpose, and a time for its manifestation. 

Being hasty to bring God's purpose into manifestation can bring about the ruin of that purpose; which may in turn show up as a miscarriage dream. 

Apparently, in this case, the enemy is exempted. This is an act of self-harm. So be careful that you're not the one causing loss of God's endowment upon your life. 

3. Spiritually Instigated Problems In Marriage 

Certain dreams of miscarriage come as a direct spiritual attack against the dreamer’s marriage. Whether you are a married woman seeing yourself having miscarriages in dreams, or you're a married man often seeing your wife miscarrying in the dream, take it as a sign that the enemy is attacking your marriage. 

As a married woman, each time you begin to see dreams of miscarriage when you're not pregnant, know that the enemy is tampering with your marriage. Get on your knees and start praying to get the hands of the enemy off your marriage. 

After most miscarriage dreams that married people see, what follows next is often series of problems in their marriage. 

Miscarriage dreams can result in divorce if left unchecked. So be discerning. Be swift to take necessary actions in order to safeguard your marriage from the manipulations of the enemy through miscarriage dreams. 

Dreams About Miscarriage When Not Pregnant Biblical Meaning

Everything is abnormal about dreaming about miscarriage when you're not pregnant. Dreams of miscarriage when not pregnant, symbolize losses of all sorts. 

Whenever you see dreams of miscarriage when you're not pregnant, understand that the enemy is attacking to rob you of every good thing that could make you great, and a better person in life. The enemy is trying to prevent the will of God from manifesting in your life.

Dreams of miscarriage when not pregnant could also reveal that your wrong choices and actions in life are backfiring, and may cause damage to your destiny and what God is doing in your life. 

It is important to pause and ponder on what you might be doing wrong, so you can make adjustments and corrections where necessary. 

Dreams Of Miscarriage While Pregnant

Children are blessings from God, not from the devil. The enemy will always become envious of children who come into the world with great destinies and a mission from God. If possible, he would go extra mile to terminate their life so they don't even have a chance to be born. 

The enemy tried to terminate the life of the baby Jesus through Herod, so don't be surprised if he attempts the same with your baby. 

If you're a pregnant woman constantly dreaming of miscarriage, it is obvious that the enemy is after the fruit of your womb. Stay prayed up, pray for the baby in your womb and pray that you experience safe delivery

Prayer Against Miscarriage In The Dream 

  1. Thank You Lord, for the revelation You have granted me concerning the meaning of miscarriage in dreams. 
  2. Father, I know that Your plans are meant to prosper me, not to make me experience loss. Therefore, I declare that every contrary plot of the enemy against my life be thwarted. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  3. By the power of God, I annul the effects of dreams of miscarriage. They shall not manifest in my life. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  4. Father, I ask that You show me what I may have been doing wrong that could trigger miscarriage dreams. I want to rectify them, so that I will not lose out on what you have in store for me. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  5. By the power of God, I come against every power of darkness bent on attacking and frustrating my efforts to succeed in life. Let them be put to shame, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  6. By the power of the Almighty, I break the hand of the wicked off of my marriage. The enemy shall no longer be able to manipulate my marriage. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  7. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I break the yoke of setbacks and disappoints in my life. I declare that I shall succeed. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  8. Every evil plot of the wicked one against the unborn baby in my womb, be annulled now. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  9. I declare that there shall be no loss, but gain, success and breakthrough in my life. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  10. Dear Lord, the battle is Yours. Rise and fight for me. Put the enemy to flight. Give me victory. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  11. Thank You Father for the deliverance and victory You have given me over evil dreams of miscarriage. May my deliverance be permanent. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 

Final Thoughts On Meaning Of Miscarriage In Dreams

Dreams of miscarriage are very serious dreams that shouldn't be ignored or swept under the carpet. Unfortunately, many don't seem to treat such dreams as serious, except when they get to read interpretations like this. 

Dreaming about miscarriage when you're not pregnant doesn't mean you're safe. You need to pray, because as you've read here, such dreams can negatively impact your your life and destiny.

Beloved, I trust that by reading our dream interpretation, you were able to gain insight into the meaning of miscarriage in dreams. 

If you were blessed, go ahead and share this dream article with someone else. 

Thanks again for reading,
Remain blessed.
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