Driving A Car In The Dream

Many often dream about driving a car and they do not really know what they mean. We'll explore the meaning of driving a car in dreams in this article.
Car Accident Dream Meaning

Driving a car in a dream often point us to our movement and progress in life. Basically, a Christian dreaming about driving a car tells of that Christian's journey on the path of their destiny or ministry. 

If you don't own or drive in a car very often in waking life, you should understand that your car dreams point your destiny and ministry. 

Biblical Meaning Of Driving A Car In A Dream

Dreaming about driving a bus means that one has a great purpose and ministry that will help and and transform many people. 

In most cases it is a pointer to the fact that one has a teaching or discipleship ministry where they will teach and bring many to maturity in Christ. 

When a Christian dreams about being the driver of a bus filled with passengers, they need to be very careful with what they do with their life because God has connected many people to their destiny. If they should fail in fulfilling their purpose, they won't only fail God but others whose destinies are connected to their purpose. 

Dream About Learning to Drive a Car

To dream about learning to drive a car or you were not good at driving it, this tells that you are in still in the process of learning to steer your life in the path of your destiny. 

When a Christian dreams about learning to drive a car or not really good at driving it, it means that they are still in the path of getting equipped to walk in reality of their calling and fulfill their ministry. 

1 Thessalonians 5:24 KJV 
Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it. At this stage, we should not fret but trust God to complete what He destined and started in our life.  

The dreamer is still in the process of becoming who God wants them to be, so they have to trust the process, hold on and keep going. 

Dream of Being A Passenger In A Car Bible

To dream about a strange or unknown person being the driver of the car you find yourself in a dream to a destination you have no knowledge of, this is often indication that there is a demonic strongman attempting to control your life, destiny and progress in life towards the path of failure, poverty and destruction. 

God's plans for our lives are for good and meant to give us a good ending (Jeremiah 29:11), but the enemy came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). 

The dreamer should engage in serious prayers and fasting to destroy the works of darkness against their life. 

Ask God to take over the control of your life and steer it according to His will. Also stay obedient to God as this puts your life under His control. 

Driving Safely To Your Destination 

To see oneself driving a car (without hassles obstacles in the way) safely to your destination means that you will fulfill your purpose and end well in life. God is making a smooth path for you to walk in uncommon success, favour, blessings and breakthrough and no devil or human will be able to stop you. 

Dreaming About Driving Fast 

To dream about driving your car very fast but still in proper control of it tells of swift and smooth progress in the path of your destiny and ministry. 

Thank God for Godspeed that His Grace has granted you and don't forget to give Him all the Glory. 

Dream About Driving A Car Recklessly 

If one dreams about driving recklessly, it means they have to be more careful, especially when it comes to planning and making important decisions and choices in life. 

Be more careful with your choices and decisions in life to avoid a lifetime wreckage of purpose and destiny. Some mistakes can not be reversed. 

If you experienced a break failure in the dream or the car went out of your control, pray against accident in waking life. Pray against tragedy in your life and that of the innocent people in your family. Let the wicked plan of the enemy against your life be destroyed in Jesus Mighty Name! 

Dream About Driving in Reverse 

To dream about you or a strange and unknown person driving you backwards in a car is a sign that the spirit of backwardness and enemies of progress are at work. 

Backward progress is not God's plan for us but that of the enemy. Use scriptures to pray and fast in order to destroy the wicked plans of the enemy which have been revealed through such dream. 

I hope you were blessed reading this brief dream interpretation about driving a car. Kindly share before leaving and keep visiting our blog for more. 

God bless you!

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