Dream Of Seeing Or Using An Umbrella Biblical Meaning

Let's explore the meaning of umbrella in dreams from a Biblical standpoint.
Biblical Dream Meaning Of Umbrella

One of the unexpected dreams that people happen to see is a dream about umbrella. If you saw an umbrella in your dream, you must have wondered what such a dream could mean. Rest assured, you're at the right place to understand the meaning of your dream. Today, we will talk about the spiritual meaning of umbrella in dreams. 

I understand that seeing strange dreams about an umbrella can turn out to be really baffling. Some people have reportedly seen dreams where they used a broken umbrella under the rain. They were struggling to cover themselves from the rain. 

I've also heard of dreams where the dreamer’s umbrella got stolen. Some couldn't find their umbrella in dreams when they needed it. For some, they often dream of using different colors of umbrellas, and the list goes on.

Are you one of those occasionally or frequently seeing umbrella in your dreams? Umbrella dreams have very powerful spiritual symbolism. If you happen to see umbrella in your dream, I will advise you to not take such a dream lightly. 

Since umbrella dreams come in diverse forms, this dream interpretation will cover the following:

  • Spiritual meaning of umbrella
  • Biblical dream meaning of umbrella
  • Spiritual meaning of umbrella in dream
  • Umbrella spiritual meaning

Umbrella dreams can be a good or bad omen. It all depends on the source of the dream. An umbrella dream could come from God, revealing to the dreamer what He is doing in their life or what the enemy is plotting against them. An umbrella dream could also manifest as a spiritual attack from the kingdom of darkness.

Some umbrella dreams will reflect the current spiritual state of the dreamer. Seek to know the meaning of such dreams and do according to how God instructs and leads you to do. Do not just discard the dream and conclude that it has no effect on your waking life. 

Spiritual Meaning of Umbrella

What is the meaning of umbrella in dream? In the physical world, the umbrella was invented to serve as a form of protection from direct sun rays and a covering from raindrops. But in the spiritual realm, the umbrella symbolizes something a bit different.

Whenever you see an umbrella in your dream, understand that such a dream concerns your spiritual protection or covering—or that of someone very close to you. And we know that everyone walking the earth either has or doesn't have protection from God. 

For genuine Christians, seeing yourself with an umbrella in a dream will reveal whether you have God's full covering over your life, or something is affecting that covering. 

Not all umbrella dreams are bad dreams. Certain umbrella dreams come from God, while some stem from the enemy. First of all, it is important to discern and ascertain the source of umbrella dreams, so that we'll know how to act or how to pray about it. 

Positive umbrella dreams are always reassuring of God's presence with us. While negative umbrella dreams can leave a devastating effect on the waking life of the dreamer, if they are not seriously prayed against.

Biblical Meaning of Umbrella In Dreams

The umbrella is indirectly mentioned and talked about several times in the holy scriptures. In so many scripture verses, we are given a sneak peek into how God protects His own and acts as our covering. 

1. God Himself Is Our Umbrella

Our Lord God shelters us through every storm we go through. Without His covering, we would be as good as dead; the enemy would do to us whatever he wills and whenever he chooses to. Storms of life would come and sweep us away. In fact, we wouldn't even exist. But God's protection over us constantly raises a standard against the enemy and everything he throws at us. 

Notice the following as seen in scriptures:

  • The cloud of protection that God gave to the Israelites during their forty years in the wilderness (Exodus 13:21–22). 
  • The shadow of God’s hand over His people (Isaiah 51:15–16).
  • The shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1).
  • The wings of a mother hen (Matthew 23:37).

All of these reflect God's faithfulness and consistency—through the ages—when it comes to protecting His people. 

2. God's Word As Our Umbrella

The Word of God protects us from the deception of the enemy and of the world. Without the Word, people live the wrong way, thinking they are living right. Without the truth of God's Word, like the people of this world, we would all walk with our own feet into the ditch.

