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Vessel of Honour And Dishonour

A vessel refers to a hollow container, such that can hold a substance like liquid. Vessels are made for storing, preserving and using content.

Benefits Of Renewing Your Mind

The mind is the seat of consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, intelligence, judgement, language and memory. It is also a wareho…

Bible Verses For Overcoming Depression

I understand that the fight against depression is not always easy. But I also know that God has made provision in scriptures for solution to every p…

Crucified With Christ, What Does It Mean

In Paul's letter to the Galatians, we see him make a bold statement declaring, "I have been crucified with Christ!"

How To Stop Being A Lukewarm Christian

Do you sometimes feel like you are stuck at a certain level of spiritual growth? Does it seem like whenever you are doing your best to make…

God's Battle Axe And Weapon Of War

The battle is the Lord's, that's a common saying among Christians today. And it is true. But that does not imply that we are immune…

How To Grow Spiritually

Growing spiritually is the the will of God for every saved person on earth. It is also supposed to be the desire of every genuine Christ…

Powerful Ways To Align With God

It is the heart desire of God that we live in unison with Him. This desire was clearly made manifest in His plan to reconcile the world back to H…

Abide In Christ - What Does It Mean?

The command to abide in Christ was given by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself as penned down in the holy scriptures - John Chapter 15. T…

How To Get Rid of Nightmares Spiritually

Christianity is not a bed of roses. God never promised us in His word that we would live a problem-free life when we get saved. Every genuine Chris…

What Does Crucifying The Flesh Mean

The flesh, being the carnal nature of man operates through the five carnal senses namely; sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. It processes every …
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