Biblical Meaning Of Writing Exam In The Dream

Writing Exam In Dream

Writing exam in the dream are of common occurrence among Christians and non-Christians alike. It is not advisable to write off such dreams as 'just a dream' and nothing more. 

To students, such dreams may come more frequently and sometimes it might be difficult to discern which does not come from thinking about their school activities. 

But what about those who aren't in school, yet do frequently see themselves writing a test or exam in their dreams? We will look into this in this article. 

It is normal for students to dream about writing a test or examination (sometimes due to anxiety). Apart from this, the reason why people have such dreams go way beyond being in school. 

Dreams that have to do with sitting for examinations or tests should be paid more attention to, especially when they seem to be recurring. God could be communicating a very important message to the dreamer. 

Why Exam and Test Dreams? 

Let us explore some major reasons why people dream about sitting for a test and exam. 

For Students

If examinations are approaching, it is not strange to dream about being in the exams hall. It is likely that such dreams come from the mind, due to the fact that the student is thinking about their upcoming examinations. 

Otherwise, God may choose to use such medium to show a Christian student what their performance will look like in an upcoming examinations. In other cases, He might as well show them the plans of the enemy against their academics and grades. 

For Non-students

Having recurring dreams about sitting for examinations or tests can be a good or bad omen. 

If one often dreams about writing exams in their former school (let's say the primary or secondary they graduated from many years back), that is spiritually degrading. The spirit of backwardness is at work. 

If you dream about sitting for exams in a higher institution, it is a good omen. Such dreams are pointers to the fact that you are definitely making great progress in life. 

Exams and test dreams are pointers to one's level of progress in each season, towards their destiny. 

When a Christian Dreams About Writing Test or Exam

Exam and test dreams can also come before God's promotion. If you have God's calling upon your life and He's taking you through the process of equipping you for ministry, you will likely find yourself occasionally sitting for exams or tests in your dream.  
Job 33:14-15 KJV 
For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. [15] In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed.  
When a Christian has recurring dreams about taking tests or exams (not in their former primary or secondary school), the meaning is often not far-fetched. It speaks of the trials, trainings and equipping that God is taking them through, in order to enable them walk in their divine purpose. 
1 Peter 4:12-13 KJV
Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: [13] But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy.
God does not tempt anyone, but He tests. Before we gain new heights in Christ, there will always come successive tests from the hand of God. Greater the assignment we carry, greater the tests. This often manifests as a test and exam dream. And one's performance in such dreams will reflect whether they are ready for the next level or not. 

It is very common for true servants of God to have exams and tests dreams because God is taking them from glory to glory. 

Unable To Answer Questions In Test/Exam Dreams 

If one was unable to answer the questions given in a test or exam dream, it shows their lack of readiness towards embracing their process or purpose, and overcoming their heaven-endorsed trials. 

In such dreams, the questions might appear as such that one has not been taught before or they may know all the questions but unable to answer any. This shows that the dreamer is not taking their calling or purpose as serious as they should. 

Writing and Cancelling in Exam or Test Dreams

If one knew the questions in their test/exam dreams; and was answering them but made too many mistakes that needed cancelling, this speaks of lack of diligence towards their purpose and calling in life. 

We must seek wisdom from God and diligence towards carrying out every task He assigns us to.  

Cheating In Exam or Test Dream 

This shows that one is not willing to go through all that God wants them to go through in order to walk in their divine purpose and destiny. They are seeking an easy route out of their trials. 

God is no respecter of persons and there are no shortcuts to a fulfilled destiny. We can not jump classes in the school of the Holy Spirit. We can not bride God to take us from glory to glory. We must embrace the process. 

We know that examination malpractices can come with dire consequences. We must be willing to go through every stage that is required for our promotion. 

No Difficulty Answering Questions In Exam/Test Dream 

This is really a good omen. Such dreams mean that we have confronted our life challenges head-on and we have overcome our trials. We have gained a better knowledge of God and we are passing His tests! 

Whenever you have such dreams, know that God is pleased with your spiritual progress and the way you are handling the challenges that come your way. 

You are doing really great in the school of the Holy Spirit! You have learned to overcome temptations you initially fell for. You have learned the lessons God wanted you to learn from all that you're going through.

Spiritual and physical promotion will follow suit and manifest in the dreamer's waking life. Pray and affirm it. 

We must pay close attention to every exam/test dream we have as they often point to how we are living our life, how God wants us to live and the level we are in life. 

Our trials are necessary for us to become all that God destined us to be in life. We must embrace them. 

God trains us before sending us. Exam and test dreams may come frequently if we are still in the process of getting to where He wants us to be. 

If you have anything to add to this, kindly leave it as a comment below.

God bless you!