What It Means Biblically When Seeing Feces In A Dream

A good number of people frequently see feces in their dreams. Read our Let's the Biblical meaning of seeing feces in a dream.
Biblical Meaning Of Feces In A Dream

I understand that waking up out of a dream of feces can leave one very perplexed. The worse part of it is when this sort of dream tends to be recurring; the dreamer is often left wondering what could trigger it and how to go about handling it. 

If you've been seeing such dreams, you're not alone. There are many other people who are frequently dreaming of feces. Let's trust that the Holy Spirit provides a clear interpretation and proffer the best solution to it through this article. 

Dream About Feces

Seeing feces in a dream is something that should definitely get our attention. It's difficult to rub it off or discard such as ordinary dreams. Any dream that has to do with feces is never a good dream. Seeing feces in dreams is not a good omen. 

Dreaming of feces is not and can never be a dream from God. Seeing feces in dreams is a well-crafted attack from the enemy; such that could mar the dreamer's efforts to make progress in their waking life. The damage that such dreams can cause can be unfathomable, if the dreamer fails to take the right steps against such dreams

Whenever a person dreams of feces, they should know that something is not right somewhere. The enemy is out and after very important aspects of their life. The kingdom of darkness will never get tired of attacking, but understand that God has given us all it takes to curtail their activities and put them under our feet (Luke 10:19).

A good number of people have seen different categories of dreams about feces including:

  • Touching feces in dream
  • Dreaming of feces on the floor
  • Dreaming of feces in water
  • Cleaning feces in dream
  • Dreaming of feces on clothes

I've heard some say that dreaming of poop means money, but that is far from it. Understand that whatever manner through which the dream comes, it can't be a good thing. The appearance of feces in a dream doesn't bring good tidings. 

Do you frequently dream about feces? Let's trust the Lord that by the time you're done going through this article, you'll find a lasting solution to such dreams. 

Biblical Meaning Of Feces In A Dream

Feces was never meant to be a thing to watch, play with or enjoy looking at. It has always been something to be hidden till it decomposes. In the physical realm, people often avoid places where feces is being exposed until it is covered up. This is because it is not something pleasing to watch or left exposed for everyone to see. 

Deuteronomy 23:13 KJV
And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon; and it shall be, when thou wilt ease thyself abroad, thou shalt dig therewith, and shalt turn back and cover that which cometh from thee. 

The meaning of feces in a dream touches on the following:

  • Shame: The attack through feces dreams is crafted toward bringing shame to the life of the dreamer. 
  • Frustrations: Feces dreams are a manifestion of a spiritual attack that is crafted to bring all manner of frustrations to the dreamer. Whatever the dreamer touches to do often comes under attack and brought to a dead end. 
  • Hindrance to breakthrough: Dreams of feces always shows up whenever some people approach their breakthrough. The enemy does not want the dreamer to experience any form of breakthrough. 
  • Demotion: Whenever dreams of feces show up, the dreamer needs to pray ruggedly and come against plots of demotion or eviction from their workplace. 
  • Persistent disappoints: Dreams of feces are often an attack against the connections of the dreamer (and possible breakthrough and promotion that could come through those connections). It isn't always that some people are unlucky. In most cases, it is the enemy who wants no good thing to come their way. 

You see, the enemy is bent on ensuring that life doesn't go well for the people of God. But here is God's report concerning your life:

Isaiah 61:7 NLT 
Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor. You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.

Dare to believe only the reports of the Lord and come against the works of the enemy against your life, they will always crumble like the pack of lies that they are! 

Spiritual Meaning Of Feces In A Dream

Dreaming of feces has dire spiritual implications if not met with appropriate actions. What comes with feces dreams is often a plot of darkness to make the dreamer's life miserable. 

2 Kings 18:27 KJV
But Rab-shakeh said unto them, Hath my master sent me to thy master, and to thee, to speak these words? hath he not sent me to the men which sit on the wall, that they may eat their own dung, and drink their own piss with you?

