Biblical Dream Meaning Of Cobwebs In Your House

Dreaming of cobwebs in your house has a spiritual significance. This article discusses about the biblical and spiritual meaning of cobwebs in dreams.
A dream about cobwebs might be the strangest one you have ever seen. And of course, these dream are uncommon; they don't show up frequently, except there is something really serious happening in the dreamer’s life. 

A spider web is collection of threadlike structures weaved together by a spider, mainly for catching its prey. It is commonly believed that spider webs are used by spiders as their home, but that is often barely the case. 

The principal purpose for why spiders make their webs is to trap insects, and every other thing they could trap and use as food. 

The spider is the hunter, their web is the snare. When the spider sets is web, it steps away and lays in wait for its pray. Once a prey steps into the web and is caught in it, the spider shows up to ensure it's properly trapped or eaten. 

The moment a prey is caught in the spider web, their escape and survival is not guaranteed. 

Biblical Dream Meaning Of Cobwebs In Your House

Even when humans mistakenly gets entangled in a spider web, it often takes time before they could completely untangle themselves from it. 

The Prophet Isaiah likened evil men to the spider, and their devices—with which they work evil against the innocent—the spider web (Isaiah 59:5). 

Apart from the above revelation received by Isaiah on how evil men operate, there are many other verses of the holy scriptures that give us understanding on the spiritual significance of the spider and its web. Another good example is found in Job 8:15. 

It is safe to say that the spider web holds no positive spiritual symbolism (according to the holy Bible). Hence, seeing spider web in your dreams is not and will never be a good omen. 

What cobweb dreams have you been seeing? 

Cobwebs in the dream always signal deep spiritual activity of darkness. Mark the location where you saw the cobwebs in your dream. There is deep demonic activity going on in that particular location. 

Did you see yourself covered in cobwebs in your dreams? 

If yes, understand that there is a very serious witchcraft activity around you. The enemy is all out to arrest and stifle every form of goodness and progress you could possibly make in your waking life. 

Apparently, a dream of cobwebs isn't one of those dreams one should ignore and go about their business. Every effort of darkness to ruin what God is doing in our lives should be met with equal and superior spiritual opposition. 

I pray for you! May the power of God dislodge from your life every stubborn and wicked operation of darkness! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 

When You See Spider Web In Your House In Dreams

The moment you see a dream of cobwebs in your house, do not hesitate to rise up and sack the operations of the wicked one from your life, from your family and from your home! 

It is recommended that your efforts to cancel the effects of dreams like this one should include ruggedly fasting and praying. 

When you see a dream of cobwebs in your house, you are seeing the operations of the kingdom of darkness around you. It's a drastic measure the enemy has taken to ensure your utter and lasting destruction. But you are a child of God, you are victorious! You shouldn't let him the enemy have his way! 

The effects of a spider web dream that has not been annulled can manifest in several aspects of the dreamer’s life, including:

  • Being stuck and not making adequate progress. 
  • The dreamer is entrapped in a spiritual cage (spiritual bondage) 
  • The dreamer’s progress is physically and spiritually crippled. 
  • It is a witchcraft attack fashioned to bring about misfortunes, sickness and possibly death. 
  • It is a witchcraft net spread to capture the blessings of the dreamer. 
  • It is meant to arrest and hold back the dreamer from every form of breakthrough. 

There are people who have reportedly seen dreams of spider web all over their apartment, whereas, their apartment is very neat—even in the dream! If you are one of such people, know that the enemy is desperately working wickedness against you. 

Cobwebs in your house in dreams reveal deep demonic presence and activties within that home. If you are led to spiritually cleanse your home during or after your fasting and prayers, do it. 

The enemy is indeed wicked! But thankfully we serve an all-powerful God who is able to set us free from every shackle of darkness. Stay with me, we are going to pray

I earlier wrote an article on deliverance prayers against spiritual cobwebs. I've received many testimonies from different people who have been using those prayers

If you are one of those who often get entangled in cobwebs immediately when you walk into your house, or when you walk past certain places—and you have noticed that it is too unnatural—I strongly advise that you pray those prayers.

Our God has given us authority over all dimensions of spiritual attacks (Luke 10:19), we have to make the best use of it!

Dreaming Of A Church Covered In Cobwebs

If you saw a church premises or the inside of a church building covered in cobwebs, don't be tempted to conclude that it is God exposing a false church. Except God spoke that clearly to you in the dream, you are instead seeing the hidden activities of the enemy against that church. 

If you saw a church covered in cobwebs in your dreams, you are seeing members of that denomination in captivity. Many factors could have played out there. It could be caused by the individual members' disobedience to God or it could simply be a straightforward attack from the enemy. 

Just as we know in part and prophesy in part, we also see in part (1 Corinthians 13:9). 
God knows why He revealed that to you. He depends on you to intercede—which is a good way to play your part in setting the captives free in that denomination. 

Meaning Of Removing Cobwebs In A Dream 

If you saw that you were removing cobwebs from yourself or your home in a dream, that is a powerful deliverance the Lord has given to you!

A dream of removing cobwebs signifies that you are being set free from the spiritual prison of the enemy. It is likely that you are prayerful and because of your prayers, God has stepped in to liberate you from the shackles of the evil one.

Sometimes, a dream of removing cobwebs may come after you prayed against a dream of spider webs covering your home or entabgling you. 

Praise God for your liberation and victory!

If you just woke up out of a terrible dream about cobwebs, and found this article, join us in prayers below. 

Prayer Against Dream Of Cobwebs In House

  1. Fire of God, locate and burn up every spiritual cobweb weaved for my destruction. 
  2. Power of God, arrest and destroy every spiritual spider working against my life. 
  3. Warrior Angels of God, locate and arrest every agent of darkness assigned against my life. 
  4. Everything that my Heavenly Father had not placed in my life and in my apartment, be removed now! In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  5. By the power of God, I dislodge every embargo of darkness from my home and from my life! 
  6. Every power of darkness working in secret to hinder my progress, be arrested by the power of God! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  7. Evil net of darkness let down to trap my blessings, be broken now! 
  8. Everything belonging to me that had been held in the enemy's captivity, I command your release right now! 
  9. Holy Spirit of God, expose and destroy every demonic operations in my life!
  10. Fire of God, consume and destroy every witchcraft activity in my life, my home and in my vicinity! 
  11. Every hidden demonic spider web set against me, be uncovered and torn apart!
  12. By the power of God, I break free from every form of Satanic bondage! 
  13. Affliction from demonic spider webs shall not rise again against me! In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 

Final Thoughts On Seeing Cobwebs In Dreams

Spiritual cobwebs are like evil nets let down by the enemy to catch fishes. And we know that the enemy and his cohorts fish for innocent humans to catch and destroy them. 

A dream of cobwebs doesn't come from the enemy. The enemy wouldn't want to expose his tracks and traps. It is the Holy Spirit that reveals and exposes the works of darkness. He will also go ahead to destroy them, if you pray. 

Sometimes, the enemy had operated unnoticed for a long time against an individual. Most dreams of cobwebs often expose a long-time secret operation of darkness. Be thankful to God for letting you see such! 

The spiritual spider is the enemy and his minions. The cobwebs are the evil devices that they work with. God can destroy both. 

The power of God tears apart the spider web and sets its captives free! May that same power move on your behalf to destroy the works of the enemy against your life! Amen!! 

God bless you. 
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