When You See Yourself Walking Barefoot In A Dream Biblical Spiritual Meaning

Many people find themselves walking barefoot in their dreams daily. We have written here for you the biblical meaning of walking barefoot in the dream
Seeing yourself walking barefoot in a dream, can turn out really perplexing. From my observation and experience, dreams of walking barefoot are quite common, but just a few people really understand what such dreams mean. If you've been confused about what these dreams mean, then join us in this adventure as the Holy Spirit unveils to us the biblical meaning of walking barefoot in the dream. 

Walking Barefoot In Dream Biblical Meaning

Healthwise, it is deemed unhealthy for anyone to go barefoot for a prolonged period of time. Medical professionals often discourage walking barefoot for several reasons including:

  1. Increased Risk Of Injury: When you walk barefoot, you are likely to injure your feet on sharp objects like broken glasses, blades or thorns. You are also prone to sustaining injuries and bruises. 
  2. Increased Risk Of Infection: Going barefoot can as well expose your feet to harmful bacteria and viruses, which may cause infections like athlete's foot, ring worms or plantar warts. 
  3. Increased Risk Of Foot Problems: Walking barefoot for a prolonged period of time can put extra strain on the feet and ankles, which may result in hammertoes, plantar fasciitis or bunions. 
  4. Worsened Symptoms In People With Certain Medical Conditions: For example, people with diabetes and peripheral neuropathy are often discouraged to walk barefoot, because they are at high risk of getting injuries or infections. 

Where I grew up in, parents would often discourage their kids from walking barefoot, especially under the rain or on wet places. Apparently, we all know that in the physical world, walking barefoot isn't a healthy practice, since it can put one in a life-threatening condition. 

Psalm 91:11-12 ESV
For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.

Spiritually, God also knows that there is so much danger in one “striking their foot against the stone.” So He assigns His angels to guard and protect us. 

The “foot” in this context is symbolic of our entire being. It has to do with everything concerning us that could get destroyed, if we were to lack God's protection. 

Normally, a sandal or shoe could protect the foot from direct impact against a stone. But walking barefoot would rather expose the foot to harm. 

That is to show us that, dreams of walking barefoot are basically not a good omen. If you happen to see yourself walking barefoot in the dream, understand that you are spiritually unclad and in danger. 

A person who constantly walks barefoot in their dream is at risk of experiencing diverse kinds of undesirable outcomes in their waking life. 

Whenever you find yourself walking barefoot in your dream, do not ignore the dream and go about your day. Rather pray against it and its effects, because the enemy is doing lots of manipulations against your life and destiny in secret. 

Biblical Meaning Of Walking Barefoot In A Dream

We've seen several scriptures pointing to people walking barefoot. But most of them were based on God's instruction. 

Exodus 3:4-5 NIV
When the LORD saw that he had gone over to look, God called to him from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!” And Moses said, “Here I am.” “Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

For example, during the burning bush encounter, the Lord instructed Moses to take off his sandals because the place he was standing was a holy ground. Naturally, God would want Moses to wear his sandals for safety reasons, if the place he was standing wasn't holy and spiritually safe enough for his barefoot. 

Joshua 5:15 NIV
The commander of the LORD’s army replied, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy.” And Joshua did so. 

We see the Lord doing the same thing with Joshua in Joshua 5:15. Also observe the reason why God instructed these two men to take off their footwears:

  • The place was deemed holy. 
  • A direct contact between their foot and the ground was spiritually significant and positive. 
  • Because it was a holy ground, a direct contact with their foot would bring a blessing, not a curse or problems.

The same cannot be said about walking barefoot in a strange, filthy, public and unholy place. 

  1. There are people who see dreams of walking barefoot of the road. In the dream it often seems they forgot to wear their shoes while going on the journey. This is not a good omen. 
  2. If you saw yourself in the dream walking barefoot in the market, this is not a good omen. The market is not a holy ground. 
  3. Seeing oneself walking barefoot in the toilet, is a bad omen. The toilet is not a holy place. 
  4. Dreaming of walking barefoot in your village is a bad omen. No one really wants to spend their lifetime in the village, living under substandard conditions. 
  5. If you saw a dream of yourself barefoot while on a journey to visit someone, this is not a good omen. The meeting will likely not turn out good. 