The root of feces dreams often stem from faulty foundations or evil family backgrounds. Almost everyone who frequently sees feces in their dreams is facing very tough spiritual battles and the source of these battles can always be traced back to demonic and witchcraft family altars.

The enemy has a foothold in the family background of these individuals and is very watchful of every innocent person in the family; then he goes ahead to ensure that they don't make it in life. Most of the spiritual attacks against these set of people often manifest as feces dreams. 

Dreaming of Pooping In Public Meaning

Whenever a person dreams of pooping in public, they must understand that the enemy has plotted to bring shame and disgrace to their waking life. It could come in form of financial lack, false accusations, debts, etc. 

Any dream that has to do with pooping in public or an open toilet is often a bad omen; a strategic witchcraft attack purposed towards bringing frustrations, shame and disgrace to the dreamer. But here is what God says:

Isaiah 8:12 NIV
Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.

The dreamer may not know exactly through what angle the enemy has plotted to make this happen, but if they pray effectively against this dream, they can be rest assured that it is not going to happen. 

Solution To Dreaming Of Feces

If you're frequently dreaming about feces, there's nothing normal about it. Such dreams are not part of God's plan for your life. They don't have to continue. Apply these things below and watch out for what happens next.

1. Get Right With God

Most attacks that the enemy successfully executes against certain people is always due to the fact that their life is not right with God. If you're not yet a Christian and you're constantly seeing feces in your dreams, understand that the only One who can give you victory over such dreams and their implications is Jesus Christ. In order to get His full help, you must be saved. So go ahead and pray this salvation prayer.

If you are a Christian who frequently sees dreams that have to do with feces, you need to do self-introspection. Double-check to see whether every aspect of your life is in total submission to God. 

1 John 5:18 KJV
We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not.

Know that disobedience often opens doors for demonic affliction. If you want to be free from the shackles of darkness, you have to start by living a totally consecrated life and walking in complete obedience with God.

2. Buckle Up And Confront The Enemy

Since the root of these sort of dreams can be traced to evil foundations, the dreamer must understand that this is a battle they must fight and win. A one-time deliverance session might not be as effective. Prepare to constantly confront your attackers especially through midnight prayers. You have to get addicted to midnight prayers in order to lay hold of your victory and deliverance. Also make fasting and prayer one of your hobbies. 

Prayer Against Seeing Feces In Dreams

  1. I come against persistent dreams of feces. I command them to come to a halt in the Name of Jesus Christ!
  2. Every plot of darkness against my life, through feces dreams, I decree that none of it shall be successfully executed in the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  3. Powers of darkness risen against me to frustrate my life, be destroyed in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 
  4. Instead of shame, I shall receive honour. Instead of demotion, I shall be promoted. Every plot of the enemy to bring me down is thereby frustrated in the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  5. Every evil family altar risen against my overall progress and prosperity in life, I command you to be broken NOW, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! 
  6. Father frustrate every agent of darkness that is bent on frustrating my life, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  7. Every attack of the enemy against my destiny is thereby aborted in the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  8. Father give no reason for my enemies to laugh me to scorn. Rise and contend with those who contend with me, in the Name of Jesus Christ!
  9. Every hand of darkness upon my progress and breakthrough is thereby broken NOW in the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  10. Every form of manipulation of darkness against my divine connections is destroyed in the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  11. I decree and declare that I shall become all that God destined me to be. No force of Hell shall be able to stop me, in the Name of Jesus Christ! 

Final Thoughts On Dreaming About Feces

As you can see, seeing feces in the dream is never a good omen. The moment a person sees feces in the dream, they should be aware that the enemy has plotted to destroy their life through various forms of life misfortunes. 

Your response to feces dreams shouldn't be fear, but serious prayers, asking God to step in and frustrate the plots of darkness fashioned against your life.

Beloved, I trust that by reading this dream interpretation, you were able to understand the biblical meaning of feces in a dream. 

Thanks again for reading. 

God bless you. 
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