Seeing A Light Bulb In The Dream Biblical Meaning

If you are one of those who have seen a light bulb in your dreams, we've written for you here the biblical meaning of light bulb in dreams.
God speaks and brings us revelations using diverse symbols in dreams. One of the rarest yet powerful dream symbol is a light bulb. 

Dreams about light bulbs are not among the common dreams that people see. From the many dream interpretation requests I've received, I'll say that just 3 out of every 50 persons have seen dreams related to a light bulb. 

Light Bulb Dream Biblical Meaning

For those of you who have seen light bulb in your dreams but couldn't readily decipher what your dream means, this dream interpretation is for you. By the help of the Holy Spirit, we will learn about the Biblical meaning of light bulb in dreams today. 

Light bulb dreams often come in different forms. It could be that you saw;

  • Yourself changing light bulb in a dream
  • Dream of light bulb flickering
  • Bright light bulb dream
  • Dream of light bulb exploding, or
  • Broken light bulb in a dream, etc. 

Irrespective of how simple or unimportant it may appear, understand that every light bulb dream you see is a very important dream

John 1:5
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

Light itself is the very essence of creation, that is why when God put in motion the creation of the earth, the first thing He brought forth into existence was light (Genesis 1:3). 

So if you happened to see a light bulb in one of your dreams, you saw one of the rarest but most serious and important dreams of your life. Also count your self blessed, if you've ever seen a light bulb dream. 

Because God Himself is light, most light bulb dreams will often come from Him. Positive light bulb dreams are powerful revelations from God concerning the dreamer. Even some "negative-looking" light bulb dreams could as well come as revelations from God. 

But we also know that the enemy hates the light, because his works are dark and evil. Which means that, some other negative light bulb dreams could as well be a manifestation of what the kingdom of darkness is plotting and doing against the dreamer

That said, I believe it's obvious that light bulb dreams shouldn't be handled with levity. Also, since we know in parts, I do not promise to cover every possible dream of light bulb in this article. 

Each time you see a light bulb dream, you should prayerfully and earnestly seek the meaning from the Holy Spirit. Do not presume that it's just a normal dream and doesn't matter if you don't know the meaning. 

Light Bulb Dream Meaning Christianity

As irrelevant as a light bulb may seem, God will often use it to communicate very important messages to us in dreams. 

In the physical world, light bulbs are used as a symbol of ideas and innovations. But we know that the spiritual controls the physical, and the spiritual meaning of a light bulb goes way deeper than that. 

A light bulb is to our present world, what lamps and candles were to those in ancient times. Pertaining to the spiritual meaning of light bulb in dreams, there is a correlation between light bulbs of today with lamps and candles of biblical times. 

From the manner in which the Bible repeatedly talks about lamps and the light they emit, one could readily see that there is a mystery behind such luminous objects. 

In the Bible, lamps and candles spiritually represent the presence and glory of God, all-round goodness, divine favour, God's blessings and deep revelations. It is darkness that is attributed to evil and all manner of negativity. 

The Bible repeatedly highlights the importance of light in a man's life. Everyone who is godly dwells in the light, but the ungodly dwells in perpetual darkness.

Matthew 6:23 
But if your eye is evil, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!

Concerning John the Baptist, the Lord said that he was a burning and shinning light, and many rejoiced in his light (John 5:35). The holy Bible says that we are the light of this world; a city set on high which cannot be hid (Matthew 5:14). 

  1. People are drawn to light. Even human agents of darkness use light in their homes, despite the fact that they choose the path of darkness. Everyone knows that light is good. 
  2. Light represents God's glory upon a individual. John the Baptist was a burning and shinning light due to the glory of God that was upon him. And people were drawn to his light—to partake in it. 
  3. A light bulb in a dream could represent the dreamer’s bright future and destiny or God's hand of favour and blessing upon their life. If something went wrong with that light bulb, it could symbolize the enemy's attack against the manifestation of the dreamer’s destiny and all that the Lord has in store for them. 
  4. Many are not where they are supposed to be today, because the enemy is constantly attacking to dim the light of their life. 

Jesus Christ Himself is Light, and the Bible says that He lights everyone who comes into the world (John 10:9). God sends everyone into the world with a great destiny—to shine and become a sign and wonder in their generation. But some end up choosing the path of darkness, resulting in their own destruction. 

The Psalmist understood the mystery behind the light that God gives us, that is why he prayed that the Lord lights 'his candle' and enlightens his darkness (Psalms 18:28-39). 