Except you had an encounter with God in your dream, and He instructed you to go barefoot because the place you were standing is a holy ground, then we can say such a dream is on the positive side. But a casual or normal dream of going barefoot is not a good omen. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Walking Barefoot In A Dream

A dream of walking barefoot portends serious spiritual danger and lack of God's covering. Whenever people sees themselves walking barefoot in their dreams, they should know that it is a sign that they are no longer under God's protection. In such a state, it becomes really easy for the enemy to harm anyone at will. 

Micah 1:8 NLT
Therefore, I will mourn and lament. I will walk around barefoot and naked. I will howl like a jackal and moan like an owl.

Walking barefoot in the dream is a sign of danger, a sign of loss, a sign of sorrow and mourning. People become sorrowful when things are not the way they should be in their life. People weep because they are in distress.

2 Samuel 15:30 ESV
But David went up the ascent of the Mount of Olives, weeping as he went, barefoot and with his head covered. And all the people who were with him covered their heads, and they went up, weeping as they went.

The enemy attacks people through dreams of walking barefoot because he wants to bring failure, disappointment, demotion and sorrow upon them. The attacks of the enemy never come with good intentions. 

A dream of walking barefoot is a carefully orchestrated manipulation of darkness meant to;

  • Rob the dreamer of their blessings
  • Prevent the dreamer from walking in the fullness of what God has in store for them
  • Bring shame and disgrace upon the dreamer in any possible way
  • Attract the spirit of poverty upon the dreamer
  • Cause the dreamer to go from abundance to lack, to harship. 
  • Bring demotion to the dreamer
  • Cause setbacks in the dreamer’s waking life

If you saw yourself barefoot in the dream while going to your workplace, that is a sign that you are going to start experiencing problems in your place of employment. If you still wish to retain your job, don't treat such a dream with levity.

In our dream interpretation of seeing oneself in the village, I mentioned that such dreams are connected to the foundation of the dreamer. If you found yourself walking barefoot in your village, this dream reveals that the powers of your foundation are fighting really hard to ensure that you don't make progress or become great in life. 

If you saw a dream of going on a trip to visit someone you know, for a particular meeting that was expected to bring a positive outcome, but you noticed that in the dream you didn't put on any shoes, this is a sign that the meeting won't turn out positive. Pray and let God lead you on what to do. 

Dreaming of walking barefoot in the market symbolizes shame, losses and setbacks in life. The conventional market is not a holy ground. No sane person walks around the market on their barefoot. You should pray thoroughly against the plots of the enemy to cause you loss and ruin of any kind. 

Dreams About Being Barefoot In Public

Anyone who finds themselves in the dream walking barefoot in public, has become suscitible to the attacks and harassment of the enemy. 

The meaning of a dream of walking barefoot in public can be likened to that of the dream of being half dressed in public. Both portend great loss and serious spiritual danger. 

Ezekiel 16:10 
I clothed you with an embroidered dress and put sandals of fine leather on you. I dressed you in fine linen and covered you with costly garments.

God's provision, blessings and protection is evident in His covering upon us. While the enemy's efforts are geared toward robbing and destroying us, and often evident through dreams of walking barefoot or naked in public.

God clothes us with the garment of joy and blessings, but the enemy often wants to strip us naked in order to hinder the manifestation of God's plans in our lives. 

  1. There are people who starts experiencing problems in their marriage, immediately after they dream of walking barefoot in public. 
  2. People lose their jobs after seeing series of dreams of walking barefoot in public. 
  3. It is possible to start experiencing losses in business after seeing dreams of walking barefoot in public. 
  4. Divine connections and relationships can be lost, if the effects of dreams of walking barefoot are not curbed in time through prayer. 

If you happen to dream and see yourself walking barefoot in public, understand that the enemy is out and bent on attacking everything in your life that could make you the person God destined you to be.

This is clearly not a dream to ignore and move on with your life. Make time to pray effectively in order to destroy and reverse the plots and manipulations of darkness against your life. 

Dream Of Walking Barefoot On Road

A dream of walking barefoot on the road symbolizes setbacks and manipulations against the dreamer’s destiny.

For some people, the moment they are expectant of breakthrough in a particular area, they begin seeing themselves walking barefoot in their dreams. And suddenly, their breakthrough is diverted. This is clearly the enemy at work, robbing that individual of what is rightfully theirs.

