Dreaming About Hell Fire. What Does It Mean?

Some of you may have seen a dream of hell but couldn't wrap your head around what it means. Here is the biblical meaning of hell in dreams.
On one or several occasions, you may have been opportuned to see a dream about hell. I use the word “opportuned” because a dream of hell is rare to come by. Today, we will learn the biblical meaning of seeing hell in dreams. 

What Do Dreams About Hell Mean

It is not uncommon for people to have mixed feelings towards seeing hell in dreams. On our blog, our utmost desire is to ensure that you get the accurate biblical interpretation for your dreams, based on the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

What do dreams about Hell mean? If you're one of those who have seen a dream about hell, you may have become confused concerning what your dream means. 

Read on to learn the meaning of hell in dreams, and what God expects you to do about such dreams. 

Matthew 10:28
Be not afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

When someone dreams about hell (let's say for the first time), it is not unlikely for them to become scared or think they are truly going to hell. This is rarely the meaning of hell in dreams

Dreams of hell can show up to anyone: to both sinners and saints; believers and unbelievers; pastors and church members. Let no one think it's because they are a sinner, that is why they are seeing such dreams. Even Christians who are walking in complete obedience with God could dream about hell. 

If you saw hell in your dream, that doesn't automatically imply that God has condemned and destined you for eternal punishment because you're a bad person, or because you're a sinner. This is a misconception concerning dreams of hell fire that we should correct today. 

That said, not all dreams of hell are a bad omen; and at the same time, not every dream of hell is a good omen. 

Most dreams of hell will come as warning dreams from God. On very rare occasions would the enemy show anyone a dream about hell. 

Seeing Hell In Dream Biblical Meaning

According to the holy Bible, hell is a place of eternal punishment for souls who have lived in rebellion towards God, during their lifetime pm earth. 

The idea of hell is not just a Christian thing. The concept has been mentioned in diverse religions of the world. This is just one way to know that hell is real. 

In the Christian doctrine, hell is depicted as a spiritual place where rebellious souls and unrepentant sinners are tortured by fire and brimstone for all eternity. 

Isaiah 5:14 KJV
Therefore hell hath enlarged herself, and opened her mouth without measure: and their glory, and their multitude, and their pomp, and he that rejoiceth, shall descend into it.

The Bible goes on to say that hell was originally created for the Devil and other angels who rebelled alongside God (Matthew 25:41). It is due to man's rebellion towards God, that he also will earn for himself a place in hell. 

Revelation 21:8 NLT
But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars—their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

It is unfortunate that there are people who doubt the existence of hell. But being skeptical concerning the existence of something doesn't mean it is not there. 

Even our Lord Jesus Christ, throughout His days of physical ministry on earth, preached about hell and mentioned it severally in His teachings, thereby affirming its existence. 

Matthew 25:41
Then He will also say to those on the left hand, 'Depart from Me, you cursed, into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels.'

Mark 9:43 
If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off. It is better for you to enter into life maimed, rather than having two hands, to go to hell, into the fire that shall never be quenched.

We know that hell is real because of God says so. Having a contrary view towards this doesn't invalidate God's view concerning it, which we've seen in the Christian's holy scriptures. 

As Believers in Jesus Christ, we know that hell is real (just as well as Heaven). So it shouldn't be rated as a weird experience when a Christian dreams about hell.

  • There are many Christians who have had multiple revelations of Heaven and hell
  • We've read many social media posts and books where different people testified about seeing visions of hell. 
  • We've watched documentaries about different people's encounters with God, and revelations He gave them about hell. 

Since it's already an established fact that God has been giving different people in different nations diverse kinds of dreams and visions, it is not a strange occurrence that some of these dreams will be dreams of hell. 

Joel 2:28 NLT
Then, after doing all those things, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions. 

A dream of hell is not a dream that shows up frequently, this is because it is one of most significant dreams anyone can see. 

Dreams of hell are not random dreams, and none of them are ordinary dreams. If God shows someone a dream of hell, it often implies that He has a very important message to communicate to them. 

Don't take this sort of dreams lightly. One of the wisest steps you can always take is to find out what your dream of hell means, why such a dream was seen, and what you're expected to do about it. 

Why You Are Dreaming About Hell

If you saw a dream about hell, you likely have many questions concerning such a dream (including why you saw this dream). Below are the major reasons why you may be seeing dreams of hell fire:

1. You Doubt The Existence Of Hell

One of the reasons why God may show someone a dream about hell is to give them a personal proof of its existence. If you're one of those who have been very doubtful about the existence of hell—and have adamantly refused to be convinced otherwise by anyone—God may take it upon Himself to give you a revelation of hell.

I've noticed that in most cases, people who are this difficult to convince often end up having a personal encounter with God, concerning what they've been doubtful about. 

God has His own way of making doubting Thomases see their own folly and rebellion, by revealing to them things they never expected to see. So that through such a revelation, they may have a chance to recognize their fault, repent and reconcile with God.

So if you have had unwavering doubt about the existence of hell, and you have argued against every teaching and notion that attempts to validate its existence, understand that this is most likely the reason why you saw a dream of hell. 

