What It Means Biblically When You See Angels In The Dream

If you have been seeing angels in your dreams, it's important to learn what they mean. Here is the biblical meaning of seeing angels in the dream.
Dreams about angels happen to be among the most spiritual dreams people see. I can tell that dreams of angels are not as common, since I rarely get private messages from my blog readers, asking to know the meaning of angels in dreams. The moment you start seeing angels in your dreams, understand that there is something spectacular currently happening in your life spiritually. 

Angel Dream Biblical Meaning

I know for sure that, there are people out there who would like to know the meaning of angels in dreams—from a Christian perspective. That is why I brought you this dream interpretation on angels.

Also, for those of you who have seen or keep seeing angels in your dreams, this angel dream interpretation article for you. Sit tight as we explore the biblical meaning of angels in dreams. 

Hebrews 1:14 AMP
Are not all the angels ministering spirits sent out [by God] to serve (accompany, protect) those who will inherit salvation? [Of course they are!]

If you saw an angel in your dream for the first time, you may have been baffled concerning what your dream means. Needless to be confused, because dreams of angels don't show up for no reason. 

Firstly, the fact that you are seeing angels in your dreams means that you are a spiritual person. Your activities on earth have raised eyebrows in the spirit realm; they have gotten the attention of spirit beings. Nevertheless, these spirits may either be benevolent or malevolent. I will throw more light on this point as we progress. 

Most dreams of angels are very prophetic dreams. That is to say, majority of dreams about angels you will see will come from God. 

Angels are messengers of God. From time immemorial, God has always had diverse dealings with humanity through His angels. You can see some instances below:

  • The angel of the Lord appeared to Abraham, taking the form of a man (Genesis 18:1-3).
  • God's angel was sent with an instruction to Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:1-11).
  • The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she would give birth to Jesus (Luke 1:26-38).
  • God's angel Gabriel appeared to Zechariah and delivered to him the message that, his wife Elizabeth would give birth to John the Baptist (Luke 1:5-25).
  • An angel appeared to the shepherds tending the sheep in the field and told them about the birth of baby Jesus (Luke 2:8-14).
  • The angel of God was sent to instruct Joseph in a dream to flee to Egypt with Mary and Jesus (Matthew 2:13-15).
  • An angel appeared to Peter in prison and instructed him to follow him (Acts 12:6-11). 
  • The angel of God appeared to Cornelius and instructed him to send for Peter (Acts 10:1-8).
  • John the beloved had an encounter with an angel on the island of Patmos, which resulted to penning down the book of Revelation (Revelation 1:1-19)
  • God's angel appeared to talk with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration (Matthew 17:1-9). 

The above instances are meant to show us that, it is very okay for a Christian to have angelic encounters. If you happen to have an encounter with God's angels in your dream, see it as a blessing and an indirect encounter with God Himself!

If you're a Christian, your angel dream will likely be a revelation from God. Be extra careful though, because the Bible says that, even the devil himself masquerades as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).

This brings us to the fact that, not all angel dreams people see are from God. It is true that God created angels. But the holy Bible also reveals that at a certain time, a percentage of these angels were thrown out of Heaven due to rebellion:

Revelation 12:7-9 ESV
Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon. And the dragon and his angels fought back, but he was defeated, and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

That said, everyone who sees angels in dreams must tread with caution when it comes to interpreting or acting on such dreams. There is an alarming rate of deception in the last days. 

Angel Dream Meaning

From what you've seen so far, it is easy to deduce that a dream about angels can either be a good a bad omen. God can bring to people powerful prophetic revelations through angel dreams. On the other hand, the enemy can as well give angel dreams, for deceptive and manipulative purposes. 

There are holy and unholy angels; godly and ungodly ones. After the war in Heaven, these two factions of Angels came into existence—just like separating light from darkness. 

The Angels in Heaven remain God's holy angels. While the angels who were thrown out of Heaven (together with the serpent, Satan the devil) became fallen angels. 

In the end times, we have seen heightened spiritual activities in the earth realm. In these last days, people are having and will continue having encounters with spirits that will masquerade as angels of God, but to deceive and lead them astray. 