3. The Anointing of the Holy Spirit As Our Umbrella

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit shields us from the direct attacks of the enemy. Without the Anointing, the enemy does to people whatever he wills and whenever he wants to. The Anointing of the Holy Spirit is God's protection readily available to the Believer. 

Prophetic Meaning of Umbrella

Umbrella dreams are often prophetic dreams. Such dreams rarely emanate from the mind. They always have a way of communicating whether the dreamer is still under God's protection or not. Umbrella dreams speak of the presence of God and His blessings upon someone or lack thereof. 

Psalm 91:1-6 KJV
He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. [2] I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. [3] Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. [4] He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. [5] Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; [6] Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

God's love is unconditional; many things from God come to us unconditionally. But not everything from God is unconditional. God's protection and blessings are mostly conditional, understand this. For example, God doesn't bless people for living in sin. 

If we really intend to stay under God's protection and walk in the fullness of His blessings for us, we must ensure that we do our part by walking in total obedience with God.

Not everyone is under the shadow of the Almighty, and that is often due to rebellion against the Almighty. If we must stay covered, we must stay obedient. 

Dream of Someone Giving You An Umbrella

If you dream about receiving an umbrella from someone, please notice the condition of the umbrella. Is it in good shape, broken or torn? What is the colour of the umbrella? 

Dreams of someone giving you an umbrella is often a good omen, except when the umbrella is in a bad shape or has a strange look. 

Black Umbrella Symbolism

Dreaming about using a black umbrella is not a good omen. There are evil spiritual umbrellas that are like a cloak that covers people and prevents good things from getting to them. 

Such dreams often portray the presence of demon-induced problems or demonic presence. We all want God to be our covering, not darkness. Always pray against and cancel such dreams

Lost Umbrella Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream where you could not find your umbrella, you misplaced your umbrella or someone stole your umbrella in a dream; understand that this is very serious spiritual attack against God's covering and blessings upon your life.

One might ask, how could the enemy attacks God's protection over someone's life? No, he doesn't do it directly but indirectly. Through temptation to sin, the enemy can lift God's protection off a person's life, if they didn't overcome that temptation but fell into sin. 

On several occasions, some Christians step out of God's protection due to carelessness or ignorance. 

When we stay under God's protection, all gates to our life are closed against the enemy—he cannot gatecrash. His next move is always subtle and indirect; he seeks a backdoor to make the Believer effortlessly lose God's protection. 

Ephesians 6:11 KJV
Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

It is our responsibility to make sure we stay covered at all times. And if we must stay protected, we must learn to overcome temptations! Temptation is the enemy calling us out of God's protection. Always remember this and keep your full armour on! 

Someone Spoiled Your Umbrella In A Dream

In a dream someone spoiled your umbrella, what does it mean? This is an attack against God's protection, provision and blessings upon your life. Come against such dreams with serious prayers. Do not treat it lightly. The enemy came to kill, to steal and destroy (John 10:10). Give him no room to make your life miserable. Resist him!

Prayers Against Negative Umbrella Dreams

  1. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I come against every evil umbrella covering me from my breakthrough, connections and blessings. I command them to be destroyed in Jesus Mighty Name!
  2. I frustrate the assignment of every spiritual thief assigned against my God-given umbrella, in Jesus Mighty Name!
  3. Holy Spirit of God, expose and destroy every device and trick of the enemy sent to pull me out of God's protection in Jesus Name!
  4. By the Power of the Holy Spirit, I snatch back my umbrella which the enemy had stolen from me, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!
  5. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I command every demonic umbrella dreams to come to an end in my life in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!
  6. I decree and declare that the enemy shall not be able to pull me out out of God's covering in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!
  7. I receive power to reject every evil umbrella from the enemy in my dreams. I return them back to the giver, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ!

Final Thoughts On Meaning Of Umbrella In Dreams

Beloved, I trust that by reading this dream interpretation, you were able to understand the biblical meaning of umbrella in dreams.

If you were blessed reading this dream interpretation, remember to share with friends and family.

Remain blessed.
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