What It Means Biblically To See Maggots In Your Dreams

If you saw maggots in your dream, pay attention. Read this article to get the meaning. We have provided here the biblical meaning of maggots in dreams
Did you see a dream about maggots? It is one of the rarest dreams that people see. Even as a Christian dream interpreter (by God's grace), I rarely receive dream interpretation requests concerning maggots. 

From my wealth of experience in dream interpretation, I have learned that any dream that is uncommon often turns out to be a very serious one (be they a good or bad omen). A dream about maggots is one of such dreams

Biblical Meaning Of Maggots In A Dream

Maybe you have once seen maggots in your dream. What did you do about it? Did you just move on and forget about it?

A dream of maggots isn't one of those dreams to treat that way. This is because these dreams can have a lasting or irreversible catastrophic impact on the dreamer

Isaiah 14:11 (AMP)
Your pomp and magnificence have been brought down to Sheol, Along with the music of your harps; The maggots [which prey on the dead] are spread out under you [as a bed] And worms are your covering [Babylonian rulers].

Maggot dreams are never a good omen. A maggot dream also will rarely come from God. If it does, then God is revealing to the dreamer the deadly attack the enemy is working in secret, to unleash against them.

It is pertinent that every believer stays grateful to God for the ability to see dreams and the gift of dream interpretation. If not for these two, it would have always been difficult to know what the enemy is plotting next, talk more of praying to destroy it before it manifests. 

A maggot dream isn't one of those dreams anyone should sweep under the carpet. If you eventually dream about maggots, know that there is impending danger. The kingdom of darkness is preparing one of their deadliest attacks against someone. Counter-attack immediately through prayer in order to foil their plot!

Biblical Dreams About Maggots

The Bible scarcely uses the word "maggot", except in few newer translations. Instead, it uses the word "worm" to represent maggots. So wherever you come across these two words in the scriptures, know they mean the same thing. 

Let's see an example of the context in which the Bible uses worms in the scripture below:

Isaiah 66:24
And they shall go forth and look on the dead bodies of the men who have transgressed against me, for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched, and they shall be an abhorrence to all flesh.

Look closely and you will notice that the two Bible verses I've quoted so far attribute worms to death. Maggots only infest dead things—to feed on them and cause even more decay. 

That said, if you see a dream of maggots infesting any part of your body or anything belonging to you, I don't think that is a dream you should joke about. 

To be more specific, let us look at the spiritual meaning of maggots in a dream under the following subheadings:

1. Death, Decay And Destruction

Maggots (worms) love death and decomposing things. They perceive death from afar and locate where the death thing is, then they launch infestation. 

Where there is a carcass of an animal or a man, there you will find maggots. If maggots begin infesting a living thing, that means its death sentence has been signed and sealed. Its end has come. 

Therefore, if someone sees maggots in any part of their body in a dream, it is apparent that the enemy is finalising his death plans against them. 

But who can speak and have it happen if the Lord has not decreed it? (Lamentations 3:37). The enemy and his cohorts don't have the final say. They can't kill what God chooses to keep alive. Even the best works of darkness will fail to prosper against a genuine and prayerful child of God.
If you saw this dream, it is time to rise and pray aggressively, rebuking that spirit of death and reversing that death sentence back to its sender!

2. Fruitless Labour And Loss

Maggots infest anything they want to bring decay upon. That is why immediately maggots start infesting any part of a living organism, it starts dying and decaying from that spot. 

If you are running a business and you saw maggots around or on the floor where your business is situated, it is the enemy working to bring destruction and loss to your business. 

If you dream that you saw worms in the fruit you were about to eat, this symbolizes fruitless labour. It's also an attack against God's providence in your life. The enemy's manipulation here is intended to make the dreamer labour in vain, without progress or profits. 

A dream of maggots infestation in your office is also a deadly spiritual attack against your job and means of livelihood. 

As you have seen, these are not dreams to handle with levity. Each time you see such dreams, you need to deny yourself food for some hours or days. Fast and pray ruggedly so that you don't lose what you've been working for to the enemy. God shows us these things for a reason. 

