What It Means Spiritually When You See Your Husband Cheating In The Dream

Here is the biblical and spiritual meaning of partner cheating in dreams. Understand what it means to dream of your partner cheating spiritually.
What Does It Mean To Dream Of Your Partner Cheating Spiritually

Many have come to me, requesting to know what it means to see their partner cheating in dreams. I saw it necessary to write this dream interpretation

I've come to understand that this dream is very common among married couples—and even people who are just in relationship with each other. Follow up as we explore the spiritual meaning of dreams about your partner cheating, from a Christian perspective. 

If you found this article through Google, I believe you must have dreamed a dream where your partner was cheating on you. I presume you have many unanswered questions regarding this dream. Let's trust that the Spirit of God enables us answer your questions as we progress. 

It is not surprising that different people see different kinds of cheating dreams. For some people, this dream happens to be recurring and very disturbing. 

I can tell that seeing a dream about one's partner cheating can leave one baffled and thinking what is actually going on in their relationship. But I'll advise that the dreamer shouldn't be quick to take actions against their partner based on dreams. 

Hebrews 13:4 ESV
Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

For proper understanding of cheating in dreams, we will discuss the following:

  • Spiritual meaning of dreams about your partner cheating
  • Biblical meaning of dreams about cheating
  • How to stop having dreams about boyfriend cheating
  • Dreams of being cheated on meaning
  • What does it mean when you dream about your boyfriend cheating on you with your friend
  • Dreams about cheating and divorce
  • Dream about cheating and regretting it 

Although it is enough to leave anyone who sees it baffled, seeing dreams about your partner cheating isn't a strange thing. Besides, these dreams rarely mean that one's partner is actually cheating in reality. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Your Partner Cheating

I know that some of you reading this may think I would just straight away say that the spiritual meaning of dreams about your partner cheating is that your partner is actually cheating on you. But sorry to disappoint, that isn't always the case. Everything we see in dreams don't necessarily have to manifest in the physical—and they're not always what is happening in the physical world. 

As far as I know, dreams about cheating are often very sensitive ones. It is not advisable that we swiftly draw conclusions and begin to treat our partner with contempt, based on what we saw in a dream. 

Ascertain The Source Of The Cheating Dream

All dreams come from three major sources. We have;

  • Dreams from God 
  • Dreams from the human mind
  • Dreams from the devil

The first step to understanding what a cheating dream means is ascertaining the source where of the dream. 

We know that God gives people dreams. God warns and speaks to us through dreams. Understand that every revelation that comes to us from God (even through dreams) is always the truth. Except your partner is truly cheating, God wouldn't show you a dream of them cheating on you. Besides, if we believe that the dream we saw our partner cheating truly came from God, we should ask Him to confirm that to us in waking life. I believe that is a wise thing to do. 

Secondly, a cheating dream is less likely to be truly what is happening in our relationship if it comes from our mind or the devil. I'll explain why this is so in a subsequent subheading. But we must be discerning to know the source of our dream, before planning on the next point of action concerning our relationship or marriage. 


What does it mean when you dream about your partner with someone else? I'll say, it depends. It can mean they're actually cheating or it could be your mind or the devil playing pranks on you. I still reiterate that the dreamer should be able to pinpoint the source of their dream first, as this will go a long way to help them understand the meaning of their dream and what to do with it. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Cheating

I've heard many stories about people allowing what they saw in a dream concerning their partner ruin the relationship they spent years to build. I have learned that certain dreams about cheating have successfully broken many relationships and marriages

I understand that finding out that one's partner is cheating can be heartbreaking. But we cannot say our partner is truly cheating if we've not caught them red-handed. If we're so sure they are cheating, we should ask God to expose them so we can have evidence. 

I'm sure no ones wants to end their long-term relationships all because of a mere dream. It's totally unwise to jump into conclusions after seeing dreams of cheating in one's relationship or marriage. But with adequate confirmation and evidence (or lack thereof), we can be sure of what is true and what to do next. 

