[Download] Enyo Sam - Nations Will Rise

Nigerian Gospel artiste and worshiper, Enyo Sam unveils his eagerly awaited love song of devotion titled: Nations Will Rise.

    "Nations Will Rise" is a melody recommitting mankind to God through an ardent love. The context "Nations" used in this tune alludes to the inhabitants of the earth – that is my self and you coming all together in a true love to God for the extraordinary and sublime things He has accomplished for us.

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    Concerning the new single "Nations Will Rise", Enyo Sam uncovers that, "this song was roused by the Holy Spirit and supported up by this scripture Psalm 86:9-10 —  All the countries you made will come and bow before you, Lord; they will laud your heavenly name. For you are incredible and perform magnificent deeds. You alone are God.

    We should want to move from giving God an lessened love to a profound and more soul filled love. It is required of us, God's children to adore and recognize him for all He has accomplished for us. I am so eager to be a piece of those alive today that will give God a genuine love. I welcome you to go along with me how about we give God an unlimited love and thanksgiving."

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    Enyo Sam is a Multimedia Specialist, Online Entrepreneur and Music Minister. He launched his music vocation in 2018 with two singles 'Cherishing Me" and "Your Love" which got an immense number of acceptance. Keep your fingers crossed and be on the watch as he guarantees to release other new melodies before the year runs out.

    Download Nations Will Rise by Enyo Sam

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    Lyrics for Nations Will Rise by Enyo Sam

    Oh oh oh.. 3x
    Oh oh oh oh oh…

    Nations will rise
    They will rise
    To give you praise
    Forever our God
    You reign, you reign on high.
    You seated on the throne
    You are wrapped in majesty
    For ever our God
    You reign, You reign on high

    Nations will rise and sing
    Of your awesomeness
    Nations will rise and fall
    Fall to give you praise
    We serve an awesome God
    Awesome God you never fail
    All sufficient, great and might God
    Awesome is your name

    In the Splendor your Awesomeness
    Mighty King you are..
    Every tribe, Every people
    We lift your high and give you praise 3x
    (Back to Chorus then fades)

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