Dreaming About Miscarriage When Not Pregnant Biblical Meaning

When you see a dream of a miscarriage even though you are not pregnant, you are about to lose something great. Pray this prayer to annul it.
Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of pregnancy in its first trimester (that is before it's first 20 weeks). This is often very distressing to the woman, and to the couple who lost their unborn baby. 

Seeing a dream of miscarriage when you're pregnant, often calls for serious prayers, so that probably a potential occurrence can be prevented in waking life. 

But there are also those who see miscarriage dreams when they are not pregnant. Such is truly quite discomforting. It leaves room for many questions, especially on why such a dream is showing up in the first place. 

Probably, you are not pregnant but have seen a dream of miscarriage before. It left you bothered and you're eager to know what it means—and how it could affect you in waking life, look no further. Sit tight and let us trust the Holy Spirit to help decipher your dream. 

Dreaming About Miscarriage When Not Pregnant Biblical Meaning

One thing you should know is that a dream of miscarriage when not pregnant is never a blessing. Such a dream is always a bad omen. 

Whether or not you are pregnant when you saw this dream, you should pray aggressively to cancel its effects. Give it no room to manifest. 

"Now I urge you to take courage, for there shall be no loss in any man's life among you." (Acts 27:22).

Quickly pray with me thus: 

Dear God, I know that You want the best for me. All Your thoughts and plans for me are good and not evil. Experiencing losses of any sort is not part of your will for my life. Father, by Your power! I ask that You step in and reverse every form or negativity and manipulation of the enemy against my life, that may result in any loss of the good things You have given to me. This I ask in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. 

In most cases, a miscarriage dream when not pregnant comes as a deadly attack of the enemy. That is the reason why the above prayer is fashioned in the manner that you have seen. 

Biblical Meaning Of Dreams About Miscarriage When Not Pregnant

Spiritually, pregnancy represents the incubation of something good and great; something big and wonderful that needs to first be concealed and nurtured in secret till the appointed day of its manifestation.

That is why when a woman dreams about being pregnant, it doesn't always mean that she is pregnant is waking life or about to get pregnant. That is apparently beyond the physical, she is incubating something great spiritually. Its showing forth is scheduled for a future date.

The Bible gives us clues on how serious or important pregnancies and childbirths are:

  • It says that with pregnancy comes initial pain. But when the child is born, the pain goes away and joy becomes the order of the day (John 16:21)
  • God does not bring a woman to the point of birth, only to cause her not to bring forth her. He enables safe delivery (Isaiah 66:9). 
  • God cares for the child right from its mothers womb, and bring it forth safely on the day of delivery (Psalms 22:9-10). 
  • The Almighty is the architect of every good thing He incubates. He diligently shapes them in the womb. They are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:13-14). 

We know that when you find yourself pregnant in the dream, it doesn't always mean that you will become pregnant in waking life. And your new born baby in dreams rarely symbolizes an actual baby. 

Sometimes it means that God has incubated something great in your life and is working on bringing it forth at the appointed time. 

The only one who doesn't want to see that thing come forth into manifestation is the enemy. Therefore, he always fights every good thing which the Lord is doing in the Believer's life. 

God always works to create great and beautiful things, the enemy on the other hand, always works to destroy what God has formed or is forming. 

That said, a dream of losing pregnancy (even though you're not pregnant in waking life) shows that the enemy is fighting something great which God has incubated and has been working on in your life. 

The enemy know that if that thing is allowed to manifest, it can change your life permanently or bring a great damage upon his works and kingdom. So he fights its manifestation. 

That is why you should never take a miscarriage dream lightly, whether or not you're pregnant in waking life when you see it. 

You presently may not know what God is creating and nurturing in your life, but it's worth doing your part to protect it. 

When you see a dream of miscarriage, rise up to rebuke the enemy and command restoration and repair upon what God is doing in your life, which the enemy is attempting to ruin. 

During the process of nurturing the unborn baby, God also nurtures the pregnant woman. He ensures that both the mother and the unborn child are in good health (Psalm 46:5). Also pray that the enemy may not be able to touch you, thereby indirectly touching what God is doing in your life.  

The enemy is indeed tricky, but by the Spirit of God, we are not ignorant of his devices. All his attempts meant to destroy us will always fail and fall to the ground like the pack of lies that they are, when we pray!

Prayer Against Dreams Of Miscarriage When Not Pregnant

  1. Heavenly Father, You have the best of plans in mind for me. I ask that Your will alone manifests in my life. 
  2. Dear God, I appreciate Your good works in my life. The enemy shall not be able to ruin them, in the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  3. Father, You are expert at turning for good everything the enemy meant for evil. Let that forever be my portion. 
  4. By Your authority O God, I shield everything You are doing in my life, from the influence and manipulations of the enemy. 
  5. By the power of God, I break the hand of the enemy off my life and from everything the Lord is doing in my life. 
  6. Every spiritual thief assigned to rob me of God's gift in my life, be arrested now! In the Name of Jesus Christ! 
  7. Let there be restoration of the gift of God in my life. 
  8. My blessings shall not be stolen, ruined or diverted. In the Name of Jesus Christ. 
  9. By the authority of Jesus Christ, I speak restoration over my life and whatever the enemy may have stolen from me. 
  10. Dear God, I ask that You safeguard me and all You have given to me from the arrows of the wicked. 
  11. By the power of God, I annul every spiritual miscarriage from my life. 
  12. I declare that everything that God is incubating in my life shall break forth and come into manifestation at its appointed time. No force of Hell shall be able to prevent that from happening. In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. 

Final Thoughts On Dreaming About Miscarriage When Not Pregnant 

Beloved, it is important to also bring to your attention that, sometimes a dream of miscarriage can be caused by the dreamer’s mistakes or willful wrongdoings. 

A pregnant woman can initiate her own miscarriage if she wants to. One wrong move from a person can abort the good thing God is trying to accomplish in their life. That is to say, we are also responsible for protecting what God is doing for and in us. 

Let us walk in obedience with the Lord, so that we don't end up being the cause of our miscarriage. Show that you appreciate what God is doing in building in your life by partnering with Him to bring it to pass.

When you are praying against the enemy's influence on a miscarriage dream, also ask the Lord to show you if there is something you have done wrong, that could negatively impact His work upon your life.

God bless you. 
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