Anointed For Battle - A Spiritual Warfare Book

The end time spiritual warfare is on another level. Every Christian should have this book titled Anointed For Battle. Get equipped for battle!
Anointed For Battle - A Spiritual Warfare
The battle between Light and Darkness in these last days is very corrosive! You cannot afford to be less equipped for this battle.
The Lord instructed me to write a book on spiritual warfare—a book that will help equip the end time Christian for victory in the battlefield...

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Many are Anointed; they have the Anointing, but what is the essence of being Anointed if the one who is Anointed cannot bring the enemy under their feet and bring his activities to a halt? 

With the Anointing but without the right and adequate knowledge concerning spiritual warfare, a Christian still remains a victim of spiritual attacks, demonic oppression and all sorts of Satanic devices.

This book will open your eyes to secrets you need in order to function effectively (with the Anointing upon your life) in spiritual warfare. 

There are many new and strange devices and strategies the enemy has unveiled against the end time Church. In order to be steps ahead of him, you need to be informed. You need the right information. This spiritual warfare book covers numerous devices of darkness against today's Believers. You will learn how to escape and overcome the snares of the enemy. 

Knowledge is power. Anointed or not, agents of darkness don't really care. Their energy and focus is channeled towards bringing down whosoever is on God's side. There is adequate information in this book that will enable the reader escape the snares of darkness. 

The kingdom of darkness isn't supposed to be able to hinder their success, progress and prosperity of a true child of God. The problem we have today is that, many Christians don't know what they have or how to put it to full use. Hence, the affliction of the enemy persists in their life. This is definitely not God's plan for His own.

Through the Holy Spirit, we have been able to put together revelations and Biblical principles concerning all that God made available to the Christian—tools and weapons you must harness in order to keep the enemy [permanently] under your feet. 

Lastly, after benefitting from the content of this book, remember to recommend it to other Christians. God wants everyone Anointed, informed, equipped and ready for battle. Your permanent victory is guaranteed in Jesus Name! 

Remain blessed. 

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