Biblical And Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Palm Trees In Dreams

Dreams about palm trees may not be easy to understand. But by the Holy Spirit, we bring you the spiritual and biblical meaning of palm tree in dreams.
One of the dreams that may show up unexpectedly to the dreamer, is a dream of palm trees. If you recently saw a dream about palm trees, you may have wondered what its significance could be. I believe that you will gain knowledge and understanding into the biblical meaning of palm tree in dreams, as you read through this post.

I presume everyone who has seen dreams of palm trees have many questions regarding those dreams. Expect most of those questions to be answered in this article. 

In this dream interpretation article—by the the help of the Holy Spirit—we will bring you the spiritual meaning of palm tree in dreams, from a Biblical and Christian perspective. 

Biblical Spiritual Meaning Of Palm Tree In Dreams

A palm tree is an erect, single-trunked tall tree often found in wet and lowland forests. Palm trees are of multiple uses to man. 

They are used in the making of beverages, in the textile industry, in construction companies, for cooking, and the list goes on. I have also learned that one could single-handedly get rich by investing in palm plantation business. 

The holy Bible as well happens to say something spectacular and really wonderful about palm trees. It says that the righteous do flourish like palm tress! 

Psalm 92:12 ESV
The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.

We know that according to the Holy scriptures, the righteous is the embodiment and visible manifestation of the grace, goodness and blessings of God. If the righteous is said to flourish like a palm tree, then that already gives us a sneak peek into how powerful the spiritual symbolism of a palm tree is!

Still in the Bible, palm branches (or palm frond) were often used on festive occasions as a symbol of victory, joy, triumph, peace, and eternal life. (Leviticus 23:40, Nehemiah 8:15) 

Dreams about palm trees come to different people in diverse forms. There are people who see...

  • Tall, healthy-looking, blossoming and beautiful palm trees in the dream.
  • Dreams of very tall palm trees but without many leaves on them. 
  • Dreams of short palm trees. 
  • Dreams of withering and dying palm trees. 
  • Dreams of fallen palm trees, etc. 

Each of these dreams have their unique spiritual symbolism and meanings. None of them should be ignored or treated as unimportant. 

A dream about palm tree isn't that dream you want to sweep under the carpet and move on like it's nothing. It is a powerful dream that can provide direction for the dreamer’s life and destiny. 

Note that, a palm tree dream can sometimes reveal something concerning the dreamer, and other times, about other people. 

  • If you saw just one palm tree in your dream, it is very likely that the particular dream is speaking about yourself. 
  • If you saw a dream of more than one palm tree, it could be a revelation concerning you and your partner (if you're married). 
  • In some other cases, the dreamer is just a spectator, witnessing a night vision concerning other people. So a dream of more than one palm tree may reveal something about other people. 

The dreamer should always be led by the Spirit of God to discern whether the palm tree dream they saw was about them or other people. 

Although most palm tree dreams often come as revelations from God, they can sometimes appear as either positive or negative. 

A positive or negative palm tree dream will be evident in the appearance of the palm tree the dreamer sees. 

Negative-appearing palm tree dreams that are from God will come in form of warning dreams from Him. When something is going wrong or about to go wrong in our lives, God will often warn us through dreams.

But some of those dreams will look like we just had a bad dream. Some people always misunderstand and mistake such dreams to be an attack from the enemy. 

At the same time, I'm not denying the fact that some palm tree dreams will occasionally show up as attacks from the enemy. 

For instance, if the dreamer saw a dream where their palm tree was cut down, or someone else claimed ownership over their palm tree, or their palm tree was harmed by someone in any way, such is obviously a manifestation of an attack from the enemy. 

That said, I believe it is clear that a palm tree dream can either be a good or bad omen.

Biblical Meaning Of Palm Tree In The Dream

Another chapter in the Bible that succinctly captures the spiritual meaning of a palm tree is the Songs of Solomon chapter 7. 