Dreams of walking barefoot on the road, is a sign that the enemy is plotting to bring hardship upon the dreamer. People who often find themselves walking barefoot on the road in dreams will always have a hard time making tangible progress in their waking life. The enemy is attacking them to render useless all their efforts to prosper in life.

No one in their right mind walks barefoot on a public road. That can only happen if something goes wrong with them. A dream of walking barefoot on road cannot be a good omen. Whenever such dream is seen, the dreamer should rise up and pray to frustrate the manipulations of the enemy against their life. 

Seeing Someone Barefoot In A Dream

If you saw someone else barefoot in a dream, it is very likely that the individual is going through serious challenges they may not be able to share directly with you.

If you know the person you saw barefoot in the dream, it is advisable you pray for them. That person has struggles plaguing their life. It could be financial struggles, marital or otherwise.

God chose to reveal to you that the enemy is currently attacking the individual you are seeing barefoot in your dream. If you saw this dream, understand that God revealed the condition of that person to you, so that you will intercede on their behalf. 

So go ahead and say a word of prayer for them. Ask the Lord to intervene in their situation, to fight their battles and deliver them from whatever challenges they are passing through.

Solution To Walking Barefoot In Dream

  1. Some dreams of walking barefoot show up because the dreamer recently fell into sin, which took God's protection off them; leaving them uncovered and exposed to the attacks of the enemy. If you know that this is your case, make sure you confess that sin and reconcile with God. 
  2. Stay prayed up and always pray God's protection upon you and everything God has blessed you with. You have to be intentional about committing your job, marriage and every good thing in your life under God's protection. Cover them all with the Blood of Jesus Christ. Don't leave them open for demons to play with.
  3. Pray consistently and ruggedly against family witchcraft and foundational powers fighting your progress in life. 
  4. Pray against every dream of walking barefoot. Pray to destroy their effects upon your life and pray for such dreams to cease from showing up. 

Prayer Against Walking Barefoot In The Dream 

  1. Father, I am grateful for the revelation You have granted me concerning dreams of walking barefoot. For I know that when You expose the works of darkness, You will also destroy them. 
  2. By the authority I have in Jesus Name, I declare that the plots of the enemy against me through dreams of walking barefoot, shall not be successfully executed. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  3. I declare that no weapon of darkness fashioned against me shall prosper. Not even the ones brought about by dreams of walking barefoot. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  4. Father, I ask for Your maximum protection over my life. Keep me and all that You have given me under the shadow of Your wings. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  5. I declare that, instead of demotion I shall experience promotion and progress in my life endeavors. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. 
  6. By the power of the Almighty, I command the scepter of wickedness from my foundation exerting influence upon my life, to be broken now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  7. I break loose from every Satanic manipulation and spell of poverty used against my life. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  8. I speak restoration over all that the enemy had stolen from me through dreams of walking barefoot. Let them be restored now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  9. I command every recurring negative dreams of walking barefoot to come to a halt now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  10. Every force or darkness fighting hard to see my downfall, be arrested and destroyed by the the power of God Almighty. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  11. Thank You Lord for the victory You have given me over dreams of walking barefoot. I am free from every dream manipulation of the enemy. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 

Final Thoughts On Dreams Of Walking Barefoot

If you read through this dream interpretation attentively, you must have noticed that majority of dreams of walking barefoot don't mean something good. 

Walking barefoot in the dream can wreck the dreamer’s life, if such dreams are allowed to persist; and if the effects are not destroyed in time through prayer. 

Recurring dreams of walking barefoot simply shows how serious and committed the enemy has become, toward achieving his goal of destroying the dreamer’s life. The dreamer as well should sit up and do the needful to prevent the enemy from having his way. 

Isaiah 61:3 NLT
To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory.

If you have been experiencing the effects of these dreams before you stumbled on this dream interpretation, it is not too late to begin to pray. Read and follow the guide in this article to combat the dream. Let the above scripture also give you the assurance that God will bring you restoration.

Beloved, I trust that you understood the meaning of walking barefoot in dream by reading this dream interpretation.

Thanks again for reading, 
God bless you. 
Anointed And Gifted Christian Dream Interpreter, Christian Therapist, Writer And Web Designer.