3. God's Judgement And Punishment For The Wicked

As I earlier said, a dream of maggots rarely comes from God. If they does, they are come as a revelation or warning dreams, to alert a child of God about what the enemy is plotting against them. 

God doesn't bring death on someone except it is well deserved, and they have adamantly refused to repent. The judgment of God is for the wicked, not for the child of God. 

Isaiah 66:24
And they shall go forth and look on the dead bodies of the men who have transgressed against me, for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched, and they shall be an abhorrence to all flesh.

If you see worms of maggots on someone else, it is important to discern why they have worms. This will enable you know whether it is God's judgment or Satanic attack. Then pray accordingly. 

Dreaming Of Maggots On Your Body

If you dream about maggots on your body, there is a death sentence against your life from the kingdom of darkness. 

Job 7:5
My flesh is clothed with worms and scabs, my skin is cracked and festering.

Do not sit back and do nothing after seeing this dream. Pray as much and hard as you can. You are fighting for your life. 

Dreaming Of Maggots Coming Out Of Leg

Maggots coming out of your legs in a dream symbolizes a deadly spiritual attack against your life and progress. The enemy is plotting to bring death to your means of livelihood; your source of income and even your purpose in life. The intention is to squash you or your progress beyond resuscitation. 

But as the saying goes, “the enemy has a plot, but God has a plan”. Because you belong to the Almighty God, may the evil plots of the wicked bounce back against them. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 

Dream Of Maggots On Someone

If you see a dream of maggots on someone that you know, assuming the person is not an evil person, the right thing you should do is to pray for them. Rebuke the spirit of death and destruction off of their life. 

Killing Maggots In Dream

A dream of killing maggots reveals that the enemy has already put his evil work in motion against the dreamer, but its chances of succeeding is very slim. 

If you saw this dream, do not just think nothing will happen since you were already killing the maggots. Make sure you pray effectively to cancel the evil plots of the enemy. 

Prayer Against Maggots In Dreams

  1. Thank You Heavenly Father from whose eyes nothing is hidden. Thank You for exposing the evil works of the wicked one. 
  2. Thank You Father, for I know that just as You have exposed the works of the wicked against my life, you have rendered them powerless. 
  3. Because my life is in Your hands dear God, I am not afraid of the arrow that flies by the day, nor the pestilence that stalks in darkness. 
  4. I declare that my life is hidden in Christ and no force of Hell can take it at will. 
  5. Fire of God, locate and consume every evil worm commissioned for my destruction. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  6. I command the reversal of every destructive plot of darkness against my life, back to their sender. In the Name of Jesus!
  7. By the blood of Jesus Christ, I blot out every death sentence spoken and written against me from demonic covens! 
  8. Arrows of death sent against me, begin to backfire now! 
  9. Arrows of destruction released against my means of survival, be broken now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  10. Let those that dig a pit for me fall into their own ditch. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  11. I cancel every evil plot of darkness against my job, business, vocation, ministry. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  12. I declare that anything I touch with my hands to do shall flourish against all odds of darkness. In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  13. I shall succeed and not fail. Instead of lossess I shall gain even more! 
  14. Powers of darkness working tirelessly to see my downfall, begin to fall now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  15. Father, You are Mighty in battle. Arise and fight against those that fight against me. 
  16. Thank You Lord Jesus for delivering me from the my enemies. Amen! 

Final Thoughts On Meaning Of Maggots In Dreams

As you have seen, the appearance of maggots in the dream is not a good omen. Even when the dream tends to emanate from God, it represents death and judgment of the wicked. 

A dream of maggots is a symbol of death, decay and destruction. If you see maggots all over the floor in your home, do not hesitate to start fasting and praying for yourself and every member of your family. 

If you already experienced loss in business or your means of livelihood, due to the fact that you didn't take this approach concerning a dream of maggots you saw in the past, there is still hope. 

God is a restorer. The cankerworm and the caterpillar may have eaten everything up, but God says He will bring restoration (Joel 2:25). Pray this into fruition in your life. 

If you saw a dream of maggots and stumbled on this interpretation while searching for its meaning, my prayer for you is that this article becomes a means that aids your deliverance. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 

God bless you. 
Anointed And Gifted Christian Dream Interpreter, Christian Therapist, Writer And Web Designer.