Songs of Solomon 7:6-9 ESV
How beautiful and pleasant you are, O loved one, with all your delights! Your stature is like a palm tree, and your breasts are like its clusters. I say I will climb the palm tree and lay hold of its fruit. Oh may your breasts be like clusters of the vine, and the scent of your breath like apples, and your mouth like the best wine.

In the verses 6 to 9 of the same chapter, king Solomon describes the beauty of his bride as being like that of a palm tree: magnificent, exquisite, pleasant to look at and desirable. 

I'm sure it is now crystal clear that a palm tree dream holds a powerful symbolism concerning whoever the dream is about. 

Palm trees in dreams may reveal the following about people:

1. A Bright Future And Prosperous Destiny

The palm tree itself is not a lowly tree. Every positive palm tree dream will always point to something noble and dignified. 

If you saw a tall, lush and blossoming palm tree in your dream, understand that such a dream reveals you will have a bright and prosperous destiny. 

Even though your life may not look like it at the moment, through that dream, God is bringing you hope. He's telling you not to worry, because He had already destined you for a flourishing life.

You can be rest assured that you are called and destined to succeed and flourish in life. You only need to pray, walk in obedience with God, trust Him and wait for the manifestation of your divinely ordained destiny. 

2. The Spiritual State/Health Of A Person

Sometimes, palm trees in dreams symbolise spiritual giants. Spiritual giants in the kingdom of God are great and effective men and women in the hands of God. 

Seeing dreams of tall and towering palm trees is sometimes God's way of revealing things about these people. 

In some other cases, the Lord also uses the symbol of the palm tree to reveal to the dreamer their present spiritual state. 

In such a scenario, a healthy-looking palm tree in the dream would tell that one is in their optimal spiritual state. But a withering or malnourished palm tree would reveal that the spiritual health of the dreamer is deteriorating and in dire need of help. 

3. Greatness And Affluence

Palm trees are majestic plants, their heights often exceed that of most trees in the forest. Besides this fact, palm trees tend to live longer than many other trees in the forest. The average lifespan of a palm tree is 100 years, while some species can live for as long as 600 years! If that's not greatness, then I don't know what you'd call it!

That said, palm trees in dreams sometimes reveal greatness and affluence. If you have been constantly seeing dreams of palm trees, know that Heaven had destined you to be a great and influential person on earth. Although this may not yet be manifest in your life, remain hopeful and expect its manifestation in the nearest future! 

Spiritual Meaning Of Palm Tree In Dream 

So far, we have learned that palm trees in dreams often portray a glorious destiny, greatness and affluence; success, spiritual giants, triumph and victory etc. With or without its fruits, a palm tree will always symbolise glory, wealth and greatness. 

Take heed of the following points:

1. Tall And Blossoming Palm Trees In Dreams

A tall and blossoming palm tree in the dream is a good omen. This dream often reveals that God has blessed the individual who is represented by the palm tree. They are destined for greatness and affluence. 

Psalm 1:3 NLT
They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.

For Christians and ministers of the gospel who seek after a deeper walk with God, such a dream may come to affirm to them that they are doing the right thing, and God is pleased with them. Heaven has chosen to flourish and cause them to experience all round increase. 

2. Tall Palm Trees With Scanty Leaves 

A tall palm tree with scanty leaves in a dream shows that there is the potential for greatness, success and affluence in the life of the person it represents. But there are things in their life hindering the manifestation of the same. 

The Almighty wants the best for us. God has destined every son and daughter of the kingdom to experience greatness, but our wrong choices and lifestyle could go a long way to hinder the manifestation of God's design in our lives. 

We must be careful that we are not the ones standing in our own way, blocking the will of God from manifesting in our lives. 

It is also possible that a person was meant to be a spiritual giant, destined to be mightily used of the Lord on earth, but their negligence towards their relationship with God and spiritual growth has prevented this from happening. 

3. Withering And Dying Palm Trees In Dreams

A withering and dying palm tree in the dream often reveals that there is a serious problem affecting the spiritual or physical health of someone (very likely the dreamer, except there were more than one palm tree having that condition in the dream). 

