Spiritual Biblical Meaning Of Seeing Yourself Driving A Car In The Dream

Many often dream about driving a car and they don't really know what they mean. Join us let's learn the spiritual meaning of driving a car in a dream.
Car Accident Dream Meaning

Undoubtedly, one of the most common dreams that many see daily is a dream about driving a car. If you saw this dream and woke up perplexed, then this dream interpretation is for you. Join us as we learn the biblical meaning of driving a car in a dream. 

It is not uncommon to see oneself driving a car in a dream. As a matter of fact, to some people, such dreams come frequently. Dreams about driving a car is common both among Christians and non-Christians.

I presume that if you found this article during your search for the spiritual meaning of driving a car in a dream, you already have many questions regarding your dream. So let's trust to Holy Spirit to shed light on this dream and help us answer your questions. 

2 Kings 9:20 ESV
Again the watchman reported, “He reached them, but he is not coming back. And the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi, for he drives furiously.

In this dream interpretation article, expect to learn the following (and even more):

  • Biblical meaning of driving a car in a dream
  • Dream of driving a car and the brakes don't work
  • Dream of being a passenger in a car without driver
  • Spiritual meaning of driving a black car in a dream
  • Dream about driving a car too fast

Driving a car in a dream can either be a good or bad omen, depending on several symbols present within the dream. Besides, dreams of driving a car come in various forms. 

  1. There are those who find themselves driving a car recklessly in a dream. 
  2. Some often find themselves as a passenger in a moving car. 
  3. There are people who see dreams of car accident
  4. And there are also some who find themselves learning to drive a car in a dream. 

All of these dreams have their separate and different meanings. By God's grace, we will look at them one after the other as we progress. 

Biblical Meaning Of Driving A Car In A Dream

The spiritual symbolism of a car in general, points to;

  • A person's purpose in life
  • A ministry
  • One's progress towards their destiny
  • A person's vocation 

Driving a car in a dream basically points to a person's movement and progress through life. The interesting part is that God always wants us to make progress; and not just any kind of progress but smooth progress in life. 

Proverbs 4:18 ESV
But the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day.

But also remember that we have an enemy who doesn't want what God wants for us. The number one target of the enemy's attacks are always Christians. The Lord says that He has only good plans for us—to give us a good future. But the enemy fights hard to ensure that the reverse happens in our life. We have role to play in order to bring God's plans for us to fruition: we must always be ready to pray the enemy off what God gives to us. 

Understand that, sometimes the attacks of the enemy against our purpose and progress in life will manifest as negative car dreams. 

If a Christian dreams about driving a car, this tells of that individual's journey through the path of life to their destiny. For a Christian, driving a car in a dream could also symbolize their level of progress in the ministry God has called them to. 

It is also important to stress that not all car dreams are prophetic dreams. But if you don't own or drive a car very often in waking life, it is very likely that the car dream you saw has to do with something very important concerning your life. 

Car Dreams That Speak About A Christian Ministry

It is very common for God to use the symbol of vehicles (especially cars) to reveal to us in dreams, the state or stage of the ministry and purpose He commits to us. 

For instance, dreaming about driving a bus means that one has a great purpose and ministry that will help and and transform the lives of many people. In most cases, a bus will symbolize a teaching or pastoral ministry

In some other cases where a person sees theirself in a dream driving a bus, this dream tells that the dreamer is in the place of leadership, with many people looking up to them. 

In both cases, the dreamer must be careful that the bus is in good condition and there was no problem during the trip. If the bus trip wasn't a smooth one, there is evidently a problem somewhere. Such dreams shouldn't be swept under the carpet. 

When a Christian dreams about being the driver in a bus filled with passengers, they need to be very careful with what they do with their life because God has connected many people to their destiny. God has ordained them to the place of leadership. If they should fail in fulfilling their purpose and ministry, they wouldn't only fail God but others whose destinies are connected to their purpose. 

New Car Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself driving a new car in a dream always points to a coming breakthrough. God is set to do a new thing in the dreamer's life. This breakthrough could come in the following forms;

  • A job breakthrough
  • A marital breakthrough 
  • The launch of a new project
  • The manifestion of a Christian ministry
  • Beginning to walk in one's purpose and destiny

A dream of driving a new car is always a good omen. If you saw this dream, give thanks to God and pray in agreement with Him, asking what you saw to come to pass in your life. 

