Biblical Meaning Of Dreams About Cheating

Dreams about cheating are common in most relationships and marriages. We've written an interpretation for these dreams from a Christian perspective.
Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Cheating

It's not surprising that different people dream all manner of dreams, but one of the strangest of these dreams is a dream about cheating

Although it is strange enough to leave the dreamer baffled, dreams about cheating ain't a new thing. There are thousands of people who occasionally see cheating dreams; some almost on a daily basis, and these dreams happen to come in different forms. 

I've learned that certain dreams about cheating have successfully broken many relationships and marriages. And I think the meaning and application of these sort of dreams isn't something anyone should approach carelessly. 

Many have ended their long-term relationships all because of mere dream. It's totally unwise to jump into conclusions after seeing dreams of cheating in one's relationship or marriage. However, it is needful to stress that the Bible is against cheating and recommends faithfulness in place of cheating in a relationship:

Proverbs 3:3-4
Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.

If you've been searching for the spiritual meaning of dreams about cheating, by God's grace we are about to delve into that in this article. I trust that by the time you're done reading you must have gotten a vivid understanding on what dreams about cheating actually mean. 

What Does Dreams About Cheating Mean

Dreams about cheating often come in different forms and I understand that, sometimes they can be very confusing (and at the same time disturbing). Some common dreams about cheating that many have reportedly seen include the following:

  • Dreams about cheating on my boyfriend.
  • Dreams about cheating on my girlfriend.
  • I had a dream my boyfriend cheated on me with my mom.

Listen, dreams about cheating must be approached with utmost diligence and wisdom, if not it can destroy something beautiful that people spent years to build. 

These dreams require that people handle them with spiritual maturity. Relationships can turn sour in a twinkle of an eye if a spiritually immature person wakes up with a dream about their partner cheating. Some often wake up from such dreams with questions like;

  • Why did I dream about cheating on my boyfriend with my ex?
  • What does it mean when you dream about your boyfriend cheating on you with your friend?
  • Why do I keep having dreams about my girlfriend cheating on me?

Sometimes I wonder how people come up with these dreams, but then I remember that dreams come from different sources. It's always either a dream from God, the human mind or from Satan. 

Understand that if God gives a dream about a partner cheating, it's often for the purpose of revelation (but it's very rare). 

Jeremiah 33:3 KJV
Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

God is indeed a revealed of secrets, but these sorts of revelations from Him are often very rare and doesn't come to many people. 

On the other hand, also understand that Satan is a manipulator and a hater of every good thing. If he happens to see a godly relationship that is blooming, he may decide to step in and sow confusion (in an attempt to destroy it)—by showing the partners dreams about their other half cheating. That is why as Christians, we must be careful to not quickly draw conclusions concerning our partner if we happen to see such a dream. 

Again, the human mind has its way of compiling thoughts during the day and giving them to people as dreams when they sleep. If one is always suspicious of their partner and spends their day thinking their partner is cheating on them, then it is very likely these thoughts will present themselves to them as a dream. Like I earlier said, one must be careful when drawing conclusions and judging their partner based on dreams

Besides this, a Christian relationship should be such that both parties understand and agree that cheating is totally unacceptable. For some who have cultivated the habit of cheating and keeping it secret, know that you cannot hide it forever. These set of people are always quick to tell their partner, “Oh, you saw me cheating in a dream? Never mind, it's just a dream.” But that's not being smart. Know that one day, that particular dream will definitely get confirmed if it's actually true you're cheating. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Boyfriend Cheating

The world sees nothing wrong in cheating, but it shouldn't be so among Christians. In the first place, fornication isn't suppose to be present in a Christian relationship; talkless of a christian fornicating with someone else apart from their partner. 

Ephesians 5:3 KJV
But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints. 

Be it with your potential spouse or someone else, the Bible is clearly against fornication. 

It is also needful one goes into a relationship with someone they trust will be faithful, so that there will be no room for fears and insecurities on whether their partner is cheating or not. 

If you once saw a dream about your partner cheating, it is unwise to rush into conclusion without a valid evidence. If you frequently dream that your partner is cheating on you, wait for a proof. If truly this revelation is from God, He will definitely expose the one who is cheating. 

Biblical Meaning Of Husband Cheating In Dreams

In marriage, strange dreams concerning your partner may be unavoidable. Especially if it is a peaceful and working Christian marriage, you shouldn't expect the enemy to stand aside and watch it bloom. Every marriage that is made in Heaven becomes a double-barrelled gun against the kingdom of darkness. Expect spiritual attacks; and know that some of these attacks will manifest as strange dreams like dreams of seeing your spouse cheating

Some married women have reported strange dreams about their partner cheating. I'm talking about something like;

  • I had a dream my husband cheated on me with my sister.”
  • I had a dream my husband cheated on me with a man.

Understand that if your marriage has been blooming and peaceful, most of these dreams may be sent as a spiritual attack; just to sow confusion, distrust and suspicion. It is out of feeding on these things that many marriages have been destroyed. If you married a faithful man, there's no point to judge him based on a dream. If truly he is cheating, give it time and you should be able to have evidences for yourself. 

Do you frequently see your husband cheating in a dream? The best approach isn't to begin condemning and reproving him for something you can't prove it's actually happening. Demons are very desperate to step into marriages and ruin them. Do not be quick to believe negative things you see in dreams concerning your spouse until you can validate them. 

Dream About Wife Cheating Meaning

As the saying goes, women are less likely to cheat in marriage. In most cases, if she actually cheats it's often that the marriage has broken to point that is beyond repair. Even at that point, most Christian women will still find it difficult to cheat. 

It is therefore unwise to see a dream of your wife cheating and go on to conclude she is really doing it. If your marriage is problematic, it is better to work towards fixing it than giving room for the enemy to ruin it the more through strange dreams. 

Many marriages have been wrecked just by couples constantly telling each other, “I dreamt you cheated. How am I sure you're not cheating?” That's the level demons want every working marriage to get to because they know in most cases, that is often a point of no return. 

Dream About Cheating On Your Partner 

Cheating on a partner in a dream doesn't always mean that people have ill-intentions towards their partner. In most cases, these dreams are a sign of spiritual bondange to a dark entity who defiles the dreamer in their dreams. 

There are certain people who occasionally see themselves cheating on their partner in a dream. These people may have no intentions of actually cheating on their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Such dreams often indicate the presence of a spiritual bondage to a spirit spouse—which must be broken. Seeing defilement dreams are works of spirits of perversion. These evil spirits are bent on making sure their victims neither get married nor have a lasting marriage. 

If you often see yourself cheating on your partner with someone else in a dream, know that you need deliverance from these dark entities. They are bent on ruining your relationship life, so they must sent packing!

You might want to use these Prayers Against Defilement Dreams

However, if you've been contemplating on cheating on your partner, see this dream as a warning that you shouldn't go further to execute that plan, because the result may not go as expected for you or the relationship. 

Final Words On Dreams About Cheating

Avoid laying claims, accusations and suspicion on your partner based on a dream you saw about them cheating. In most cases, cheating dreams are forms of demonic manipulation against a relationship. 

It's better spouses spend more time praying with each other, for each other and for their marriage, than spending time dwelling on negative things they see about their partner in their dreams. Most of these dreams are doors the enemy is trying to crack open into a relationship/marriage so as to destroy it. 

Again, only act on evidence. Apart from that, you owe your partner nothing less than loving and trusting them. 

God bless you. 

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