Therefore, a lighted and bright light bulb in a dream often represent:

  • God's glory upon a person's life (2 Corinthians 4:6)
  • Every good thing that is meant to happen in one's life. 
  • Sound health from God. 
  • Academic breakthrough or success. 
  • Divinely orchestrated progress and prosperity. 
  • Marital breakthrough or blissful marriage. 
  • Financial breakthrough, etc. 

Knowing how relevant to the dreamer’s overall life progress and destiny dreams of light bulb are, seeing a bulb that isn't giving its light in a dream portends a bad omen. If something went wrong with your light bulb in a dream, you should rightly be worried. 

Changing Light Bulb Dream Biblical And Spiritual Meaning

If you found yourself changing your dead light bulb (to a new one) in a dream, something good and new is about to happen in your life. It could be that you have been working towards that particular thing. God showed you this dream to let you know that you are taking your steps in the right direction. Pray and be expectant of its manifestation. 

Finding yourself replacing a dead light bulb in a dream with a new one, could also symbolize finding the right partner. If you were in the process of going into a relationship with someone before seeing yourself changing a light bulb in a dream, God is showing you that you are about to make the right choice of spouse. This dream also entails that this person is a good person and will be good for you. So feel safe to proceed with your decision. 

Changing someone else's light bulb in a dream means that God is using you or about to use you to change someone's life, or change their situation for good. As much as we desire progress and pray for God to connect us with our destiny helpers, understand that someone else out there is also doing the same. God may also choose to use us as the destiny helper someone else have been praying for, to bring light to their life. 

Broken Light Bulb Dream Meaning

Broken light bulb in a dream symbolizes problems and setbacks. If you saw that your light bulb broke in a dream, first of all, you need to seek the face of God in order to ascertain whether your dream is a warning dream from God, or an attack from the enemy. 

A broken light bulb in a dream could be God sending the dreamer a warning, that what they are about to do or the decision they are about to make could ruin their life and negatively impact their destiny. In such a scenario, God is warning the dreamer to retrace their steps in order to be safe. Do not treat this dream lightly. 

Although rare, a dream of light bulb breaking could also reveal that the enemy is attacking to prevent the progress, breakthrough of the dreamer, and the manifestation of their divinely ordained destiny. Pray to cancel the plans of the enemy against your life. 

Prayer Against Dead And Broken Light Bulb Dream

  1. Thank You Father for Your light upon my life, which makes me stand out among my peers. 
  2. Thank You Lord for Your glory which enables me for divine success, breakthrough, blessings and prosperity. 
  3. Lord Jesus, by Your authority I declare that the enemy shall not be able to steal this light from me. 
  4. Dear Holy Spirit, I ask that You would reveal to me everything that may be attacking the brightness of my light. 
  5. By the power of God, I come against and destroy every power of darkness attacking my light. 
  6. I come against every manipulation of the enemy against my brightness. Let them be utterly destroyed. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  7. Powers attacking the glory and blessings of God upon my life, be destroyed right now. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  8. I decree restoration over every good thing the enemy has stolen from me. Let there be restoration, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  9. I declare that my destiny shall manifest just as it was written of me. 
  10. I declare restoration over every stolen glory in my life. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 

Final Thoughts On Biblical Meaning Of Light Bulb In Dreams

Overall, a light bulb dream reveals the present state of the dreamer’s life (both spiritual and physical). 

Seeing a lighted and shinning light bulb in a dream is a good omen. Replacing a dead light bulb in a dream is also a good omen. Such dreams often symbolize the birthing of a new thing in the dreamer's life. 

But if you happened to see that your light bulb was flickering in a dream and the light almost went out, this reveals that something is impacting your life negatively. It could be wrong choices or ungodly lifestyle. It could also stem from the manipulations of the enemy. 

If you desire to keep the light of your life on and shinning, you have to ensure that you live a life that pleases God.

If you saw a broken or dead light bulb in a dream, firstly, you need to ascertain the source of this problem. If it's from you, then you should get right with God. Seek God's guidance to enable you retrace your steps from every wrong path you may have been walking. 

If a broken or dead light bulb dream is a manifestation of the attacks of the enemy, pray to cancel the evil works of darkness against your life. 

Beloved, I trust that by reading this article, you were able to understand the biblical meaning of light bulb in dreams. 

God bless you. 
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