Dream About Learning to Drive a Car

To dream about learning to drive a car or you were not good at driving it, this tells that you are in still in the process of learning to steer your life in the path of your destiny. 

When a Christian dreams about learning to drive a car or not really good at driving it, it means that they are still in the path of getting equipped to walk in reality of their calling and fulfill their purpose. 

1 Thessalonians 5:24 KJV 
Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. At this stage, we should not fret but trust God to complete what He destined and started in our life.  

The dreamer is still in the process of becoming who God wants them to be, so they have to trust the process, hold on and keep going. 

Dream of Being A Passenger In A Car Bible

There are two sides to dreams about being a passenger in a car. The first is totally negative, while the second is somewhat positive. 

Firstly, there are people who see dreams where a stranger or unknown person drives them in a car to an unknown destination. This is definitely not a good omen. This dream indicates the presence of the activities of the strongman. The intent is to control and redirect the dreamer's destiny against God's will. If this is successful, then the dreamer will start experiencing frustrations of all sorts, failure at the verge of breakthrough, poverty and eventually, their destruction. This is definitely not God's plans for our lives!

God's plans for us are always good and meant to give us a good ending (Jeremiah 29:11), but remember that the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). If you saw such a dream, it is time to rise and go into serious prayers and fasting to destroy the works of darkness against their life. 

Ask God to take over the control of your life and destiny, and steer it according to His will. Also stay obedient to God, as this puts everything concerning you under His control. 

Dream Of Being A Passenger In A Car Without Driver

This is yet another (and even more serious) sort of Satanic manipulation against the dreamer's destiny and progress. If you saw yourself as a passenger in a car without a driver, but the car was driving by itself, you need to pray seriously to destroy the enemy's control over your life, purpose and destiny. This is not one of those dreams to joke with. 

The second aspect of dreams of being a passenger in a car, is seeing a dream where the driver was totally friendly and seemed to be driving you to a place that you have always desired to go. 

If you saw such a dream, in most cases, it symbolizes the Lord Himself in charge of your destiny, and leading you in the right direction. In some other cases, this dream could symbolize being under godly leadership—in your denomination or place of work. Always thank God for letting you see good dreams. 

Dream Of Driving Safely To Your Destination

If you saw yourself driving a car (without hassles or obstacles in the way) safely to your destination, this means that you will fulfill your purpose and end well in life. God is making a smooth path for you to walk in uncommon success, favour, blessings and breakthrough, and no devil or human will be able to stop you. 

Dreaming About Driving Fast 

To dream about driving your car very fast but still in good control is a good omen. This dream tells of swift and smooth progress in the path of your destiny and ministry

Thank the Lord for Godspeed that His Grace has granted you and don't forget to give Him all the Glory. 

Dream About Driving A Car Recklessly 

If one dreams about driving recklessly, it means they have to be more careful, especially when it comes to planning and making important decisions and choices in life. 

Be more careful with your choices and decisions in life to avoid a lifetime wreckage of purpose and destiny. Remember that some mistakes cannot be reversed. 

If you experienced break failure in the dream or the car went out of your control, it is advisable to pray against accident in waking life. Pray against tragedy in your life and that of the innocent people in your family. Let the wicked plan of the enemy against your life be destroyed in Jesus Mighty Name! 

Dream About Driving In Reverse 

To dream about you or a stranger driving you backwards in a car is a sign that the powers of backwardness and enemies of progress are at work. 

Experiencing setbacks is not part of God's plan for us, but that of the enemy. Use scriptures to pray and fast in order to destroy the wicked plots of the enemy which have been revealed through such dream. 

Final Thoughts On Meaning Of Driving A Car In A Dream

In a nutshell, driving a car in a dream will always have something very important to reveal about the dreamer’s purpose, destiny and progress in life. Always remember to pray against negative car dreams, give them no room to manifest in your life. 

Beloved, I trust this article helped you understand the spiritual meaning of driving a car in a dream. 

If you were blessed reading this dream interpretation about driving a car, do not hesitate to share this article with others. 

God bless you!
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