Dream Of Police: Biblical And Spiritual Meaning Of Cops In The Dream

There are many people who report seeing police in their dreams. That is why we bring you the spiritual meaning of seeing police in the dream.
Since there are people who have been reaching out to me, asking to know what it means to see police in dreams, I decided to write this dream interpretation to answer that query. 

Seeing Police In Dream Spiritual Meaning

Seeing police in a dream is not something that happens frequently, but I can say that whenever this dream shows up, it often piques the curiosity of the dreamer. 

If you found this article while searching for the biblical meaning of police in dreams, it is likely that you recently saw a dream about police, and you're eager to know the meaning. 

If you're one of those who have been seeing dreams about police, then this dream interpretation is for you. Sit tight as we explore the spiritual meaning of police in dreams, from a biblical standpoint.

Police dreams often come in diverse forms to different people.. 

  1. Some people may see police in their dreams going about their normal activities
  2. Some see dreams of talking to a police officer
  3. There are people who see dreams of police officers chasing them
  4. Others find themselves getting attacked by police in dreams
  5. And some others see dreams of police helping them

I'll say that, it is unwise to conclude that the dream you saw about policemen is a good or bad one, based on assumptions. It will always be safer to seek the counsel of the Holy Spirit concerning your dreams. 

The Holy Spirit will be willing to reveal the meaning of your dreams to you and even lead you to online sources, where you can get complete explanations and confirmation concerning the meaning of your dream

Joel 2:5-7 NIV
With a noise like that of chariots they leap over the mountaintops, like a crackling fire consuming stubble, like a mighty army drawn up for battle. At the sight of them, nations are in anguish; every face turns pale. They charge like warriors; they scale walls like soldiers. They all march in line, not swerving from their course.

Firstly, dreams about police can either be a good or bad omen. In other words, we can't say all police dreams we see are Heavenly or all dreams about policemen are demonic. 

Dreams about police can show up as Heaven's intervention in human affairs, or as evidence of demonic activities against the people of God. 

Simply put, police dreams can either emanate from Heaven or from the camp of the enemy. The Lord may decide to show the dreamer a very prophetic dream using the police as a symbol. The attacks of the enemy may also manifest as dreams of seeing police.

Stay with me, because I'll throw more light on these points I've raised, as we progress with understanding the meaning of seeing police in dreams.

Seeing Police In Dream Spiritual Meaning

The police force is a body of trained personnel, empowered by the government of a country to enforce the law, to ensure the safety, health, and possessions of citizens, to prevent crime and to curtail civil disorder. 

The police functions with delegated authority from the government and wields power from the same, to arrest, to detain, and punish for crime. In some countries, the police force is a wing of armed forces. 

For most people, the police force represents.. 

  • Law and order 
  • Force of good in the society
  • The first line of defence against crime and violence
  • Source of protection and security

For others, the police force may represent a more negative force. Besides, we'll all admit that not everyone sees the police the same. For some, the police may be seen as a symbol of oppression, discrimination, or as a force prone to cause more harm than help. 

Remember that the physical realm doesn't exist independent of the spiritual realm. The physical realm only mirrors what is taking place in the spiritual realm. If there exists armed forces in the physical realm, then there first existed the same in the unsean realm. 

There is first a positive spiritual force that represents all the good things that the police stands for. This godly spiritual force works under the Almighty God, to ensure that God's laws are obeyed; that the righteous are protected, and that the kingdom of darkness doesn't go overboard to destroy the things of God. 

The forces of Heaven ensure spiritual order, both in the physical and supernatural realm. They keep the activities of darkness in check, and ensure that the enemy doesn't go beyond his assigned statute of limitation. 

Exodus 23:20-21 ESV
Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared. Pay careful attention to him and obey his voice; do not rebel against him, for he will not pardon your transgression, for my name is in him. 

What does it mean to dream of a police officer biblically? I've heard people interpret police in dreams as being the angels of God. I'll say that the interpretation is accurate to a great extent—as it falls within the good/positive spiritual force that I just mentioned above.

On the other hand, there is also a negative/evil spiritual force which works under the ruler of darkness. They are fallen angels and demons. Their assignment, mission and functions are the direct opposite of that which is carried out by the forces working under the Almighty God. 

This brings us back to what I said earlier, that seeing police in dreams can either be a good or bad omen. For instance, if you happen to see 2 to 3 policemen chasing and shooting at you in a dream, we cannot say that such is a good dream. 

Seeing police in dream means that you're seeing spiritual forces. They are not the same police you see in the physical world. In most cases, they are not even humans. You are seeing spiritual forces who are either working for God or working under Satan. 

A police dream from God always reveals that the angels of God are at work. But if you happen to see the police doing what can be deemed as unlawful and evil in a dream, we cannot attribute that to God. What you are seeing are forces of darkness on an evil assignment.

Warrior angels of God may sometimes appear as well-equipped policemen in the dream. And high-ranking forces of darkness will likely sometimes show up as bloodthirsty, aggressive and wicked policemen in dreams. 

In order to get a clue concerning the meaning of your police dream, and whether the police force you saw in your dream were of God or of the devil, you would need to take all these things I've mentioned into consideration. 

Running From Police Dream Meaning

What does it mean to be chased by police in a dream? If you saw yourself running from police in the dream, you were likely running because you sensed danger; you sensed they were going to harm and not protect you. 

In such a scenario, we cannot say that the police force you saw in your dream were from God. If they were of God, they would have made efforts to protect and not be so desperate to chase after and harm you. 

A brother once saw a dream where policemen chased after him with the intent of catching and handing him over to their leader—who had instructed them to catch and hand him over. 

