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Biblical Meaning Of Wolves In Dreams

I may not know how many of you reading this have once seen a wolf in your dream . But there is the possibility that if you found this ar…

Spiritual Meaning Of Electric Shock Dream

D reams come to us in various forms. Sometimes they come unexpectedly, and some other times, they could throw us off balance. One of the …

How To Pray With Candles And Water

T here's been many requests sent me by many Christians, seeking to know how to pray with candles and water . If you're one of the…

Prayers For Wisdom And Discernment

I f you take a closer look at the state of the end time church; all that is happening in different denominations today and things that…

Warning Dreams From God: How God Warns Us Through Dreams

G od communicates with most Christians today through their dreams . He sends them instructions, warnings and revelations of what He is doin…

Biblical Meaning Of Owls In Dreams

H aving received many dream interpretation requests from different people, asking to know the spiritual meaning of owls in dreams , I'v…
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