Biblical Meaning Of Seeing A Pastor In A Dream

Many Christians occasionally see dreams that involves a pastor. Let's see the biblical meaning of seeing a pastor in a dream in this article.
Biblical Meaning Of Seeing A Pastor In A Dream
If you're a Christian, there's a possibility that you've once or more than twice seen a pastor (probably your pastor) in your dream. Today we'll explore the Biblical meaning of seeing a pastor in a dream, as much as the Spirit of God gives us understanding. 

Dreams that have to do with seeing a man/woman of God is more rampant among Christians than non-Christians. At least eight out of every ten Christians will admit that they occasionally see their spiritual leader(s) in their dreams

Jeremiah 3:15 KJV
And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Pastor dreams always come in various forms. Most people have repeatedly seen such kind of dreams as .. 

  • Dream of dating a pastor
  • Dream of pastor and his wife
  • Dream of pastors wife
  • Dream of a pastor hugging you
  • Dream of pastor dying 
  • Dream of marrying a pastor, etc

Have you ever seen your pastor or prophet in your dream? Let's trust that by the time you've read this dream interpretation to the end, you'll get a clear understanding concerning what it means to see a servant of God in your dreams. Sit tight as we go on this adventure to decipher what it means to see a pastor in a dream

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of A Spiritual Leader ? 

Most dreams about seeing a spiritual leader (especially a pastor) is often a good omen. Only on rare occasions do such dreams mean something negative. 

More than 80% of dreams concerning a spiritual leader often comes from God. But it is also needful to highlight the fact that, not every spiritual leader is of God. 

Before we jump into conclusion that the dream we just saw about a spiritual leader is from God, we must be certain that, that particular man or woman of God we saw in our dream is truly called and sent by God. 

Acts 20:29 KJV
For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

You'll agree with me that not every preacher in the Body of Christ has a genuine calling from Heaven. Sometimes, people see dreams about their spiritual leader not because that man (or woman) is of God, but because they are a follower and they feel that person's calling and ministry is from God. This is where one needs to be extremely careful and discerning when interpreting and acting on such dreams

We must not forget that Satan is a master in deception, that is why before one draws a conclusion that a dream they saw about their favourite preacher is a message from God, one must be sure that that preacher is from God. It is not in God's character to use the image of a false preacher to convey a message to a genuine Christian in their dreams

Meaning Of Seeing A Man Of God In Your Dream

So let's assume that you've already discerned and the Lord has confirmed to you that a particular man of God is genuine. 

Whenever you see this man of God in your dream, you need to pay attention to every detail in that dream because God has something He wants to reveal to you. 

John 3:34a KJV
For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God.

Understand that whenever you see a genuine man of God in your dream, it is rarely that man himself but God using the image of that man to communicate with you. Because that man is God's vessel, just as the Lord passes through them to deliver a message in the physical realm, He will also do the same through dreams. There is nothing strange about this. 

Sometimes, one might see a “not so pleasant” dream about a genuine man of God. At times, such dreams can come in form of the man of God needing help or being in trouble. The first thing you should do concerning such dreams is to pray for that servant of God. Be led on telling or not telling them about this dream, but always make sure that you pray

Dream Of A Pastor Talking To You

Prophetic dreams are very common in the end times, and seeing a pastor in a dream happens to be one of them. The role of a pastor is shepherding in the flock in Body of Christ and, Jesus Christ Himself is the Chief Shepherd. 

Jeremiah 3:15 NIV
Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding. 

The Lord made us understand that one of the major means through which He will communicate with us in the last days is dreams and visions (Joel 2:28). In most dreams where a person sees their pastor talking to them, it is Jesus Christ Himself communicating with the dreamer. 

Job 33:14-15 KJV
For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. [15] In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed. 

God speaks to us through dreams and sometimes He might decide to do that through a dream of a pastor talking to you. Whenever you see such a dream, I'll advise you to not take it lightly. 

If you dream and saw yourself with a pastor having a conversation, it would be great if you could recall every detail of that conversation and get the message that was conveyed to you, because it is very possible that God was speaking directly to you in that dream. 

If God passes through a man of God in the physical realm to speak to you via a prophecy or word of knowledge, then He can as well do the same through a dream. 

What Does It Mean When You Are Delivered By A Pastor In A Dream ?

Our God works in mysterious ways; it's inadvisable to try limiting Him to one method of operation. I've heard stories of people receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit in their dreams.

If our Jesus Christ can baptise and fill people with the Holy Spirit while they are asleep, then He can as well deliver them from demons and spiritual bondage in their dreams. Such could come in form of seeing oneself delivered by a pastor in a dream

Dreaming Of A Pastor Praying For You

If you dreamed that a pastor prayed for you, in most cases, this is an indication that someone somewhere is interceding for you. 

Since prayers provide solutions to spiritual problems, this dream could also come as a confirmation that God has taken away a certain problem from your life. 

Dream Of Fake Pastor

If you see a dream of a fake pastor, it is possible that God is exposing some forms of deception around you. If you know the person shown to you in your dream, it is advisable you be careful with them. 

Matthew 24:4-5 KJV
And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. [5] For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

If you had a connection with them before seeing this dream, this dream might had come to let you see who they truly are so you can disconnect from them and be safe. 

Yet, it's still left for the dreamer to inquire from God and be led on what to do with this dream. 

Final Words On Seeing A Pastor In A Dream

In a nutshell, dreams about a pastor are often prophetic dreams. In most cases, God passes through such dreams, using the image of the pastor to communicate or do what He intends to do with the dreamer. 

Also, remember that certain dreams about a pastor may not come from God. The Lord wouldn't use the image of a false preacher to speak to you, pray over you or deliver you in a dream. 

If you were blessed reading this article on the biblical meaning of seeing a pastor in a dream, do not hesitate to share with someone else who might also be interested in it. 

God bless you. 

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