For every dream where we saw our parter cheating, the dreamer should consider the following possibilities:

1. Assumption And Suspicion

It is easy for anyone to assume that their partner is cheating. This is often due to distrust and bad experiences they had in past relationships. 

Assuredly, if one spends their day thinking and suspecting that their partner is cheating on them, then that scene they daydreamed of will likely show up in their sleep as a dream of their partner cheating. 

In order to avoid deception that could come as a result of dreams that come from the human mind, we must be sure the dream we see didn't come from that fact that we spent our day dwelling on the possibility of our patrner cheating on us. 

2. Spiritual Manipulation

Let's be reminded that Satan is a master manipulator. The Bible makes us understand that he can even masquerade as an angel of light. 

2 Corinthians 11:14 NIV
And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

Satan hates marriages and relationships—especially godly ones. That is why in these end times, we are seeing many divorces and unending problems in marriages. 

The enemy loves sowing discord and ruining relationships that glorify God. One way he does that is through manipulation dreams.

So if you saw a dream about your partner cheating, a great step you can take is to pray about it and then, receive understanding and guidance from God—on whether that dream came from God or the enemy. This can end up saving your marriage. 

Biblical Meaning Of Dreams About Cheating

On the issue of cheating on one's partner, God's stance is clearly revealed in His word. The Bible condemns marital infidelity. Exodus 14:20 says it just the way it is: “You shall not commit adultery.”

Proverbs 6:32 ESV
He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself.

Before talking about the biblical meaning of dreams about cheating, I think it is needful we highlight certain truths:

Every Christian should understand that they are required to obey God's word and stay faithful to their partner. We don't have to cheat and wait for God to reveal our wrongdoing to our partner in a dream, before we change. Let's endeavour to do the right thing. 

Proverbs 3:3-4
Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.

If truly our partner is cheating on us and has adamantly refused to repent but keep it a secret for a long time, it won't be hard for God to reveal it to us. In fact, He takes pleasure in doing so.

Jeremiah 33:3 NIV
Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

Also be reminded that if we suspect that our partner is cheating on us, instead of drawing conclusions based on our assumptions, we can always ask God to reveal to us whether what we suspect is true. This is why it's paramount a Christian is able to hear God. 

Besides this, a Christian relationship should be such that both partners understand and agree that cheating is totally unacceptable. For some who have cultivated the habit of cheating and keeping it secret, know that you cannot hide it forever. These set of people are always quick to tell their partner, “Oh, you saw me cheating in a dream? Never mind, it's just a dream.” But that's not being smart. Know that one day, that particular dream will definitely get confirmed if it's actually true you're cheating. 

Biblical Meaning Of Husband Cheating In Dreams

Some women often wake up with complaints like, “I had a dream my husband slept with my friend.” I know such dreams can leave a woman thinking many things and even beginning to doubt the faithfulness of their man towards them. But from all that has been said to far, I believe you're now in a good position to better handle such dreams. 

The reality is that in marriage, strange dreams about your partner may be unavoidable. If it is a peaceful and functional marriage, there will always be many external forces hitting it on different sides and trying to crash it. You cannot afford to give in to that pressure. 

Every functional Christian marriage is a threat to the kingdom of darkness. One of the major targets for attacks from the enemy in these end times are Christian marriages. 

If you're happily married, you should expect both people and evil spirits to be envious of your marriage. They can even go as far as attacking your marriage physically and spiritually. We shouldn't be ignorant of the devices of the enemy (2 Corinthians 2:11).

The dream life of many women is plagued with dreams about their husband cheating. Some of these dreams come in the following forms:

  • I had a dream my husband cheated on me with my sister.
  • I had a dream my husband cheated on me with a man
  • I had a dream my husband cheated on me with a man

Rest assured, if your husband is truly cheating, it shouldn't take years before finding out. But if these dreams keep on repeating themselves for years, without any physical evidence, you should understand that there is a sort of demonic manipulation going on their. This could likely be the activity of a spirit spouse. 

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Most dreams about a partner cheating are sent as spiritual arrows against a peaceful marriage. This is just one of the many attempts of the enemy to destroy it. 

