Why Do You Seek Me? (Luke 6:26)

Why do you seek me? This is a question from Jesus Christ that we should all consider in our walk with Him.
Why Do You Seek Me? (Luke 6:26)


John 6:26 KJV
Jesus answered them and said, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled.

God's Mind Today

During the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, you will notice that Jesus always fed the multitude who came to hear His teachings

At the seaside of Galilee, after Jesus had just concluded ministering to the crowed for the day, He performed one of the most spectacular miracles that is recorded in scriptures—He fed five thousand people with just five loaves of bread and two fishes! (John 6:10-12).

As expected, people were happy and began to make it a routine to follow Jesus everywhere, everyday. 

On the next day (after the miracle of feeding of the five thousand), Jesus and His disciples had left Galilee and sailed to the other side of the sea (which is Carpanum). 

Again, a great multitude got into boats and went after Him. This crowd comprised mainly of those who were present during the miracle of feeding of the five thousand.

On getting to the other side of the sea and meeting Jesus with His disciples, Jesus told them something that should serve as a lesson for us today. 

Jesus literally said to them, 
"I know why You are chasing after me. I know why you always search for my next location and make sure to come over to where I am. It is because I multiplied food for you to eat. It is because of the food I always give after preaching".

We are not told of the response of the crowed concerning this statement which Jesus made. But we know that it is true. God does not lie. 

Humans are predictable. People will love you because of the things you do for them. They will want to be close to you. But if you stopped doing those things, they will be gone. God perfectly understands the unconverted human heart. 

God sees our hearts and intentions. He knows why people serve Him. He knows why people profess to worship Him. And He knows when it is not genuine. He knows when we do what we profess to do for Him just for selfish reasons!

Today this question comes to everyone of us from Jesus, asking, "Why Do You Seek Me?" 

Different people seek God for different reasons. God is not Santa Claus. He does not exist to dish out material things to people, while they exist to displease Him. 

Many seek God's hand, not His heart. And don't be surprised that sometimes, God will not answer some requests because He knows people's hearts. He knows they only come after Him for carnal reasons. 

Material possessions are the extras which God gives to those who 'make the main thing, the main thing' when it comes to seeking Him (Matthew 6:33). 

God is not hungry. He doesn't want our food. He doesn't want money. He gives them as extras to those who follow Him wholeheartedly. 

Are our intentions for chasing after God pure? Do we prioritise what we should prioritise when it comes to serving God

Key Point

Jesus Christ is after relationship. He expects us to value Him over what He can do for us. Disappointments can ensue when people do the opposite. We cannot use God. 

It is an act of carnality to seek God because of material things. Material possessions are the least of what God can give us. 

When we understand and apply this principle to our Christian walk, it will become easy to receive from God, and He will be pleased with us. 


Thank You Lord Jesus for making known to Me today, the right way to seek You. Enable me to apply this message to my life, trusting that You will always meet my material needs. Amen.
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