There is need to stay very prayerful and discerning. Treat dreams that have to do with meeting spirit beings as very serious! Some of these dreams often come with instructions. Until your are certain that your angel dream came from God, do not act on it. 

It is also inadvisable to wish to continue meeting suspicious spirit beings in your dreams, until you are able to verify they are of God. 

Many have been manipulated and used by the devil to start false religions and false churches, through false and deceptive angel dreams. Again, there is dire need to tread with caution!

How then do you know if your angel dream is from God? 

  1. An angel dream that is from God will often carry God's presence. You can literally sense God's presence within the dream. 
  2. God will not deliver a message that is against Scriptures through His angel in a dream. If the message the angels brings contradicts Scriptures, they're evidently not of God. 
  3. God will not instruct anyone to do something that contradicts His Word, through an angel in the dream. 
  4. God should confirm to you through other means, the message He sends you through angel dreams.

If God decides to communicate with anyone in a dream through an angel, He will go on to impress it in their spirit, that the dream they are seeing is from Him. God knows the best way to go about doing that, so that the dreamer is not led astray. 

Angel Dream Interpretation

If you ever see an angel dream that is from God, know that you are very special to God. He cares about you and there is something very important He wants to accomplish with you and through you. 

The Bible says that the angels of God are ministering spirits assigned by God to serve those who are to inherit salvation (Hebrews 1:14). The ministry of angels to God's people can manifest in any form—including through dreams. 

There are diverse reasons why God sends His angels to people in their dreams. Some of these reasons are as follows:

1. For Protection

There are dreams that require that an angel of God shows up to protect the dreamer. There are Christians who have reportedly seen an angel of God appear to save them from a deadly spiritual attack in their dream. 

Psalm 91:12 NIV
For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. 

God's angels do not only protect us while we're awake. They also do so while we sleep and in our dreams. This is also part of their ministry to the elect. 

2. For Guidance

If we are confused about the decision to make or the next step to take in life, through a dream, God can send His angel to tell us exactly what to do in that situation. 

Exodus 23:20 NLT
See, I am sending an angel before you to protect you on your journey and lead you safely to the place I have prepared for you.

The angels of God also bring us guidance, to enable us walk in God's will for our lives. 

3. For Hope And Comfort

The angels of God can as well appear in our dreams, to comfort us in trying times and deliver God's message of hope to us. 

In Genesis 16:7-13, God sent His angel to Hagar in the desert, to inform her that she would have a son. This message brought hope to Hagar, who was feeling lost and downcast.

4. To Deliver A Warning

We've once learned about warning dreams from God, and how God warns us through dreams. The Lord is still sending His angels to deliver important warnings to people in their dreams today.

We've seen in Genesis 19:1-17, where God sent two angels to warn Lot and his family to flee Sodom before it was destroyed. 

There are people who have seen angels of God appear in their dreams to warn them about an impending danger, or concerning the end times. 

5. A Call To Action

The Lord may decide to send His angel to deliver a very important instruction, that comes with a call to action, through a dream. 

A perfect example of a dream where God's angel delivered a call to action can be found in Matthew 2:13–23; where the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph, instructing him to flee to Egypt with Mary and the infant Jesus. 

Biblical Meaning Of Dreaming About Angels

The appearance of God's angels in our dreams often assures us of the following;

  • God is with us and watching over us. 
  • That we are dwelling and walking in God's presence. 
  • Constantly seeing dreams of angels reveal strong angelic activities within your home and vicinity. 
  • Having constant encounters with God's angels through dreams have a way of confirming that we have a functional and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Seeing angels in dreams confirms to us that God is watching over us and protecting us from evil. 

If you are having encounters with holy angels in your dreams, such dreams are obviously a good omen. You shouldn't be afraid but ask the Lord for more of such encounters. 

Dreaming Of Angels Protecting Me

If you have been dreaming of angels protecting you, it means that God has His eyes on you. God loves you and is constantly watching over you to protect you. 

Besides, God fights many unknown and unseen battles of us. Seeing angels protecting you in dreams can simply serve as evidence of the hidden battles God is fighing on your behalf. 

If you happen to see this dream, there is nothing to worry about, but glorify the Lord and thank Him for His protection upon your life. 