2. God Is Calling You To Repentance

If you know that you have been living the kind of life that displeases God for a while now, and you've been ignoring God's efforts bidding you to repent and get right with Him, do not be surprised if you end up seeing a dream of hell. 

2 Peter 3:9 BSB
The Lord is not slow in keeping His promise as some understand slowness, but is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish but everyone to come to repentance.

If the aforementioned describes your situation, God is showing you that dream so that you understand the gravity of sin and the severity of the eternal punishment that awaits unrepentant sinners. 

But do not misunderstand God's intention for showing you this dream. He didn't show it to you because He hates you for being a sinner or because He has already condemned you to hell. 
He showed you as a warning concerning the eternal fate you may meet, if you choose to remain rebellious towards Him. 

Having understood that God is calling you to repentance through this dream, it is then left for you to go ahead to repent and get right with the Almighty, just as He expects of you. 

3. God Wants You to Call Others To Repentance

Another reason why God may show someone a dream of hell is because He wants them (from the revelation and instruction presented in that dream) to call others to repentance. 

Most of such dreams often involve seeing someone who the dreamer knows in hell, or seeing so many people with familiar faces in hell fire. 

Certain dreams of hell come as a call to preach the Gospel. God enabled the dreamer to see and understand the eternal punishment that awaits lost souls, so as to ignite in them the zeal for evangelism. 

Jude 1:23 KJV
And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.

As a Christian, if you haven't been actively propagating the Gospel through any available means, God showing you a dream of hell doesn't mean you are going to hell fire. It means that you should preach the gospel! 

If you saw many people in hell in your dream, it is a call to preach the Gospel in order to get souls saved and prevent them from ending up in a bad place. 

4. God Wants To Reveal Mysteries To You

God has His secrets, and not everyone knows those secrets. There are mysteries concerning Heaven and hell not known to everyone. God chooses who He reveals them to. 

Psalm 25:14 NKJV
The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him, And He will show them His covenant.

It is said in the holy scriptures that the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him. Those who fear God are Spirit-led Christians who walk in obedience with Him. To them, the Lord will often show mysteries—in dreams and in visions. 

Jeremiah 33:3 BSB
Call to Me, and I will answer and show you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

God says in His Word that we should call unto Him, for He will show us great and mysterious things. There are certain prayer points that could trigger certain kinds of dreams. 

If you've been praying and asking the Lord to show you secrets about His kingdom, don't be confused if you end up seeing a revelatory dream about hell. If that happens, don't see it as something strange. 

Dreams About Being Dragged To Hell

Diverse factors could trigger a dream of being dragged to hell. Some of them are as follows:

  1. If God has constantly been attempting to draw you closer to Himself, so that you repent and live right, but you've been rebellious; you may end up seeing a dream of being dragged to Hell. Such a dream shows the dreamer that by being rebellious towards God, hell could possibly be their final destination. 
  2. A person living deep in sin or involved in witchcraft, sorcery and Satanism, may also dream about being dragged to hell. It is common sense that what they are doing is not of God, and could earn them a free ticket to hell. The dream is to show them that Satan has gotten hold of them and is pulling them down the path of hell. If this sounds like your situation, you know that you are not walking the right path. It is not too late to repent, before the enemy completely destroys you. 
  3. I've heard stories of people having terrible dreams of hell after spending their night in the club, binge-drinking and abusing drugs. Such dreams come to remind them that they are not living their best life; that they rather need to repent and start living right before it's too late. 

A dream about being dragged to hell doesn't come out of the blue. If you saw yourself being dragged to hell in a dream, you need to do self-instrospection. You are in the best position to know what you did that could have triggered such a dream. Ask yourself whether you are living right or doing the right things with your life, that would spare you eternal punishment in Hell. 

Escaping Hell Dream Meaning

A dream of escaping hell reveals God's hand of deliverance. It reveals that a person has been saved. Such a dream often shows that an individual is living right and has God's mercy and saving grace acting upon their life; to deliver them from the hand of the enemy, and from eternal condemnation. 

If you have been living in sin in the past, but you recently made the decision to get right with God and eventually got saved, you may see yourself escaping hell in dream. 

A dream of escaping hell is a good omen. It reveals God's power and saving grace at work; evident in its ability to snatch souls from hell and from the grip of the enemy. 

If you saw this dream, you need to praise God for your deliverance. Also avoid going back to living the life that could pull you back down to hell. 

Final Thoughts On Dreams About Hell

You have read and have seen that a dream of hell doesn't outrightly mean that God has given you a ticket to hell, or that your eternal destination in life is hell fire.

As earlier stated, most dreams of Hell will come as warning dreams. It is left for the dreamer to understand and act accordingly. 

If you saw a dream of hell that you don't understand, first of all, you should ask the Holy Spirit why God showed you that dream, and whether it applies to you or to someone else that you know.

Dreams of hell are very serious dreams, because they often reveal the state of a person's soul. Anything affecting a man's soul shouldn't be treated with levity. 

Beloved, I trust that by reading this article you understood what dreams of Hell mean? 

Nonetheless, this dream interpretation is not exhaustive. There may be other reasons why someone dreams about hell. Always remember to ask God! 

Remain blessed. 
Anointed And Gifted Christian Dream Interpreter, Christian Therapist, Writer And Web Designer.