According to the dreamer, it was actually an angel of God who appeared in between him and the police officers, to block those policemen, while he used the opportunity to escape. 

The above example is a dream that clearly shows the police force that chased after the dreamer were not of God. They did that with an evil intent, they were going to harm him. 

Psalm 34:7 ESV
The angel of the LORD encamps around those who fear him, and delivers them.

For those of us who believe all police in dreams represent the angels of God, we can see from the above scripture, what the function of God's angels to the righteous is: they encamp around the righteous, to protect and deliver them from evil. The angels of God are assigned for the child of God, not against them. 

Even in scenarios where a Christian must have sinned against God before going to bed, it is not in God's character to send His warrior angels to chase and catch the Christian for punishment. Those who know God should also know that He doesn't operate that way.

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of being chased by police in a dream signales a deadly attempt by the kingdom of darkness to clamp down on, to attack and to harm the dreamer. 

Each time you go to bed and end up dreaming of police chasing you, then you should quickly understand that the kingdom of darkness have assigned their best of forces against you, to attack and bring you down. This will require you rise up and pray, so that warrior Angels from God could move into action against your attackers. 

Dream Of Police Arresting Someone

There are more than two sides to dreams of police arresting someone. Firstly, a dream of police arresting someone can be a good omen. Another dream of police arresting someone can turn out to be a bad omen. 

For instance, if you saw a dream of police going from house to house selectively arresting people, but they did not arrest you, what you witnessed in that dream is the activity of the angels of God on an assignment. They are going about and putting the activities of forces of darkness in check. Those you saw them arrest are agents of darkness who were assigned to that very location to ruin God's plan. We cannot say such police arrest dream is a bad one. 

What does it mean to dream of police arresting you? If you saw police arresting you, what you witnessed is a spiritual arrest; a deadly spiritual attack against you. Such a dream is not one that should be ignored or swept under the carpet. 

Dreams where the dreamer gets arrested are often a bad omen. For most of those who fail to understand how serious such dreams are, it is often too late to take action, when the symptoms begin to manifest in their waking life. 

Getting arrested by the police in the dream is synonymous to falling into the trap of the enemy. Anyone who finds their self in that situation easily becomes a prey to the devil. 

That is why it is needful that a Christian is able to evade police arrests in their dreams. Because if successfully executed, they will need lots of prayers and deliverance sessions in order to break free. 

Another brother shared a dream he once saw after his midnight prayer. According to him, immediately after he concluded his midnight prayers at about 2am and went back to bed, he saw himself in a particular place and two policemen walked towards him.

At first, the policemen appeared to be friendly. Then when they got close, one of them extended out his right hand towards him for a handshake. The moment the dreamer raised his hand to give the police a handshake, the policeman held his hand tight and didn't let go. With the left hand, the policeman proceeded to bring out handcuffs from his pocket to put on the dreamer. 

That was going to be a very deadly spiritual attack, in the form of a spiritual arrest. And obviously, the police officers were not angels of God. They were high-ranking agents of darkness assigned to arrest that brother that very night, just after he must have destroyed the works of Satan through his midnight prayer. 

At this point, this brother immediately understood what was happening, so he quickly snapped out of the grip of the policeman and escaped. By the help of God, he successfully evaded that spiritual arrest plotted against him by the kingdom of darkness. 

Also note that, if you're guilty of a crime in the physical world, a police arrest dream could simply mean that you are actually going to get arrested and punished by the police for the crime you committed. This is entirely physical, and not spiritual. 

Now you see! There are many sides to dreams of police arresting someone. 

If you saw a dream of police arresting someone you knew was innocent in the dream, this also requires that you pray for that individual (especially if you know them in person). The police force that conducted that arrest are not of God. 

A dream of police going about causing violence, destroying properties and harming the innocent and children, is not of God either. Such a dream clearly shows the agents of darkness are on rampage! 

Dream About Police Helping You

If you saw a dream of police helping you, apparently, such a dream is from God. It is obvious that the angels of God are assigned for your help. Praise God for sending His angels to protect and help you! 

Hebrews 1:14 AMP
Are not all the angels ministering spirits sent out [by God] to serve (accompany, protect) those who will inherit salvation? [Of course they are!]

The Bible tells us that angels are ministering spirits sent by God to serve the elect. Forces of darkness would likely show up as police in the dream to cause mayhem and attack the believer. But the forces of Heaven won't do such. 

One valid sign that the police officers you see in your dreams are from God, is that they will do you good; they will not chase, attempt to arrest or harm you. 

Final Thoughts On Meaning Of Police In Dreams

As you can see, there are postive and negative sides to seeing police in dreams. Not all police dreams are bad dreams, and not all police dreams are good ones. 

To get a sneak peak into the meaning of a dream about police that you saw, you will have to ponder on the things that were happening in your dream. All the symbols surrounding your dreams are the clues that you need. 

If a police dream is from God, you may witness an arrest, but you will not be the target of arrest. Isaiah 59:19 makes it clear that, it is the enemy that comes against the child of God as a flood. That simply tells us that, Heaven's forces won't chase and attempt to arrest a Christian in their dreams.

God will not send the forces of Heaven to chase a Believer in their dreams. But when the forces of darkness come against us like a rushing stream, the Spirit of the LORD will always lift up a standard against them. Amen! 

Beloved, I trust that by reading this article you were able to grasp the spiritual meaning of seeing police in the dream.

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God bless you. 
Anointed And Gifted Christian Dream Interpreter, Christian Therapist, Writer And Web Designer.