Dreaming Of Angels Talking To Me

If you saw God's angel talking to you in the dream, it means that there is an information sent to you from Heaven. No one has such encounters for no reason. 

Always pay attention whenever you have an angelic encounter in your dreams, because many people often end up missing out on the information the angel was trying to communicate to them in such dreams. Do not miss out on the most important part of the encounter. 

Dreaming Of Angels Giving Me A Message

If the angel of the Lord gives you a message in the dream, it is of high priority. Don't treat such dreams or the message with levity. 

Once you are sure that this angelic encounter was of God, and you got the message right, go on and act according to how you were directed in the dream. 

God will be impressed and willing to give you more messages through this channel, because you always obey Him. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Angels In The Sky 

Most dreams about angels in the sky are simply encounters with the Lord. If you have been consistently working on your relationship with the Lord, it is not strange to begin seeing dreams of angels and other prophetic dreams. Such dreams are always a confirmation that the dreamer is on the right path, and God is pleased with them. Remember, one of the benefits of having an intimate relationship with the LORD is spiritual encounters. 

Additionally, seeing angels in the sky in your dream, could signify a coming breakthrough, help from above or simply assurance from God, that He is with you. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Fallen Angels 

Except God is trying to deliver a special message to the dreamer through such dreams, a dream of fallen angels is uncalled for. 

If you are constantly dreaming of fallen angels, you have to double-check and be sure that you are still on the right track in your spiritual journey. 

Note that, not all spiritual tracks lead to God. Dabbling into witchcraft or the occult, could bring about dream encounters with malevolent spirits (including fallen angels). 

If you are seeing recurring and disturbing dreams of fallen angels, ask God to close that door and prevent such dreams from continuing to show up to you. 

Make sure you are genuinely saved and filled with the Holy Spirit, so that you will be enabled to see godly and prophetic dream, instead of demonic ones.

Angels Appearing In Dreams In The Bible 

Here are instances of the angels of God appearing in dreams in the Bible:

  1. Genesis 20:3-7 - The angel of God appeared to Abimelech in a dream, warning him not to touch Sarah, who is Abraham's wife.
  2. Genesis 31:11-13 - Through a dream, the angel of the Lord told Jacob to return to his homeland. 
  3. Numbers 22:22-35 - Through His angel, God warns Balaam in a dream, not to curse Israelites. 
  4. Judges 7:13-15 - An angel appears to Gideon in a dream, assuring him of his victory over the Midianites.
  5. 1 Kings 3:5-15 - An angel of God shows up in Solomon's dream, to grant him wisdom and knowledge. 
  6. Daniel 2:19-23 - The angel of the Lord appeared to Daniel in a dream, and gave him the interpretation of his vision of the statue.
  7. Daniel 7:13-14 - Through a dream, the angel of God gives Daniel a vision of the end times.
  8. Matthew 1:18-25 - An angel appears to Joseph in a dream and advised him to marry Mary and take care of the infant Jesus.
  9. Matthew 2:13-15 - An angel appears to Joseph in a dream, instructing him to flee to Egypt in order to escape Herod. 
  10. Acts 12:7-11 - The angel of the Lord appears to Peter in a dream, telling him to get out of prison.

Final Thoughts On Angel Dream Meaning

Dreaming about angels is not as important as knowing where our angel dreams stem from. Also, since angel dreams are not to be treated casually, it is important to make sure that we get the message within every angel dream we see. 

Always pay attention to every symbol and the feeling within your angel dream. These will go a long way to help you discern the source of your dream.

Know that God would not constantly show people dreams of angels, except there is something very important He wants them to know. This is because God doesn't want us to idolize His angels. 

Many people have made the wrong moves concerning their lives, because they believed they were instructed by an angel in their dream to do so. Take heed! 

It is imperative that we make it habit to test the spirits (1 John 4:1) that appear to us in our dreams—and be sure they are of God—before we go on to do anything they instruct us to. 

Beloved, I trust that by reading this article, you gained understanding on the spiritual meaning of angels in dreams. 

Thanks again for reading. Keep visiting our blog for more. 

God bless you. 
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