But trust the Lord! What God has joined together, no force of Hell can put asunder. If you learn to stand in agreement with your partner to pray for your marriage, your marriage would definitely be more secure and the enemy cannot gate-crash!

Suspicion is only valid when there is evidence. Seeing a dream of your partner cheating isn't enough reason to begin viewing your partner as a cheat. It is due to viewing one's partner through the lenses of cheating dreams that many marriages have met their dead end. 

If you married a faithful man, I don't think there's any point in judging him based on a dream. You should be able to trust the one you said 'yes' to at the altar, more than a mere dream. But if truly he is cheating, give it time and you should be able to have evidences for yourself.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams About Boyfriend Cheating

The world sees nothing wrong in cheating, but the case should be different with Christians. Everyone has a choice to cheat or not cheat; we should learn to stand out from following a worldly trend. 

Fornication isn't supposed to be present in a Christian relationship; talk less of a christian fornicating with someone else apart from their partner. 

Ephesians 5:3 KJV
But fornication, and all uncleanness, or covetousness, let it not be once named among you, as becometh saints. 

Be it with your potential spouse or someone else, the Bible clearly condemns fornication. It is also needful one goes in a relationship with someone they trust will be faithful, so that there will be no room for fears and insecurities on whether their partner is cheating or not. 

If you once saw a dream about your boyfriend cheating, it is unwise to make conclusion without any evidence. If you frequently dream that your partner is cheating on you, wait for a physical confirmation. If truly such revelation was from God, in no time it will manifest physically. 

Dream About Wife Cheating Meaning

The same thing goes for dreams of wife cheating. Get your evidence first. If you can't find one after a long time, it means your marriage is under attack. 

Trust is one indispensable pillar of every functioning marriage, don't lose it for your partner because of a dream. If your marriage is problematic, it is better to work on it and fix it than giving room for the enemy to ruin it the more through strange dreams. 

Many marriages have been wrecked just by couples constantly telling each other, “I dreamt you cheated. How am I sure you're not cheating?” Don't be the one the enemy uses to ruin your own marriage. 

Dream About Cheating On Your Partner 

Cheating on a partner in a dream doesn't always mean that people have ill-intentions towards their partner. In most cases, these dreams are a sign of the presence of a spiritual bondange to a dark entity, who defiles the dreamer in their dreams. [Do not forget to read the article on deliverance from spiritual spouses.] 

There are people who occasionally see themselves cheating on their partner in a dream. These people may have no intentions of actually cheating on their boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. Such dreams often indicate the presence of a spiritual bondage to a spirit spouse—which should be broken. 

Seeing defilement dreams are works of spirits of perversion. These evil spirits are bent on making sure their victims neither get married nor have a lasting marriage. 

If you often see yourself cheating on your partner with someone else in a dream, it's obvious you need deliverance from these dark entities. These dreams rarely mean that you'll actually cheat in your waking life. 

If such dreams happen to be recurring, it simply means that there is underlying manipulation of darkness. 

You might want to use these Prayers Against Defilement Dreams

However, if you have been planning to cheat on your partner, see this dream as a warning that you shouldn't proceed with that plan, because the result may not turn out as expected. 

Final Thoughts On Dreams About Cheating

To sum it all up;

  1. Dreams about your partner cheating isn't always what is happening in reality. 
  2. Cheating dreams can come from the mind 
  3. The enemy will subtly attack marriages with dreams of one's partner cheating. 
  4. If truly your partner is cheating on you and you were privileged to see it in a dream, wait for the confirmation, because it will definitely come. 
  5. It's wiser to pray with your partner for your relationship or marriage, than to suspect and accuse them of cheating. 
  6. Only act on evidence. Apart from that, you owe your partner nothing less than loving and trusting them. 

Beloved, I believe through this article, you got a clear understanding concerning the spiritual meaning of dreams about your partner cheating. 

If you were blessed reading , kindly remember to share with someone else who might as well find it useful. 

God bless you. 
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