If you saw in a dream where your palm tree was in the process of withering and dying, it calls for urgent intervention. Take it as a warning dream from God and act swiftly. 

If you have long abandoned your spiritual growth and relationship with God, it is time to sit up and work on them. 

If you are a person of affluence, do the right thing to retain that status! Don't allow carelessness or negligence to cause you demotion and unseat you from where God wants you to be. 

If you saw a dream of withering palm trees and you understood that dream as being about other people you know, go on and intercede on their behalf! 

4. Fallen And Broken Palm Trees In Dreams

Fallen trees in dreams often point to sudden death or demotion of people. Fallen palm trees in dreams reveal an imminent death or downfall of great and influential people. 

2 Samuel 1:27 NLT
Oh, how the mighty heroes have fallen! Stripped of their weapons, they lie dead.

A fallen palm tree in a dream is itself a great loss. If you saw that your palm tree fell to the ground in a dream, you need to seriously start praying and canceling every form of mishap that may be coming your way. 

If a great and successful person sees in a dream that their palm tree fell or broke in two, they are about to lose the very thing that makes them great and successful. That is obviously not a dream to handle with levity!

But rest assured, our God wants the best for us. He also will always terminate and frustrate the plots of the enemy against our lives, if we pray. 

Dream Of Seeing Palm Tree With Fruit

Palm fruits in dreams are symbolic of blessings. Seeing a palm tree with fruits on them is often symbolic of a blessed person. It is either that person is soon to start walking in the reality of all that God has in store for them, or they are already walking in it. 

A palm tree with a fruit in the dream represents: 

  • Abundance 
  • Productivity and fruitfulness 
  • God's blessings 
  • Success and profit 

If you saw in a dream that you owned a palm tree with unripe fruits, it means that God has planned and prepared the best for you, and you have also been doing your very best to see it come to pass. But it is not yet time for the manifestation of some of these things in your life. You just have to be a little bit patient while listening to and following God's instructions. 

Prayer For Dream Of Palm Trees

  1. Thank You Father for the good plans that you have for me. 
  2. Thank You Lord for having destined me for greatness. Thank You for making me the head and not the tail. 
  3. Heavenly Father, I ask that You would guide and lead me to walk in the reality and fullness of the great destiny you have written about me. 
  4. I come against every plot, manipulation and attack of the enemy against my destiny and God's providence in my life. I command them to be destroyed and frustrated! In the Name of Jesus Christ!
  5. Dear Holy Spirit, I ask that You would help me to walk in alignment with the Father, so that I may become all that He destined me to be. 
  6. Every spiritual thief assigned to rob me of God's bestowment upon my life, be arrested! In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  7. Lord Jesus, I ask that You would always show me what I've done wrong that could bring me down or hinder the manifestation of your greatness in my life. 
  8. Lord, I do not want to be the enemy of my own greatness. Let your wisdom guide me from actions that could hamper your work in my life. 
  9. I declare that no power of darkness shall cut short my destiny, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  10. My life is hidden in Christ. No force of Hell shall be able to snatch it out of His hands!
  11. Thank you dear God for the revelation and wisdom you have granted me today through this dream interpretation concerning palm trees! 

Final Thoughts On The Meaning Of Palm Trees In Dreams

What is the meaning of palm trees in dreams? As you have read in this article, palm trees in dreams always represent people; and not just ordinary people but people who are flourishing or destined to flourish in life.

Palm tree dreams also go on to reveal the spiritual state of these people and what could be going wrong in their lives!

A palm tree dream is one of the rarest dreams, not many people dream about it. Dreaming about palm trees shows that you are not an ordinary person. There is something special about you.

Every dream of palm tree comes with a very important message that should be decrypted, understood and acted upon—accordingly. 

If you are one of those who have been opportuned to see palm tree dreams, I trust that this interpretation spoke to you, and you were able to grasp the meaning of your dream.

God bless you. 
Anointed And Gifted Christian Dream Interpreter, Christian Therapist, Writer And Web Designer.