Biblical Meaning Of Seeing A Church Or Attending Church In Dreams

Since many Christians reportedly dream about church, we've decided to put together the biblical meaning of church in dreams in this article.
Church Dream Biblical Meaning

A dream about church happens to be one of the most pleasant dreams that many see. But sometimes, there is also another side to these dreams. Some church dreams are often strange and unexpected, hence, leaving the dreamer perplexed and curious on what it means. Today, we will look at the biblical meaning of church in dreams. 

Dreaming about being in church is rampant among Christians. These dreams come in various forms. For proper understanding, we will treat the meaning of church in dreams under some of the following subheadings. 

  • Dreaming of going to church with someone
  • Dream of church altar
  • Dream of church choir
  • Dreaming of church members
  • Dream about going to church with family
  • Burning church dream meaning

If you just woke up out of a dream where you saw yourself in a church and stumbled on this article, I believe you're in the right place. Let's trust the Spirit of the Lord as He shines His light upon this dream to reveal the meaning behind it. 

1 Corinthians 12:20 NLT
Yes, there are many parts, but only one body.

To see yourself in the church in the dream may be a good or bad omen; it all depends on several factors—like whether it is a true church or not; or whether you're suppose to be there or not. Most church dreams are a good omen, but for the ones which may turn out to be the opposite, we will see the reasons as we progress.

Biblical Meaning Of Church In Dreams

Most times, church dreams appear to be very exhilarating and Spirit-filled dreams. The Bible makes us understand that the true Church is the Body of Christ on earth. A true gathering of saints is often filled and run by the Holy Spirit. Anything else outside of this has nothing to do with Christ.

Therefore, the dreamer has to notice the feeling produced by their dream of being in church. Did you feel happy that you were in the presence of God, did you feel God was there in the midst of the people you saw yourself in church with, or did you feel weird for seeing yourself in that particular church in your dream? All of these go a long way to determine whether our dream about church is of God or not.

Matthew 16:18 ESV
And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Since many false prophets have gone into the world, we also have to be careful because so much manipulation happen in dreams. There are people who were manipulated to dream and see themselves in a particular church, then they automatically believed God wanted them to start fellowshipping in that church. Without discernment they went on to become a member of that denomination, only to later discover they made the wrong move. It is clear they came under manipulation through a mere dream and were pushed to fellowship in the wrong place. 

2 Corinthians 3:17
For the Lord is the Spirit, and wherever the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

If you see a dream where you saw yourself in a strange church and you were not able to wrap your mind around what was going on there; you couldn't feel ease within your spirit or you sensed something diabolic going in that church, it is time to rise up and pray so that you don't come under the manipulation of the enemy. 

Apart from this, a church dream that is filled with the presence of God is always a confirmation that one is in the right place—where other members of the Body of Christ fellowship. There is nothing to worry about here.

Praying In Church Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream where you and others were praying in church, this is a good dream. Most times, this dream tells that the dreamer is an intercessor and should belong in the prayer department of their denomination.

Praying in the church in dream could also be God revealing to the dreamer that there is a dire need for intercession for the Church. 

In most cases, seeing oneself praying in the dream always points to an urgent need to start praying or become more prayerful. After seeing such dreams, it is always wise to ask the Holy Spirit what He wants you to intercede about. 

Singing In Church Dream Meaning

Singing in the church in a dream can be a medium through which the human spirit expresses gratitude to God for a coming breakthrough. Sometimes, this dream could also mean that one is suppose to belong in the choir department of their denomination (if they're not already there). The Lord is likely calling them to render their service to Him in that department. Ask for His leading.

Whichever the case may be, make sure you ask the Lord and receive a personal confirmation before proceeding with any decision. 

Dream Of Being In A Church Gathering

Whenever you find yourself in a church gathering in a dream, it is unwise to jump into conclusion that it is a godly dream, until you ascertain whether you were supposed to be in that gathering or not. It's no new news that not everywhere people gather to sing Christian music is of God.

We must be discerning. There are people whom God pulled out of the wrong place of worship but they keep seeing themselves back in that church—in the gathering of the church members. If the dreamer is sure they're not suppose to be in a particular church but they keep finding theirself there, it is evident there's a form manipulation going on to pull them back to the denomination. If this is your case, understand and pray accordingly. 

Empty Church Dream Meaning

In the book of Acts 2:47, it is said that the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. There was multiplication happening here, and not subtraction. God does not run at a loss. If there are signs that the business of God is running at a loss, then something wrong somewhere.

Seeing an empty church in the dream points to loss of the members in a particular denomination; a possible fall of a denomination due to one reason or the other. It could be a spiritual attack or due to the wrongdoing of the leader of the denomination. If you saw this dream, let the Holy Spirit lead you on how to go about praying or what to do next. 

  • Fighting in church dream: If you see yourself fighting in church, there's an impending conflict (in the dreamer's denomination) that the dreamer might be caught in, except they pray to avert it. Seeing a dream where church members are fighting each other in church also points to a possible discord that the enemy is try to sow in a denomination in order to bring disunity and fall it. 
  • Dream of church altar: Seeing a church altar in a dreams is often a sign that the Lord is calling the dreamer into a deeper walk (intimate relationship) with Him. 

Final Thoughts On Church Dream Meaning

Although some are often quick to believe every dream about a church they see is from God, I believe we have been able to point out a few reasons why we shouldn't believe all sorts of dreams about a church as godly or being a revelation from God.

If you saw a dream about a church that the interpretation hasn't been touched on in this article, feel free to send me a private message concerning your dream.

If you were blessed reading this article on church dream meaning, remember to share with others also.

Thank you and God bless you! 
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